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  1. Still ended up with alot under the boat.... looks like we'll be getting out again on the 19th....
  2. I've never fished Cayuta (little lake) but I heard that the perch have good and poor cycles there.... this year is a good cycle. My step son told me a guy he works with showed him pics from the ice.... that's all I know.
  3. I saw the post by Pete.... it's doable but bring waders to help clear some debris. We were one of 2 out yesterday. My step son and I launched at 730 and a guy had already been out. We came back around 1ish and that guy was still out. But we went 2 keeper salmon with 1 throwback 15" and 3 missed fish. We trolled north on west side almost to power plant then south on east side. More debris on east, but that's where our keepers came from. Blue bomber took most hits, with 1 keeper. Purple challenger took the 21".
  4. My step kid and I are launching out of Meyers tomorrow
  5. May and June jig gold sonars by day or cast or troll challengers or thundersticks at night...
  6. Agreed old man.... I learned something from 2015. Last year I caught a huge tiger in my kayak one night after midnight...had to be around 40" couldn't measure it in my yak but the thing was way over 3'... as I put it on my stringer, and continued fishing for eyes I had visions of pics and a mount. That fish ended up straightening 2 stringer hooks and got away. After I posted that adventure, and the months that followed I guess I came to an understanding that otisco is a gem and the Tigers it holds are magnificent... I may have outsmarted it with my lure, but it wasn't ment to be on my stringer.... I have to think that's it's still out there getting bigger... and the next time I catch it, I may just snap a pic of it next to my yak and let it swim... Ivery wanted to try one but 36 seems too big to eat anyway, and it's kind of a waste of life to just mount it.... maybe I'm a year older, and getting wiser... maybe you guys are wearing off on me...
  7. http://www.syracuse.com/outdoors/index.ssf/2016/02/is_there_a_state-record_tiger_muskie_lurking_in_otisco_lake.html?ath=4917a2210d00c6327ceb7386358c92f8#cmpid=nsltr_morestry2headline_single
  8. MeatHunter737

    you opinion

    Worth trying for a bit on the ice
  9. I'll be around in may I'll buy one off you when we get together, got 1 to start my season.... I'm new to facebook, but I put pics of every fish this weekend and reports on my page... if anyone reading this thread wants to friend me I'm Jeff Howe.... I've got a pic holding a chainsaw....
  10. I know I only got 1, I gave my step son the one we're using, gonna need to buy 1 more
  11. Trolling south back to taughannic 0 hits.... calling it a day.... 6 f 7...
  12. Figured I'm waiting g for a hit I'll put these up
  13. 6 for 7 all shorts... just turned to go back south
  14. Trolling north of taughanic landed 4 shorts 14 t 16" all on sticks.... pics later
  15. Sorry, he has metal roof on his house and garage.... also got a litter carried away with visiting.... headed put again around 8....
  16. Lol, literally just got to his house, I'm staying the night at his house and we're gonna go again first thing till noon.... gotta up load to photobucket....
  17. Purple challenger again, another throw back.... moved twords salt mine
  18. Purple challenger, throwback salmon.... pics later....
  19. Launched out of Meyers 930, headed to west side.... trolling north with 4 boards, 2 are leadcore....seeing 3 other boats out here... lake is about a 5 1/2 ft drop from dock into the boat
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