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  1. Congratulations, that is an awesome way to start them out. I can remember telling my daughter when she was younger and I took her for the first time, that she was going to catch fish longer than her arm. I took her to Canandaigua and got into some nice Lakers in front of Vine Valley. She was so excited and I was right. Gotta love taking kids fishing.
  2. I have been thinking of dropping my Boat Us Insurance. It is running me in the range of $450 annually. Just seems steep with no claims since I got it in '97.
  3. Is this Disc still available?
  4. Took one of my Grandson's out of Sandy on Sunday for his fish big lake fishing experience. We didn't take many, but what we got was fun. Just have to hope the memories last forever.
  5. Have I missed the Smelt run at Art Park in Lewiston. Wanted to get the boys up there for a new experience.
  6. Ok, so when your running multiple lines on your boards, are you running the ones closer to the boat "shorter" than the ones further out to the boards? I am assuming so in order to allow for the outside lines to come across the back when the fish is on. Correct me if I am wrong. Thanks
  7. Just curious as I have never fished for Lakers through the ice. Are you using shiners on Tip-Ups or jigging with something?
  8. Awesome outing - If I can ask, where were you hunting out of?
  9. Thanks for the responses. I do sharpen every hook, everytime, and after every fish. I was running a snubber , but I surely was setting the hook and I may have had the drags a little too tight. I was running my diver, then a snubber, then about a 6-8ft leader, my spin doc, and then the fly at about 20". Got three nice hits with fish on each time. just couldn't keep them on long enough to make it to the net. Did very good on the downriggers with not loosing any. Again, I agree with you, = Sharp Hooks. Thanks againa nd best of luck on the water.
  10. Good morning. I just started fishing with wire on my dipsy's this year. Actually the first time I have had anything on them was Friday. Went out of Sandy and boated 8 for 12. A good morning, but lost every fish I had on, on my dipsy's. I am setting them so there is some drag but not enough to keep from reeling out with a hit. On all three hits, I set the hook? Maybe I shouldn't be doing this as there is no stretch - right? Or, am I not setting the hooks, enough? Thoughts, Comments? Thanks in advance for any replys.
  11. Guys, I am looking to purchase a Navionics map for my Hummingbird for Lake Ontario. Should I be looking at the Hotmaps Fish'n Chip style for the Great Lakes or the Navionics GOLD?
  12. Good Luck to you all. I will be on the water the entire weekend, out of Sampson. Got a Trophy as well and I'll be sleeping on the boat (living on the boat), Wednesday - Monday. I typically work the following, depending on what is hitting. Copper at first light - shallow Two downriggers, 4 rods. Seth Green off one side with a multiple lead rigger on the other. Divers off either side. What ever bring the fish. We'll even do some late night, live bait drifting if we have to. Sleep - That's for after the tourney.
  13. I've been up on Ontario the past few weekends and although I seem to pull off the lake with at least one or two steelheads, I'm not hitting any kings. First year for trying spin doctors and flys with zero success. I have tried running them close and also long behind the riggers. 10' - 140' back. Running over 50 - 500fow Just curious if there is a good suggested distance to run the rigs behind the riggers. Still searching for that king. Thanks for any replys.
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