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  1. Stan What Ray Said Merry Christmas Stan
  2. COOL Enjoyed watching it. Nice job!
  3. Lew

    GPS Plotter?

    I'm looking to rig up for next season and I'm looking to buy a GPS Plotter. I found that the Hummingbird 785c2I NVB was suggested by Mr. Billy V by searching the LOU forums and it looks to be something I would like to go with, good price to. It has a internal antenna, will it work on a boat with a hard top? If not can an external antenna be connected to it? Thanks Lew
  4. The previous owner ran it with the cracked block leaking, he just installed a larger bilge pump to remove the leaking water. If the Marine-Tex is as good as they say it is I should have no problem. L&M I took your advice and ran some RV antifreeze though it, I even added some to the bilge pump Thanks for the tip
  5. Update Well I let the Marine-Tex setup good and gave it a paint job, my son and I yesterday got it all back together. Hooked up the water muffs and started it up. And no leaks we run it for awhile up to temp no leaks!! Also wanted to run the Sta-Bil though the system. I pulled all 5 blue plugs and drained the water out, now what else should I do to winterize it? Add anti-freeze to engine or should it be ok just draining at the blue plugs? Thanks for the tips on repairing the block!! Lew
  6. WOW loved the video JR!! Very Very Cool Nothing like some good quality time with the family or friends. After seeing your video I can't wait to get our boat on the water with my boys next spring, of course my boys are 21 and 27 years old and we have alot to learn about fishing Lake Ontario. I'll be asking lots of questions. Lew
  7. I cleaned up the cracks and the area around the crack with a die grinder, drilled the holes in the cracks cleaned it all up with cleaner and laid on about 1/8" of the Marine-Tex. Will that be enough 1/8"? or should I add more on top of the 1/8"? Thanks Lew
  8. I gave you a call Sunday but no answer, Whens a good time to call? Thanks Lew
  9. Ok I picked up the Marine-Tex yesterday, now to remove the engine. Any tips on this would be cool I have removed and rebuilt a few Chevy's from cars just not from a boat. It looks like it could be a interesting adventure! Thanks Again Lew
  10. Thanks for the tips! I'm going to stop at West Marina in H2OTown today and see if they have any of that black epoxy, If they have been repaired with success maybe I'll give it a shot and hold off on finding a block. I know they have a welding rod now that doesn't require preheating and the cast I welded years ago we always had to preheat and slowly weld and peen it. Hummm now you guys have my ole mind thinking here and yes I could save some $$$ make the wife Happy!! Cool!! Thanks
  11. JR I had the suggestion of using JB Weld, But I'm not sure if it would stay and not come off out in the middle of the big pond. Is the black epoxy the same as JB Weld? And Jeb I have heard of pinning before, anyone around here do it? I thought about welding it with cast rod, I have welded and brazed cast many times before at work, just not a engine block. Has anyone else repaired blocks before and had success? Not sure what way to go, Long blocks are like 1500.00 bucks, and I just bought the boat and the better half is still not over it!! I need a
  12. I have a 2001 5.0L (305) block that is cracked on both sides of the block and their c shaped, the previous owner never took out the block plugs. The other 3 were removed. The engine only has 104 hrs on it and it has no water in the oil so the internals are fine. It runs fine but leaks water out the cracks. Any suggestions on this would help, Anyone got a stock bore block? If so I could switch over the rotating assembly, with new bearings and rings of course. Thanks Lew56
  13. Lew


    Some sound advice, But Look What I Saved Dear thing I have never used, I'll give it a try! LOL We got the boat home and it real needs a lot of work, block is cracked,very dirty, in need of other new parts and it needs some TLC for sure. But my sons and I have visions of what it will be not what it is!!! So I'm looking for a Chevy 305ci bare block not over size but stock bore. Lew
  14. Lew


    Your correct LongLine sir, I don't need more then one of them, Not sure what I was thinking!! Ones enough for sure!! She don't eat candy bars so that one won't work, but I can improvise , when I go to the store for her. Rich that would never work she's to smart for that, and she has already wrote down your name! But Mr Muskybob has a good idea, use the plastic, but that's hard to do buying used equipment! Of course I could just drop into Gander in H2O town and go on a spending spree and just hand her the slips afterward and take it like a man, Yeah Right then my sons would have a name for the boat DadsGoneMissing Anywho thanks for the tips Bros kept them coming! Lew
  15. Lew


    Name: Lew Location:Lewis County NY Home Port:Guffins Bay Boat Name/Type Bayliner I fish for: Salmon, Lake Trout, Steelhead, Walleye, Bass ================ Hello LOU crew, I found this site by doing some searching for info. on Lake Ontario fishing. WOW Great Site And Information I will be picking up a Bayliner fixer upper here next week and looking to set it up for family fishing next season. I have been on a few charters on the lake in the past so I'm somewhat familiar with the equipment used. I have a fish finder and vhf radio but no down riggers, poles, gps. planer mast or boards and no lures etc. (looking to buy used) It took awhile to talk the wife into the boat now I need to justify the equipment, I see lots of tips on fishing, boating and equipment on LOU, but none on the wife has the check book situation! Any Tips? Anyway GREAT SITE!! I will visit it often! Lew
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