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  1. Security kicked me out years ago and even recorded my license plate  so I never went out of there again. Saw a couple huts yesterday way out from Indian Pines in what I figured was about 60-70 ft or so but they had a real long walk out there

  2. It is all part of the game. first of all, Honeoye has always been a hit and miss situation regardless of species fished. I was there Monday and only caught one large bluegill and it was the only hit I had despite using a variety of different sized and color jigs with various baits. I had "lookers" the whole time in various holes and large marks on the flasher but they wouldn't hit and this is also a very frequent occurrence on Honeoye for whatever reason. Secondly as with reale estate it is often about location location, location:lol:. Sometimes they are active on the north end and not on the south end and vice versa. The heavy snow probably hasn't helped either with the darkness it brings and as the winter evolves the fish metabolism slows down and they often aren't all that actively feeding. First and last ice is usually the most active time. Unfottunately it is the nature of the beast and doesn't mean you did anything wrong or used the wrong bait or equipment so hang in there:smile:

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  3. None of the older finders were actually in REAL TIME. as the signal itself taakes time to go to the bottom and return to the transducer but on many units there is often  adjustment of the ping speed from slow to high maybe that is what you need to adjust if present in your menu settings. I don't have Garmin units so unfortunately I don't have any detailed settings info for you.

  4. Usually they have sent plastic things that look like book markers with that info on it in some of mine depending on the lake. I imagine the Region 7 office of DEC might send ypou one for Cayuga if you contacted them.


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  5. 3 hours ago, chinook35 said:

    I’ve caught lots of them ice fishing at Oneida lake and at Sandy pond. We would just leave them in the ice as unwanted by catch. One day an old guy told us they were good to eat, just take the meat from the vent back. He lied .  by the way. We called them lings 

    May have been bowfins. They aren't good to eat and are very bony. The ling or ling cod (Burbot) are good eating as they are a member of the Cod family.

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  6. 22 hours ago, rolmops said:

    ( I think that this idea is based on the thought that 4 strokes are heavier than 2 strokes. But the 9.8 tohatsu tiller outboard has the same weight as most 2 strokes)

    The 4 strokes develop more torque at the prop and are usually somewhat heavier but I found that the 9.8 Tohatsu I have was at 90 lbs within 2 pounds of my old 2 stroke Johnson 9.9 long shaft was but the torque is greater which is why a heavier duty bracket is usually recommended. If the weight is a concern stay away from trim/tilt as it adds considerable weight and is usually not necessary on smaller boats anyway.

  7. The focus here is internal as though we here in America, or the government etc. are at the root of the problems we are facing when in fact it is China. They are the root cause of this problem and what is being lost is the fact that they not only have been experimenting (and perhaps developing) biological weapons in their lab but now they will have much more data from across the world to use to make the virus more virulent and to escape the vaccines effectiveness. They have seen firsthand what the use of a virus can do globally to destroy economies, to weaken military responses, to weaken medical facilities, and to destroy morale of nations. As importantly, they have seen the impact that a pandemic can do to weaken adversaries to the point of desperation (e.g. underdeveloped countries with raw resources such as precious metals necessary for the production of vital products in the developed countries affecting everyone). A lot of this vaccination BS is a major distraction from the grave threat developing in the world from China's actions and desire to be "number one" and in control of the worlds resources.

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  8. Two separate issues - voluntarily getting or not getting the vaccine OR mandating that the vaccine be administered or losing your job. At first I thought "God maybe it is necessary in order to get this thing under control when the virus was first attacking a couple years ago, but we sure have had a chance to see that it doesn't work and creates many more serious problems than it solves and as Americans we don't like the government telling us what to do and restrict our personal liberties or freedoms. That process has alienated us from the Government, the media, and done a disservice to our economy and the nation as a whole. It is clearer now that we are going to be living (or dying) with this virus for the future because worldwide the virus is free to mutate and even has appeared in the remote reaches of Antarctica. It can apparently spread from vaccinated as well as unvaccinated recipients so creating social/personal chaos by mandating vaccination makes no sense at this point no matter which side of the vaccination issue you are on. The overwhelming of hospitals and medical services is another issue and needs to be addressed separately.

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  9. Seems as though we are a long way from HB2's original post, but maybe this is a good way to ventilate feelings and emotions and regardless of particular position and  some of the things mentioned here are food for thought. This vaccination issue among many others in our lives such as politics, religion, abortion etc.  is very emotional in nature with strong extremes so there is a tendency to throw the baby out with the bath water, but civility is important too and is becoming rare or lacking in many of our societal contacts these days.

  10. Gator makes a great point about the lack of effectiveness of communicating via email, Internet posts, etc. Nothing beats face to face communication about important issues  or concerns where facial expressions, intonation of speech body language and many other important cues to learning can take place. Underlyuing this whole topic is emotional fear  which clouds reason and logic regardless of the position taken. It really is time to get back to fishing:lol:

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