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  1. I am assuming it has to do with a combination of speed and your spoon weight (flutter spoon or equivalent). The only thing I run off big boards unweighted are plugs like bayrats or rapalas this time of the year but most often its 1 to 3 color lead core or snap weights added to monofilament.
  2. C3M

    for sale : usa Free

    2 Cannonball Cradles. Pick up in Penfield NY or I can ship if needed. Thanks, Chris
  3. C3M

    for sale : usa Flashers

    4 Pro-Troll E-Chip 8" 1 Pro-Troll E-Chip 11" 2 Hot Spot 8" 1 Spin Doctor 10" 1 Spin Doctor 8" 3 New Trolling Squids $50 pick up in Penfield $60 shipped to your door Thanks, Chris
  4. C3M

    for sale : usa Spoons

    Spoons are SOLD - thanks for the inquiry
  5. C3M


    Awesome good to know. I order a 300' segment last night so I will lace that up and see how it goes. 350' would be great If I can make it work!
  6. C3M


    Thanks - the length of copper/backing chart for each reel type you originally posted on another thread is very helpful!
  7. C3M


    Im a Lake O guy only. Im going to get a 300 and 400 set up then. I do have a spare Penn 330 GTI which I will try for the 300'. Is convector 55 is the most common entry level reel used reel for a 400'?
  8. C3M


    Perfect - Thank you!
  9. If you were looking to set up 2 copper rigs (to be run off inlines) what lengths would you label as "must haves"? Looks like the consensus is 45# over 32#. Thanks for your opinions! -Chris
  10. C3M

    for sale : usa Spoons

    Top row has never seen water; bottom row has. Mostly Dreamweaver Mags Asking $50. Thanks, Chris
  11. No responses to my original posting so I added new lead core in 27# to all three set ups. Asking $50 per reel. Add the rod to the deal for $10. (9'6" medium heavy Marado Reflex) 1 Used Daiwa Accudepthplus 47 LC (right hand) - 5 color lead core 1 Used Daiwa Sealine Great Lakes 47 LC (right hand) - 7 color lead core 1 New Penn Rival 30 LWLC (left hand) - 10 color lead core Located in Penfield. Thanks, Chris
  12. C3M

    for sale : usa Rod Holders

    All rod holders have been sold - thanks for your interest!
  13. C3M

    for sale : usa Rod Holders

    I have replied to the PM's in the order I received them. If any deals fall through I will offer the gear to the next in line. Thanks, Chris
  14. Series of rod holders for sale. 2 - 6" traxstech tracks ($20/ea) with 1 black traxstech rod holder ($60) - all NEW $100 for everything 1 - Cisco multi-position rod holder (does not fit into a track) - $50 2 - Tite-Lok net holders - $20 2 - Marine Raider rail mounts - $20 2 - Proos downrigger rod holders - $10 2 - Perko flush mount rod holders (30 degrees) - $10 Located in Rochester Thanks, Chris
  15. Triple Pine boards primed with Rustoleum marine primer and a Rustoleum topcoat with oil-based paint. Stainless steel rods and eyebolts. Galvanized hardware with locktite on the boards Looking for $90 per board; $180 total obo The kit is here for $212 new https://www.tacklecove.com/store/p/96-Planer-Boards-2-Board-Kit.aspx Located in Rochester Thanks, Chris
  16. sold - thanks for the offer rickg
  17. Hi Guys, Looking for the best way to store Flashers and Spin Doctors? It looks like dreamweaver makes a spin doctor filer that has decent reviews. Is that the overall winner for most of ya'll? Thanks, Chris
  18. PM me your contact info so we can figure out how to meet up. Thanks, Chris
  19. I have 3 Daiwa Heartland Dispy Rods with Twili tips- 9'6" Heavy 2 were used 1 season 1 was never used (backup rod) $40 each or $100 for all 3 Meet up near Rochester or at the GCBA show this coming Sunday. Thanks, Chris
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