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  1. Did fair through June and July with bigger lakers not many in numbers. Was out last Saturday early to pull some boards and then some rigging for lakers. Yesterday out early skipped boards. Not a thing not even a knock off. Fleas were not bad. Lots of loose weeds being caught on riggers and lines. No patches of blue/green algae yesterday. So that was good news. Marked a bunch of bait but fish marks were few and far between.
  2. On the north end they were bad on east side at beginning of July but have seemed to have let off for some reason.
  3. Nice job out there. I was out Sunday morning trolling and picked up a couple feisty 5# lakers.
  4. Got a Mora by Strikemaster. 8 years one new set of blades even than can find them for 16-20 bucks. 6 inch holes a far easier to drill then 8in. doesn't take much to drill through 10 inches of ice with a sharp auger. When I always store it upside down after spraying with a little WD40. In the spring put a good coat of grease on them and store.
  5. Benson2x


    5 hours Saturday not a thing. North end. Headed all the way to yatch club and still 15 feet of water. Good 8 inches of clear ice. You can see the bottom through it. Tough walk out since the is stretch of frozen broken up ice and some big moguls of snow. Give it a shot next weekend though.
  6. Benson2x

    Canandaigua 9/21

    At Ononda 3/17 6-7p. Nothing in about 90-100ft Guy out a 150plus nothing while I was there. Nice ice.
  7. Benson2x

    Canandaigua 9/21

    I'll be trying again. thanks for the info.
  8. Benson2x

    Canandaigua 9/21

    Bicycled down from city of Canandaigua Saturday and found a crowd ice boating so hit Ononda Sunday morning no luck. Still gotta figure things out about it. This evening gave it an hour out a little farther jigging white tubes and swirls still nothing.
  9. Was out in the afternoon. Nothing down the west side to Tichnor Point. Cross over to east side. Pick up three nice lakers 3-5#s up around the Dragon wall. I was using a silver copper backed Sutton 44 with a green tape on the silver. Running in 85-77ft of water rigger at 80ft. Doing 2.8 to 3.0mph. Marked a few bait pods around some smelt and some sawbellies. Fish were sitting on the bottom. Took them right home and had them curling on the grill in an hour. Yumm.
  10. My brother and I went out Sunday out of the north end. Pop a laker in 15 minutes on a copper stinger but that was it. 3 hours later of washing spoons we backed it in. The laker came at 55 down over 90-95. Had some good bait marks around 40 feet over 90 but no takers. We were down around the water station and Germans brothers. All bait was on the west side.
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