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  1. Pretty much flat and Sandy over a 100 fow, I have never hit the bottom over a 100 fow you have to pay real close attention to the depth though. I very rarely see the fish on the bottom but I know they are there due to the amount of fish I catch. I go slow anywhere from .9 to like 2.0 mph sometimes it may vary a bit. I use blacks releases and tighten them down pretty good I never have any problem

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  2. I have targeted lake trout heavily out of Oswego the last several years during slow times. My absolute number 1 setup is hammerhead cowbells with spin n glows, peanuts work well also but I get more on spin n glows . When im fishing for them I stay between Wright's and 9 mile usually right in the middle between both is best. I fish between 90 fow to aprox150 fow from a couple feet to about ten feet off the bottom . 100-120 fow seems to produce the most for me, I had several double digit laker days this past season

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  3. Last weekend while fishing in sandy pond my friend hooked what I thought was a large pike untill it got to the hole and I realized it was an enormous carp it was so big we couldnt get it thru the 6 inch hole so we had to break it off, that was a first for me never heard of anyone catching them ice fishing. He fought it for about an hour it was pretty funny he diddnt want to give up his one dollar jig to that carp lol.

  4. I am looking for some land to lease for hunting within an hour or less of Oswego county.  I am tired of hunting state land and fighting over hunting spots and have two kids very interested in hunting, a 17 year old and a 14 year old so if anyone knows of or has land they are willing to lease for hunting please feel free to contact me.  Thank you.  If you would rather PM me your info thats fine with me.  I can pm my cell number as well.

  5. I hear black dipseys have been doing well this year.most of my fish came on black dipseys with spoons alone (magnum diamond kings.

    Yep use any color you want as long as it's black!!!!  :rofl:   Seriously though black is the only color I use seems to work well.  Most use black.

  6. I have found that a 2.8 ratio with mag dipsys is a little closer to where you are.  So if you want to be down a 100 ft plan on sending a mag dipsy out about 300ft or so.  If your using mono you will have a tough time getting it that deep wire helps them sink farther down.

  7. I was out monday from 6am -1pm and marked very little on the fish finder, I only ended up with one fish but it will only get better from here.  In my opinion they have not started staging yet they are still out deep.  Hopefully things will pick up for this weeked, I plan to be out sat or sun myself. Good temps were down any where from 100 to 115 feet depending on what depth you are at it changed a little.

  8. Fished oswego yesterday all over between Wrights and 9 mile found good temps down 120 ft I found VERY little bait seems to be very scattered all over. I set up in 150 fow then headed out to around 300 fow not much different out there.  I decided to head back in to 130-150 fow before I went home around 7 pm and picked up a laker down near the bottom at 120 ft then had a rip on one of my dipsy's out 300 ft took some line real fast then off it went and I lost that one I'm thinking a mid sized king so I started to pack up around 6:45 and as I was reeling in a dipsy I had a large king about rip the pole out of my hands it took out about 50 ft of line then gone lost that one too.  When I reeled that one in I saw that it had broke off the treble hook on my fly!!!!!!!!!! First time that ever happened to me and 50 lb line no less on the fly leader!!!!!! Oh well I hope the temp comes up for the next time I get out.  I was hoping for sat morning but it isn't looking good right now as far as weather. I fished from 2-7 pm

  9. The best you can do is re-rig with 40lb mono for the heavy flea times they have a hard time clinging to line that thick.  I had a lot of problems yesterday with all my lines.  Just a fact of life now they suck real bad.  When you get a big build up, when your line is tight pull the line back like your pulling a bow string and let it go and most of them will fly off.  It really is tough at times when your trying to real in a fish.

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