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  1. Several friends and neighbors have had knee and/or hip replacement procedures. Each of them has mentioned that it has been life changing. The rehabilitative therapy (PT) is not easy but as stated above it is totally necessary and can drastically affect to final outcome of the surgery according to them. If it were me I would also check to the degree I could (e.g. online or with people that have had a particular surgeon do it, maybe talk with your primary care physician if you respect his/her judgement).  Sometimes reviews can be helpful. Not all surgeons are equal and you should have confidence in the one selected, but also the procedures themselves (multiple ways of doing the surgeries with different re-cooperation times) have improved greatly in recent times.

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  2. Ditto. Everyone's financial situation  is different and many folks have spent thousand after thousand slowly over time but here is a chance for someone to get into the trolling game in one bundle and for a very reasonable amount of money considering the selection of things included. When you contrast this with what it would cost new it becomes very clear that it is a good deal though maybe not be possible for everyone but that is true of many things in life. Best of luck with the sale!

  3. Will do thanks Ted. :lol: Anthony.  The leaders have spring clips (homemade) at the end which snap to the bead chains so it is just a matter of setting the rod in the holder while I hand line the leaders in. It can be a bit hectic when either 2 fish are on one rig or there are fish on two rigs at once:smile: Usually I run three rigs even solo. I use 40 ounce weights that I get from Troutman87 (Harvey) and they work great. I coat them with Plastidip to minimize lead contact and prevent boat scratches.




  4. Greenhornet there used to be Walleyes in here a long time ago but for many years I never heard of any being caught until recently when a friend who is a guide out here caught a good one in his boat. the thinking is that it may have been introduced into the lake from elsewhere.

  5. Well I was solo remember....I did start taking pics with my phone and almost dropped it in the water and that ended that. The ones I took weren't great either but i'll post the ones I took. All fish were released in the water by the way. These are the least blurry:lol:





  6. Decided to go solo about 8am after rainbows. launched at north end and set up near the pump station on west side. It was pretty breezy so I decided to run just two five leader Seth Green rigs to try out some small Elmer Hinckley spoons I recently received instead of the usual three rigs..

    Trolled to just south of Menteth Point and had first hit and run that took out drag but gone when I got to the rod. Checked temps with the X4D. 71.8 surface and 54 degrees at 62 feet. I had set up both rods with the new #87 spoons in gold, hammered gold, hammered silver and plain silver. I was trolling in 200-220 ft of water and varying speeds but 1.9-2.1 at ball seemed best for these particular spoons.  I started getting hammered by 2-3 lb bows and went 9 for 12 on them (all released unharmed). No real big ones but it was a lot of fun with the jumpers etc. Very strong year class apparently and good sized school of them there. I worked it until about 2PM when the wind started making things less fun. The fleas were horrible even some on the probe rigger wire. and they were the fishhook variety so not easy to get off either.  Saw a few other boats working the general area but didn't see whether they did anything.



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  7. Usually I use size 1/0 for small spoons, 2/0 for mediums, and 2 or 3/0 for magnum sized spoons. Sometimes there are differences between manufacturers on hook sizes though so these refer to the Mustads By the way the hooks I use are open ended so it is just a matter of clenching carefully with pliers to attach them. With Suttons I cut the treble right off and replace on the existing solid ring.

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