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  1. Did not loose power although the Village of Holley  as of a few minutes ago was still out. Got out my Elec pole saw & cut the limbs on the roof off. Thanks to the good lord, no damage, But I have limbs down all over my property. And as I was out there cleaning up ,you could hear cracks & crashes in the woods  every few minutes.  Just another day in western NY.

  2.  Go to Lowes & Buy a  two sided diamond hone that stores inside itself . They are at the end of one of the rows in the tool dept.  Can't remember the brand name . About  $15. it rocks,  I use it for  Filllet & hunting knives. I sharpen my  razor utility knive blades at work instead of changing them out all the time. I use it for plane blades & chisels. I sharpened a$30 carbide  stair router bit that was hammered & made it almost new in about 5 min. It has paid for itself 10 times over. They also make great gifts. Learn basic sharpening techs  to master .


     It has a hook hone on it also.


    Just remembered , it's made by Smiths. Also have a butterfly style rat tail diamond hone in the kitchen I use on my kitchen knives . Works well on serated knives as well . My wife gets mad at me cause I have them all like razors & she cuts herself on them once in a while. Just used it. I cut my Oranges up into wedges & fillet them like a perch to eat them.

  3. Once you get the floor, flotaton fixed I would do this. First get depth finder w/ surface speed & temp. Don't have to spend a fortune here. Also, a marine radio for safety. 2 decent bucket seats also.


        I would get a 2x 12 & mount it just in front of the engine well right across the gunnells, hangind over both sides about 6 inches, mount your riggers so they are at about a 45 degree angle on the board as far as you dare hanging over the side.

    Get 2 or 4  GOOD adjustable rod holders. Mount 2  inside of the riggers for them & 2 on the gunnells about a foot to 18 " in front of the riggers .Figure out a way to run your boards( What you will be using mostly spring ) ,maybe a mast on the bow, & you should be set. 2x 12 so you can sit or stand on it , lean up against it  and sore things under it. Maybe even elevate it a bit .I built a rack for my boxes on my first boat arttached  under the board.Also the tanks & batteriey were on floor  under & I wasn't tripping on them


     Get a good big deep cycle  battery, maybe 2. Distribute weight evenly.  Give thought on how to rewire properly.


    Be smart & don't go to far from port & you should be OK. I have a small 16' open boat I slayed the kings out of this fall . I ran 2 rods & just one a lot of the time.  Pick the  best times of the year to be out there.


    Also a compass & maybe a small bilge pump.

  4. What size thread & type of finish  did you use ? I use size A thread . Also I bought an electric motor rod turner for drying ,otherwise you have to keep turning it for a few hrs. Have to be carefull to not ad to much weight to the blank w/ thread & finish. They look good & it is a fun cold weather project. I have done about 30 over the years .

  5. I thought this site was supposed to be helpfull to fellow fisherman. To be able to come on here, gain some info , and become a better fisherman,Find a good area,get a new method etc. Now you want to make them feel like they are doing something wrong   by  coming on here. These so called "lurkers"( love that word,sounds like a guy who peeks in bathroom windows) may wind up being good/better sportsman by reading whats on here. Thats a good thing in my book.

  6. Went to my fave local LO trib mouth  to cast for northerns this afternoon for a few hrs w/ my buddy. Got one about 8 # or so & lost a few more. Got a few bass also . Chart spinnerbait was the ticket.


     Wife out of town at Inlaws. Trib Salmon in the Morn & Pike in the Afternoon. Ain't life Grand?

  7. Got out a little early so I hooked up the boat and got down there about 3 pm. Fished bass & pike for a while. Got about 8 bass & no pike, Saw Jumpers out in the Lake so I gave it a try. Fished the Creek water 25- 40'. Weeds were bad.  Was out about 20 min & Got a nice male about 20 & lost one more in about an hrs fishing. Glo Green #3  J Plug off the rigger.


     I like my 21' Hardtop but  Got to say, man I love my little boat. I caught so many fish out of it over the years. Can fish Bass & on good days can get out on the lake .  Easy to trailer & good on gas. Have 2 little cannon riggers & cheap Graph , all I need to catch fish.

  8. Had mine in all season and it was on thick.  Acid is the only way. Pump up Garden sprayer  and brush . About the 20th time I did it over the years.. I hate it but thats the price you pay. Thought many times about paint but too lazy.

  9. I have a 21' Bayliner hardtop& a 16 Aluminun Bass type . I started out w/ a 17 wooden & did an awfull lot of fishing out of it.


    If you like to fish for everything,Like Rolmops, I suggest a 16-18 deep V open  aluminum. You can put a trolling motor on it for bass & pike, Run boards for spring fishing, Get a few small riggers   & run some dipseys off it.Easy to trailer & good on gas . Have to be carefull out on LO but if you use your head ,you will be safe.


    See boats like that for sale all the time on Craigslist like that . Try to get a motor less than 20 years old.

  10. Biggest mistake a lot of people make Salmon trolling  is to overcomplicate things. Remember that they are fish .  Keep it simple at first till you master the equipment /situation you are in& fish efficiently . No need to have a whole lot of stuff out this time of year & for you to start out with. I fished 3 mornings this past week by myself. When bite was on , there were times I ran only one rod.Most times ,two . And I did pretty well.


     J plugs are pretty speed forgiving lures.With the longer leads & slow S curves while driving ,your lure speed will vary ,which is a good thing to trigger strikes. Good Luck.


    First light this time of year  is best IMO.

  11. Got up at 4 and it wasn't raining at home , hooked up boat & it started raining at Lakeshore Rd.By the time I got to the parking lot it was a down pour. Debated going out but said what  the heck. Donned my Gay apparel (my rainsuit) and went out. First fish 15 min out. Got 3 more on.Rained like a cow pi-- ing on a flat rock a few times, Makes me feel alive in the raw weather in my small boat. Got cut off by a Red Crestliner but the guy had no choice. On the brite side I got my J plug back. Troutman blew his horn at me and drove right at me but he had a fish on , he  appologized to me  for pushing me over. All J plugs again. Fish are so dark they  look like I got them at the Dam. Won't  be long till  they run upstream with the rain.

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