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  1. I'll take it. Jay .. 716-548-6363.
  2. I need a blue power cable for lowrance head unit. It's a HDS 8 . I believe any cable with the blue end will work
  3. i also keep hearing conflicting answers.I really looked forward to swap meet , and i definately miss it
  4. I just toss them on the ice and they freeze .When get home, I fill stationary sink and put fish in there .95% come back to life and are swimming in the sink before I fillet them.
  5. Penn squall ,, high speed,,sweetcrels for the price
  6. Nothing in 9f. Yesterday 1 3.5 8ptr, no shot,
  7. What's your guys feeling about bucks/deer bedded below your stand, I don't like it so much , had a 4 ptr. Screw things up with a shooter a few years ago, and I think that they me pick up my movement when I do need to shoot
  8. I'm pretty sure my buddy already purchased that boat from bow and stern
  9. Egoody, yes add dive depth of lure to depth of weighted line, we run smart trolls and never get 5' of depth per color ,speed dictates depth dramatically ,especially. Lead core,,,not a much with copper..we don't run segemented cores because we believe it takes away the action of the lead core...we just carry a bunch of reels and swap out to hot lengths...like someone posted....no short cuts in this game
  10. Cee-me Marine in buffalo on hertle had size 27 interstates for around $90 last year., they are usually cheap there
  11. If willing to split up , I'll take 2 of each
  12. I'll take 2 with the bases if your willing to ship at my cost. Thanks
  13. Used him a few times ,, always great service and prices
  14. I feel your pain.I have a 2005 tracker Targa 17..Had almost same crack but on port side .Then it was out of warranty .So I had no choice but to fix myself .I'm lucky to be a union Boilermaker and welder.I had to remove council to remove floor , and foam to access area .Stringer was home and weld cracked .Welded from inside and outside.Boat looked like it was ready for the junk yard.Found other welds broken on stringers and ribs , no more to the bull though. Tracker really didn't have much to say about damage .They told me to use 3m 5200 I did also cover inside with 3m 5200. That project was a real pain in the ,,,, However I was still paying on boat and had no choice I still have boat and use it regularly, but it's ALWAYS on my mind .Also frequently check hull. Its sucks and I hope you have a positive outcome..I WILL NEVER BUY ANOTHER TRACKER
  15. Nothing moving in 9h..last 3 mornings hadn't seen any..nothing yesterday evening..3 shots today...sloooow
  16. Awesome..thought about it , but never had the ba$$s to do it
  17. Unique,,, my dad always tells a story about the biggest bodied deer that had same thick, time less ,horns like yours...good job
  18. Perseverance paid off.Sat from 6:00 am till 4:17 when I shot a 7ptr that was a 10ptr.after only getting to bow hunt for 4 days and not knowing my future work schedule ,im pleased with this buck
  19. 3 doe about an hour ago, small 6 ptr just walked by. Still not many shots. 9h
  20. Out in colden/ kidding bridge area...nothing yet, only 6 shots so far,, few of them at 6:37.
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