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  1. which public launch would you recommend for Seneca?
  2. Anyone know if either of these lakes are ice free? Thanks in advance, Jordan
  3. I have two Okuma Clarion CLR-303L Reels I would like to sell. One is brand new in box and the other I have fished with twice and is in mint condition. I live in Buffalo if you want to pick-up locally. Paypal or cash. Price is $165 for both.
  4. This may be a dumb question (not a native of western NY) but, why can't you fish Ginna anymore? Does it have to do with 911? Thanks.
  5. I have a brand new Fenwick Elite Tech Smallmouth Series Rod I would like to sell. Model ESMC610MH-MF. The rod is a medium heavy power. This rod has never been fished and still has the factory packaging. I would love to keep it but I need to get rid of some tackle. I would like to get $80 for it. Thanks. http://www.fenwickfishing.com/prod.php? ... 20(1253044)
  6. I have a brand new Okuma Clarion 553L I would like to sell. It includes everything from the original box. I would like to get 100.00 for it. Thanks. https://www.okumafishing.com/product/vi ... ls/clarion
  7. Is there any place local that I can buy these?
  8. I am looking for two musky leadcore setups for trolling 60 lb core on Chautauqua.
  9. 3 Cannon Rod Holders for sale. Brand new still in the packages. http://www.amazon.com/Cannon-2450169-1- ... 911&sr=8-1 Price: 30.00 I live in Buffalo. Whoever wants them shoot me a message and we can arrange a time for you to pick them up. I would prefer not to ship them.
  10. Asking $35.00 shipped. Payment via PayPal. http://www.amazon.com/Cannon-2250002-Te ... 812&sr=8-1 Includes six each of the new superior Cushion Cartridges, Cannon Terminators and Snap Swivels.
  11. I contacted Captain Vince's brother today as well.
  12. Thanks for the help guys. I sent him and email.
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