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  1. hookedupf7

    Jelly stone park

    Ha not worried about picnic basket. More worried about my boat and gear.
  2. hookedupf7

    Jelly stone park

    Has anybody stayed there? Just wondering about it. Looks fairly convenient. Only4 minutes to Mexico pt launch.
  3. hookedupf7

    Where to stay/fish late August

    The last couple times I went I out i stayed at catfish creek. They have launch And docks. I real Like it. The owners are good people.
  4. Where you from. I am from upstate ny
  5. You are e in Michigan?
  6. ALL silver backs?
  7. hookedupf7

    Twill tips for copper

    Just setup another tonight
  8. hookedupf7

    Twill tips for copper

    Great thanks. I have had a 300 ft copper with no twill tip. Using it for Local lakes but wasn’t sure for kings
  9. Are you guys using twill tips on your copper setups?
  10. hookedupf7

    Sink rate for Monel

    Ok thanks. I thought I read it was similar to copper.
  11. hookedupf7

    Fleas in Oswego

    not to hijack your thread but what causes them to come and go
  12. Just wondering which sinks better Monel or copper?
  13. hookedupf7

    Rod length for lead thoughts

    I kind of thinking I need more flex.
  14. hookedupf7

    Rod length for lead thoughts

    I learned to pay attention to my drags when I set my rods in my holders
  15. hookedupf7

    Rod length for lead thoughts

    Ha ya I guess you’re rite!!!