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  1. You have to order 100to get free info lettering...definitely worth the price ,,these things are indestructible ,their is a video on YouTube on proper installation,just don't screw tight to the tree...I don't know where you are located , but they are located in depew,ny

  2. It is called the Big Dogg tournament,,it is on July 11 with big fish Fri on the 10 ..held out of Dunkirk .Mark is running it, let me dig up his #.he might have a we opening left,calling out at 75 teams.

  3. I'm favor of restrictions except for youths.We have the genetics to produce big bucks,however they don't reach thier potential when shot at 1 1/2 y.o. I would rather see "earn a buck " program .Makig a person shoot a doe first in order to shoot a buck.This would satisfy thise who want meat and help get the buck to doe ratio closer to 2 t 1.The we will see bucks more ,because they will be establishing breeding rights,more spsparing/fighting,making and checking scrapes..We have been doing this on my land for 3 years and are seeing the results,now if i can fet my neighbors on board it will improve vastly.Just my opinion....

  4. Bow blew up on 6th shot..seemed like string jumped over arrow....fletching was messed up...returned and got my money back....will never buy a barnett again...it was the raptor fx

  5. I used to use cover scents years ago.But now would rather smell like nothing at all.I try to eliminate as much oder as possible,by washing clothes in scent free soap,using scent elimination spray,keeping clothes in scent free totes.I don't use buck piss,except to make mock scrapes to jump start activity.I don't use doe urine unless its a doe i shoot in same area.I do these things to not alert deer to my presence.I like them to be calm and natural when i see them

    You will NEVER totally eliminate or cover your human scent.Like it has been sAid...hunt the wind

  6. That sucks big time ..had a similar situation in hanging bogg area on opening day of shotgun ...no.. Ny does not care about us hunters... As long as they make money,tbey are happy ...also on a side note ..why cant we hunt cou.ty forest..we,the taxpayers bought it for multiple purpose use ,,except hunting.......must be alot of people hiking i, November and December

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