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  1. Forums are a place for the discussion of ideas and opinions and it is expected that they may differ  or diverge from a central idea or concern but a necessary underlying rule or expectation is that respect is shown for each person separate from agreement or disagreement with their particular position regarding an issue or idea. Respect for each other appears to be on the decline and resorting to name calling sure doesn't help clarify any issues or ideas or add to an intelligent conversation.

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  2. 1 hour ago, Trouthunter said:

    Question since Seneca & Cayuga are connected by the canal is that why they cannot rid the lakes of them can only control them to a point

    The main problem is potential flooding and the possibility of some limited use of minor streams on both sides of the lake when water levels are unusually high for sustained periods (not frequent but possible). Most of them either dry up or have small amounts of poorly oxygenated water with high temps which discourages fish development as well as providing an unsuitable environment for nearly anything.   Recently they found little to no activity in the smaller streams and it is mainly Catherines and Keuka Outlet  at Dresden where most breeding occurs and the deltas out into the lake at both sites. The Seneca River is somewhat of an unknown in terms of the travel patterns of both fish and invasives as far as how much occurs and whether they actually make it to either Cayuga or Seneca lakes. I know for a fact that browns use the canal bt whether they make it to Cayuga lake I do not know. The major lamprey breeding grounds are the two streams on Seneca mentioned.

  3. Prior to the rain the treatments looked good from what I was told by someone close to the process.. They monitored afterward by a grid pattern assessment and found a lot of dead ammocoetes with the eye structure present meaning they were getting ready to leave the stream and the bottom structure throughout was apparently blanketed very well by the treatment process so hopefully things will improve with time. The DEC is trying only so much can be done with Mother Nature calling the shots:smile:

  4. I know this is a fishing forum but it is also a place to discuss matters of importance to us all. The unfortunate thing is that the political stuff is merely a tempting distraction from the true problems facing us as  nation. Along with the things happening relating to climate change that we need to deal with concretely is the looming potential disaster being created by the Chinese communist government. The Chinese have already have eaten our lunch and everyone is in Lalaland not paying attention to it. They have stolen much of our technology military and otherwise, created their own versions of it to out-compete us and as part of the requirement of doing business in their country we have turned over much sophisticated technology to them. They have for years been scarfing up precious metals including gold and rare earth metals from many parts of the world (e.g. Africa, South America etc.) and have as one of their ultimate goals control of the Earth's total resources to support their population and agenda. Thye intend to replace the dollar as the base currency. They are courting Afghanistan now with promises of building infrastructure fully knowing that they will have no way to repay them other than turn over the extensive deposits underneath their land as they are already doing in Africa.. They are currently exploring space with the intent to dominate the Earth and harvest rare metals in space contained by the asteroids and potentially other planets. They fully intend to be number one on the planet both economically, and in all other aspects and are on the path to achieve it if not already there. We are asleep at the switch and have been helping them for some time by letting them capitalize on the greed of our capitalistic system where companies are willing to manufacture as cheaply as possible using their cheap labor force and turn over whatever information they have to the Chinese to achieve their bottom line for stock holders. The Chinese Communist government is hacking us via the Internet stealing all sorts of information (along with the Russians, Iranians, and North Koreans) and have 24/7 dedicated military unit hackers probing and entering our banks, infrastructure companies, and institutions including nearly every facet of our government.

    Our government is dysfunctional and self serving no matter who is in power and is no longer serving the people. Until we get our hheads out of our asses we are going to be totally screwed and the current Taiwan situation may be the catalyst that brings things to a head. Keep in mind that China has over 1.3 BILLION people and a conventional war with them would be suicide as they could lose the entire amount of our entire population of 330 million and it would have little impact on them and may actually be of benefit in the long range to their government. They recently launched a nuclear capable hypersonic missle system that went around the world and are way ahead of us militarily in some aspects thanks to us and perhaps in space explorations as well.


    Sorry for the rant but these things have been on my mind for some time and worries about these other matters seem "miniscule" in comparison to the actual dangers facing us right now.

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  5. Great advice above. Nick mentioned the small sawbellies. The jumbos love the sawbellies about 2 inches long and if you are lucky enough to find a big school of them locate off to the edge and cast back into them with the biggest fathead minnows you have. plastic imitation minnows can work too but not as well as the live ones.sometimes they want the bait moving (as in drifting) and sometimes they prefer it still (anchored....they can be fussy:lol: The big girls may not be in real close yet with the higher water temps recently. Have to really look around at different depths and don't be afraid to look deeper than you might think:smile:

  6. 1 hour ago, moonfish said:

    My advice is go search the species you desire online, its seasonal patterns, food sources in the area your fishing etc. You'll get more info there than here. They don't pass it on to just anyone. Most are here to fluff their feathers, not give up secrets.

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    This is the spot where your "advice" went south. This website is a virtual goldmine of information that has been freely shared for many years by very generous people. For much of the 70 plus years I have fished the "old timers" closely guarded their "secrets" in terms of techniques, lures, and fishing spots and would seldom reveal ANYTHING to novices or fishermen that weren't part of the Good Old Boys network. This website has overcome those obstacles to learning for thousands of people. If you think information on here is being withheld I would suggest that it is for good reason. There is a vast difference between fishing the small streams of New York and trolling the larger lakes including Lake O. where fishing pressures and illegal activity may be serious but perhaps not to the extent that it can tank the fishery entirely. To a degree this also applies to particular vulnerable species as well such as perch and crappies because of their particular schooling habits and increased vulnerability. People responding to these "sensitive nature" posts are trying to protect these diminishing resources by not calling focused attention alerting the entire Internet to potentials for exploitation; not purposely withholding "secrets" or only revealing things to a particular group of "in' individuals. Not everyone  in our society or on the Internet is conservation minded. Many times when sensitive issues are encountered here the way to respond is through a personal message offering information to be shared with a person but not publicly announced so that the information can be exploited. Just something to think about....

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