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  1. The info that tog4wrd33 posted was from this page: http://www.greatlakesmapping.org/great_lake_stressors/3/commercial-fishing I can't see Lake Ontario having a significant salmonoid fishery due to public health concerns regarding their consumption. Some of the smaller species are OK because they aren't as long lived, or sit in a spot in the food-chain that makes them less prone to building up high levels of pollutants.That said, the lake is much cleaner now than it was 20 years ago.
  2. The Queen has a 20" transom, so it isn't too big a deal in most situation. I have Starcraft SS 16 with a 60 HP Mercury and it should be pretty similar in the way it behaves. I run two 6.5 gallon tanks in the stern, plus my primary trolling battery. With full tanks, I can sit on my transom and it only and still have at least 6" of transom above the water. If you fish bigger water routinely, you might think about moving the the tanks up to mid-cockpit area, but it isn't a necessity if you know how the boat handles and what situations to avoid. Balancing the boat left-right will also help. If you are worried about the length of your lines, I've seen people who have 10' of run and the fuel pump can handle it, just as long as the pickup tube stays submerged.
  3. I've caught a few cats on the Genny this season that have had them as well. My guess is that if they are in the river then they are no pretty widespread.
  4. Whatever happened with this? I missed this thread prior to you taking it in, but I would have suggested taking a look at the stator and making sure that it wasn't advanced all of the way at idle. I had this happen once while I was cleaning under the cowl. You'd think that the springs would be enough to make it return to idle timing, but amazingly not. I happened to notice it while I was still on the water, gave it a tap to reset and the engine ran fine afterward. Of course, this issue would certainly be noticed and corrected during a link and sync adjustment.
  5. Last year scared me away from there. I ran aground leaving the public launch and had to pole off. Not a fun experience. How is it getting out onto the lake now?
  6. I was running my dipsey divers out between 145 and 215, so there is a good chance I wasn't going deep enough. I had the rigger down at 100, but that may not have been deep enough either since I only had a 6lb ball with me. Thanks for the tips.
  7. Took my mother, brother and his friend out for an afternoon run on Keuka. This was my first time fishing this lake, so I treated it as more of a scouting run than anything else. Launched from the state park at 2:30 PM and was greeted by a completely glass-smooth lake. Trolled the northern half of the east side of the Branchport arm in 100-150 FOW at 2.0 to 2.5 SOG. Ran two DD/SD with A-Tom-Mik flies, one DD/dodger/Stinger (chrome/orange) spoon combo, and one rigger with a Stinger (blue/chrome) spoon. Ran all my rigs to cover the depths where I was marking decent fish, which was between 50-90 feet down. Only managed to hook up with one pretty 22" laker on a DD/SD/A-Tom-Mik by 5:00, when the rest of my party started getting bored. Pulled up the gear and started targeting the pan fish. I'm usually a patient guy and probably would have kept at it, if not for the desire to let everyone have their chance at some fish. Considering that this was my first time out on Keuka, and I am still learning the ins and outs of trolling: did I miss anything, or is there anything different that I should be doing on this lake? Comments and suggestions would be appreciated.
  8. Wait a minute..I noticed that the DEC fishing hotline says that the launch is open and that there are temporary docks in place. Can anyone confirm this?
  9. Thanks for the info, Jerry. I was going to attempt to launch there this weekend, but now I will go elsewhere. I thought for sure that they would have it done by now. Does anyone know if the Onanda launch is still open?
  10. I wouldn't think that you'd see the launch get full right now. There is considerable parking available. This last weekend there were only 5 or so trailers, with parking for 40. Having said that, there are no other public launches available. One of the marinas may accomodate you, but you'd have to call around. I can see them being hesitant with limited parking.
  11. I used 30# Spiderwire braid on my poles. I haven't had a significant problem with fleas, but when I do get a nice clump I've always been able to get them off without too much fuss. If it gets really bad I just let them dry out and they sorta crumble off. That said, I would probably run wire if it didn't mean changing out my poles.
  12. Thanks for sharing you experience! This is the first year I've had a boat of my own, so I'm always willing to pick new information the easy way, without doing damage or getting into scary situations. I feel bad for some of the guys with bigger boats at Smith Boys, it's pretty sketchy down there right now. I watched a guy getting ready to drop in a 23' off-shore CC as I was leaving and wondered how in the heck he was going to make it. I naturally assumed that he knew something I didn't. On another note: everyone seems to be in agreement that the fishing should pick up once the nights get cooler and the water temps drop a little. Of course there is the slight chance that the old timers like to look out and laugh at the newbies like me freezing our butts off on the water for nada. The good news is that I live in Rochester and the north end launch is closer anyway.
  13. Launch from Woodville around 7am. It is still VERY shallow. In fact, I had to run my trailer off the end of the ramp just to get my Starcraft SS 16 to come off the trailer. Getting back up the ramp took 4WD. I somehow managed to avoid grounding my boat or getting the prop tangled in the plants heading away from the launch. Headed NE towards Vine Valley. Started getting good, sizable, marks down 40'-60' over 100'-150', so I set all of my gear to run in this range. I ran my usual divers with flashers and flies, plus another diver and 'rigger with an assortment of spoons. Couldn't get the fish to take anything today, despite changing trolling patterns and moving locations a couple of times. That it is why they call it fishing. The good news is that the fleas were basically non-existent today.
  14. Thanks! I've been lurking for a while and thought it was time to start sharing a bit too.
  15. Hit the water for a late afternoon trip at about 3:30 PM and were greeted by calm waters and warmer than expected air temps. Headed northeast from the Woodville launch until I was over 130FOW and started marking bait fish. Ran two number 1 DDs on 30lb braid with flashers and A-Tom-Mik flies at 125' and 150' out, ran one mini diver out the chute on 17lb flouro with a long thin red/white spoon out 200' then ran one downrigger down to about 60' with a chartreuse hammered spoon. Trolled the rest of the afternoon and evening with this setup between Whiskey Point and just opposite Walton Point. Went 5 for 9 for the day with 1 laker, 2 bows and one pickerel boated on the DDs with flashers and flies all at 125' out. Boated a nice small mouth on the shallow red/white spoon. Picked up the gear and headed back to the launch at 8:15 PM with the bite still on, but the captain tired. All-in-all it was a great late-day trip.
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