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  1. I had a custom made 10' flyrod not come apart  for 2 years. I drive a van so it was no prob transporting it. Tried one day & it came apart.  Next time Try 2 guys w/ a hand each on both section . DO NOT  TWIST. You will weaken & fracture the fibers.

    Nose trick is the man.

  2. Set it ,  spit on the line ,grab the diver & see if it slips. Looks like it is slipping to me by the groves. Plumbers cut pipe in awkward spots w/ a piece of chalkline like a 2 ring wire saw and it works great. Braid has to  cut  even better. We have to use special knots for braid because the waxy lube the put on it make regular knots slip .


     I use a 40 or so piece of mono & set my slider at the knot.

  3. Put one spoon on each 15-30'back, run one 5' off bottom & one 10' up and go find some lakers on the bottom.  Let rigger down till it hits bottom & reel back up a few feet. When you get good at that , run a cheater or stack another rod 15' above that.

  4. As for the I love  NY ad You mentioned Capn Vince & how it was billed as a top Fly fish destination. 

    The Tribs , & I mean any major or minor trib from the Niagara to the Black river Are PACKED , some shoulder to shoulder from Mid sept to Ice up & thru the winter if there is any flow. Then a good amount for spring Steel till April. On a good day there may be 100 boats out of the oak W / an avg of 3 fisheman each. Thats 300 guys. There will be that many from the Sic hole to the frog water for a month most every day Mid Sept till mid Nov. Mostly fly fisherman , & most  are not after the kings.

     Maybe that's why the state is promo it .Same at Burt , Sandy, Genny, Oswego, Salmon ETC. On some tribs you can't find a spot to park or fish. Tons of cash for the state. Pltes from all around the country . Sat at a table w 2 folks from Sweden last fall.


     A lady tackle shop owner said she makes most of her money from mid sept till nov.


    Also the comparison or Trolling to fly fish , with all due respect, was weak.  I don't have a temp/ speed probe ,fish finder, underwater camera,GPS, auto pilot, electric reel, on my tippet or in my vest.

  5. Fished my favorite trib mouth this morn. I knew when I got up at 4 & could read a newspaper by the moonlight it would be slow . But you can't catch them in bed so I went. Yes it was slow to start but picked up around 8 am. landed 7 or so ,biggest 16 " ,the rest were keepers or close. Hula grub was best as it usually is this time of year for me.

  6. I don't know if this will help anyone but On my 16' alum ,the steering was getting pretty stiff. I drilled a 1/8 hole thru the plastic& just pierced the metal under in the back a few inches from where it went into the motor.


     I then took the tube of wd40 & some 3-1 oil & forced it into the hole. Then went back & forth w wheel. Did this about 10 times.Dirty oil was forced out each time. Forced some grease from my marine gun lastly. wrapped w/ elec tape & put a hose clamp over. Much improved.


     Also did this on my 21" a few years back as the cable was squeeking & driving my nuts. I drilled hole behing steering wheel & filled w/ white lithium  & it has never worked better.


     Should probably replace at some point but it did fix it for now.

  7. This year the wife & I are going to camp 3 days  on Lower Saranac lake. Have to get to campsite  by boat. Fished there one morn last year & Got some nice bass & a pike. New to me beyond that, but figuring it out is what it's about to me. Can't wait for my Blueberry pancakes off the  griddle & smell of that mountain air. Will let you know.

  8. The best part of LO is you never know when the rod goes off what you are going to hook. It could be a Skippy to a 40# lake trout. I for one would miss the kings .The trout are great but to not have the expectation of the kings would be lack luster after having them.Kind of like when Howard caught the big carp on Andy of Mayberry.  I look forward to the early Aug pre -stage bite and the power of them . It is kind of neat how it builds from the spring and gets it's best  in Aug , then it's wait till next year.

  9. Can't be great every year. .


    July 4th was the time I wpuld start back up from spring back in the stone age. Then it was Lakers & browns W/ an ocaccional king or steelhead. All the modern equipment we have these days & still bad reports. Yea, it must be to much bait. That has to be it.They will show up , give it time. All the better when they do . Seeing the skunk once in a while will make some on here appreciate the good days.


     4 rod law anyone ?

  10. As soon as things straighten out on the lake , which should be soon , fishing should be fairly easy. 2 rods on the riggers & 2 dipsy would be the way I would go at first. Was never a fan of dipseys but  braid w/ flasher/fly account for a lot of my Kings & steelheads. If you have surface speed & GPS SOG you can dial in pretty good if  you did any wallleye trolling. I don't have down speed but if you think you need it ,get it.


     We all have our favorite lures & there are posts on here about that.


     Mine are NK 28 & Mags  Spook, lazer spook, Glo Frog ,Blk purple, silver purple , Gator, Blk slv green glo. I have about 400 spoons And use maybe 20 of them .


     Flashers Are  White Dbl crushglo  or white glo, Mtn dew,


     flys 19-21" behind. Dbl glo , hipnotist, mirage, no See um.


     Keep it simple at first , find bait & fish through it & well below it.Adjust speed often.  Good Luck.


     Lastly, you have to have patience out there. untill I learned this , I would constantly change lures to everthing I had in my box , till I had a mess no self respecting fish would hit.  I don't change a whole lot now. I stick w/ my proven stuff  & move it around to riggers or dipsey etc. As I said , I use about 20 diff apoons & 6 diff flashers and feel I  do pretty well out there. When the fish are bitting is when I might mix in somthing new or different.

  11. I use to live for going out to Sodus or Fair haven to jig bass. All i would take were !/8 oz Brown, Brown /yellow, Blk/purple leadhead Buctail jigs w/ 4-6 # mono. We would get 50 bass in a morn on them. Tried it last year, same spots,  for 3 hrs without a strike.


     Heard lately that the bass are deeper 30-50 ' to get away from the gobbies stealing their eggs. And w/ the water temp we have been having , I think they are still spawning. I heard big tubes  & dropshot are the way to go & also trolling.


     Maybe something to try. I do know after about 25 ' it is harder to jig w/ what I like to use. Maybe Braid & flouro would be better to get down with less line stretch.Also I use to modify a 5-6wt Fly rod blank by putting a spin guide where stripper was & cut 6 " off the tip & add a 4-6" fighting but , kind of like a small steelhead drift rod for long casts & good hookset.

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