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  1. I had 2 cracks on my tracker.I'm a boilermaker/welder so I took it to my hall and tig welded it..used a pulse arc welder to keep heat low.I removed the interior floor them the foam .welded from inside .then the outside.tracker recommended 3m 5200 .I covered the inside with the 3m and replaced foam.the second crack was about 1 1/2 inches and welded from outside ..drinded smooth and covered with 3m ..boat is now water tight ...I would definitely weld ..also very happy with the 3m 5200 ..

  2. Nice report...should've checked this site while I was also at black lake.Got to Indian head point around 9 on Fri night.Fished chippawa bay on st.Lawrence sat. Am....our boat landed 5 pike 22 to 27 in. Other boat landed 12 all same size ...sun bout noon hit ogdensburg for an alternated for truck and walleye on sand bar ..boated 2 small egese. 12 and 15 in. And a nice26in.....other boat did same but beat us by a 1/4" on the eye...Mon we launched at black lake for rest of trip...it was crappy day and we boated 15 by 11:00 am all 10-12" and 1. 14" ..oth er boat only 2 keepers .pike rest after lunch were tough boating 7 smaller pike other boat 2 all 15-22"....Tue was a mix of 14 pike and 2 eyes ..wed was tough ..only 8 pike boated ....all in all great tribes ..will be the next year .... 7 years now.... WEATHER WAS AMAZING ....Best in 7 years ..

  3. I already had plans of passing it on..I think this is a great idea and will do ...after I read it 2x..will post under same heading and in same manner when I I receive and read it ..stay tuned...and thanks again.....p.s. I might have some other books I'm willing to do this with also .just need to find them

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  4. The cleaning station is a joke .I think its broken , more than its working .When I talked to a few people there , they say its because people put too much carcass in at a time ..I've see it done and will nicely tell people about it .I tell nfta employees to pit up a few signs about this and it will help..but still no sign..maybe even put a,push stick in there so I don't feel like I'm gonna waste a knife pushing down fish....I think they need to get a more powerful motor...and let you know b 4 you pay for the launch...Do all the fish stations on Ontario break this often, or just why

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  5. Fished out of smh..6 till 1:00..Started by departure bouy on border .1 drum..bottom bounced towers meyers,nothing.Crossed over to trolling gear .Ran deep divers and dipsy pulling meat.Picked up three on meat and 1 on a stickbait.3 fish were 4-5lbs and one soon at 9.73 on digital scale .Were really marking fish on bottom ,most suspended.3 fish came 20 to 30 down over 40-45 .gps speed 1.7--1.9

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  6. Hit up meyers andgot 2 fish ..1. 16" and 1 short .....marked some fish but not enough to keep us there ....went over by departure bouy and pick up 4 fish ..16 to 17". Range...dropped a couple and missed a few ...2 better fish came unbuttoned...better screen all bottom bouncing

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