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  1. One of the things I used to do as far as the bimini support being in the way is when just trolling (and not real windy) I hitched up the support that was in the way to the other support and just freed up the space. It usually is OK as long as you aren't frequently picking up and running. The existing support and the hooked straps in the front held the bimini in place when just trolling.

  2. Hank is right. This polarization is what is destroying us - bad enough the government is paralyzed by it. these issues such as politics, religion, the abortion issue are all inflamatory issues that bring out the worst in us. The name of the website has the word UNITED in it and that is what we should be regardless of our individual preferences or opinions. Respect is something that seems to be generally lacking these days whether for each other , law enforcement, or for individual rights. America is being destroyed by this polarization and our enemies love it.

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  3. We are screwed either way the election goes because we no longer have competent, honest, or intelligent candidates. Pull the plug on NATO and China/Russia/Iran/North Korea will be clapping, bring in all the illegals including Chinese males between 20 and 35 who go to the firing ranges first thing, Kick out veterans from housing and install illegals in their place etc., etc. etc. This no longer resembles the America I once knew and spent four years of my life serving thinking it was a good thing. It makes me glad to be at the age I'm at. Each of the personalities are very flawed with self-interest at the heart of things while the issues aren't being looked at only the "reality show" content. We need to think more deeply not just about the party crap.

  4. I have 2 sets of gimbals and although I can run 4 riggers I usually only run two on the back two gimbals and use the two more forward ones for the divers and board rods with three holders on each mounted to 17 inch tracks.

    Here is a pic:


  5. Looks as though some folks are taking this  discussion too seriously. I haven't done the balloon thing for more than 30 years. I only keep about 15 perch at most, and most of the time I give them either to friends I am fishing with or I fillet them for elderly folks that can't get out. My view that has been expressed to the DEC more than once is that the current limit of 50 (for the Finger Lakes) is absurd given the popularity of the species, which is also allowed for sale (which I don't support) and the current extreme fishing pressure on them in most places. In addition the advancement of stuff like Panoptics and the like has radically changed the equation as well as the fact that mild winters now allow more concentrated fishing for perch for much more of the season. More and more guys are winter fishing them (which I also do). I imagine my view on it isn't real popular and could generate some negative commentary but this is a forum for discussion so......

    If the thread is carefully read it will be noted that the balloon thing was a reference to the past and was half in jest:smile:


  6. 1 hour ago, Gill-T said:

    Whenever I hear about ice fishermen losing their life walking on thin ice to go catch a 10” fish, I shake my head. The balloon trick adds a whole new level of Zany 🤪 to my view of perch fishermen as a group lol. Is there any support group available to help you guys??

    They gave up on us years ago when someone asked if we went to school with Fred Flintstone:lol:

  7. :lol: I don't keep any 13 inches plus so when I have done it I attached the balloon to a larger one hoping that it was part of a pack of good ones and they have a little more power to get away from the boat. Just take a length of mono with a size 2 hook on one end and  and hook it to the cartilage part of the mouth so it won't easily pull out. Tie up a relatively small balloon and then tie the other end of the line to it. You can usually release the fish afterward as it is often in good shape. They often try to get back to the school so that's your cue :smile:

  8. When ice fishing if you look down the hole and watch perch when someone makes loud noise on the ice (as in power auger nearby, walking with cleats without snow etc.) they scatter - sometimes for quite awhile before they return. Also, when the water is very clear in shallow water in a boat you can come up on a school, and when someone walks around or moves on the boat they can scatter. Even when they detect movement of the boat in shallow clear water. I've seen it happen dozens of times over many years so it isn't a "random event or behavior".

  9. Magee is pretty good but over priced in my opinion. I had a lot of canvas done by him when I got my boat new and then later had to have it re-sewn because of the cheap thread that was used for the seams which deteriorated in the sunlight (to the tune of $800). John Mann of Sodus Bay Canvas is a much better option both in terms of quality and pricing. There is a big difference in the quality of thread used for the seams and most folks don't realize it and the good stuff is quite a bit more expensive.

    Best of luck with the boat John. Looks like a great deal for someone and I know you take a lot of care for your stuff so whoever buys it will be a "happy camper".

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  10. :lol: Frogger. It was probably from arm wrestling Signalman for the honor of pulling up the anchor. 

    Bob: Anyone who thinks they have perch totally figured out is fooling themself:smile:.  They have become more line shy and more easily spooked by the clear water as Brian says.

    Spot lock is very useful when the water isn't moderately rough but it can jump the lock under those conditions and can be a constant battle. Sometimes perch want the bait moving so drifting can be more effective and as soon as you stop and lock up or anchor they may stop hitting. Sometimes they respond better to jigs dragged along the bottom and won't touch suspended bait. When anchoring some guys just get in a hurry and throw the anchor out and then wonder why the fish aren't hitting. It pays to gently and quietly slide the anchor into the water; and some folks make a lot of noise walking around in their aluminum boats and drop things on the floor etc.....not great either.

    If using an anchor it can be productive drifting until you find a school or pod of perch and coast by them and slowly and quietly slide the anchor in the water once past them aways and cast back into them from a bit of a distance. It is especially important to be away from them and not directly on top of them when you stop or anchor. Usually once the boat has been there anchored up awhile the perch can be less skiddish and may end up near and under the boat and it is a matter of trying to keep them there once it happens which is a reason for using one rod as a "dead stick". There are times when perch don't give a rats butt about any of it and will hit regardless of what you are doing.... if you have the right bait.

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  11. Running "fake" meat as you note has the opportunity to "tune" the bait much more than running true meat rigs or "live" rigs. Running them on lake O for Pacific salmon is a bit different than running them for lakers or browns/Atlantics on the Finger Lakes too as the salmon on Lake O aren't mainly bottom dwellers so you are running them fairly high in the water column with your other stuff or somewhat below it. On the Fingers meat rigs are often run much more near the bottom and frequently with frozen sawbellies rather than imitation bait. A lot of times folks run surface oriented stuff along with the meat rigs or even riggers up considerably higher. The right speed for the roll of the bait in that situation is very Touchy" to get right and maintain along with running spoons and that is what I was referring to Rick. The range of adjustment isn't any where near what it is for the stuff you are running (ie. the "fake" bait). In that respect I think the newer stuff is superior.

  12. I would add that it can be more difficult to get things running right when you mix things up. Running meat effectively highly relates to running it at the right speed so that the bait is rolling right. When you add spoons to the mix it is important to know which spoons to use so that they run at compatible speed with the bait. Often the effective running speed for meat rigs is considerably slower than that for many spoons and different also than other attractors such as flashers and dodgers. Just something to be aware of. Direction of current can also be a complicating factor.

  13. One of the things to be aware of is that often the larger the hook size the fewer hits when the perch are fussy which is "usually":lol: They also don't seem to like exposed hook points.

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