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  1. Very cool woodie, alot of respect to those of you that train dogs, it's something I envy and is on my bucket list.... I got 2 idiots that just take up bed space now... I figure 8 -10 years there will be room in the house for a hunting dog.
  2. Hungry, we lost a keeper on 10 color of lead and a blue bomber lure.... the rest of the fish came on the top with or without a clip on weight. We had one dipsey diver that caught nothing.
  3. We ended up with 5 more shorts, twice we doubled.... no keepers. Was a great day to try. Fished 7-2
  4. We're marking a degree warmer on the east side... 38. Got about an hour troll south
  5. We trolled about a mile north of milliken, picked up headed south to troll a stretch south twords the launch
  6. Blue and silver thunderstick took a short
  7. 3 throwbacks plus the first, no pic... and the bigger one on 10 color.... I got the clown on 10 color now
  8. We're gonna troll north in front of milliken for awhile, it's a nice day.... we're dressed for it.
  9. We lost a board north of the camp, so we were reeling all of them in, and lost 2 others.... so we got everything in, just picked up our boards and heading for east side
  10. We got 3 of us on board, 8 rods out.... 5 on planers, one on lead, and 1 copper 300' out with 75' off a stern board, and a deep diver on braid....
  11. Coming up to boys scout camp. Purple took a hit.... I put a ghost tail dancer on a 10 color...
  12. Purple challenger took a throwback on a planer over 140... we're at taughanic now headed north
  13. Blue bomber took the first hit with 10 color lead. Lost the swivel and lure with 1 color to go....over 120'
  14. I believe we're going out of Meyers on saturday, the wind should be laying down tonight
  15. Yea guys, that 3ft plus straightened out my stringer and lived to see another day... but I will also mention that since that happened I figured not only was it not meant to be, I have grown alot of respect for the species and otisco itself.... I'm at a place in life (turning 40 soon) that I may keep a northern from another body of water but the Tigers are sterile, and therefore will get a release by me.... I've grown quite a bit since last may primarily from reading opinions from this site.... with that said, I'm gonna kill some eyes in 2016 !!
  16. Old man, I never tried a sit on top model.... I got a sit in model the ascend fs10 ..... I've been out at otisco and little Sodus Bay in white caps and never felt threatened.... let alone the over 3 ft tiger I stringered last spring on otisco, that was a bit of a challenge in the dark.... but I love my sit in model.
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