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  1. Hey DF Ask the locals if they have seen any Carp jumping, in the spring or summer, Most people couldn't care less about Carp, so they give up info really easy, I talk to Joggers, campers, Store owners around the areas i'm looking to fish. If you ever want to come over here for a weekend and try it, let me know i have all the equipment for you and a buddie..or two... or three .. all you would need is a rain suit(just incase)
  2. Wow... I've never caught a grass Carp... I'm looking forward to see how you do on them... I would think you would fish them the same way, but I'm not to sure, I'm going to call My buddys in England tonight to see how they fish them, I'll let you know... in the mean time keep at it Bud...
  3. That picture is of a Mirror Carp, they are rare to catch, that one was a little over 25 pounds and is My Personal best, I've been lucky to have caught 3 since I started to fish Carp (5 years) I caught 2 in on day and 4 years later i got the big one. I'll post other bits of equipment later on... such as Bite Alarms, Bank Sticks, Rod Pods, Rod and reels, Spod rods ,Marker rods and darts ....etc.
  4. Gambler is right, these fish are all over. All the fish pictured above were caught in the St. Lawrence River... Lake Ontario has some monsters in it. One of the best ways to find Carp holding spots is in the Spring when the Spawn is on.. you will see them in Shallow Bays rolling and jumping, no use trying to catch them when the Spawn is on... they have other things on there minds but If you can find a place near those Shallow bays with water around 20 o 30 feet deep, a slight current , you can be asured that they will be there. Phil
  5. Did it look like these?? I tried to find pictures of Grass carp in different colors. Phil
  6. One of the neat things about Carp fishing ..is that all store bought baits are eatable by humans... so I use a variety of things in my bread crumbs, I said powder molasses I also use Packets of Cool-aid for color and sweetness ,Brown sugar, Garlic ail, Fish food , dog food pellets(if they sink) I also use what they call booster,my all time favorite is Pineapple, Carp Love Pineapple You can find these Concentrated bottles of Pineapple at grocery stores in the baking section, Or bulk food store. Here is a Picture of a Banana Flavor that I use to add to my bread crumbs instead of water. There also ones made for Carp that you can buy online from Wacker Bait and tackle in the U.S. This one is my favorites .... Sweet pineapple This one is Concentrated Corn Booster adds two things to your bait, the sweetness that Carp seem to like and a Scent trail,Carp have a very keen sense of smell this scent will attract Carp from a fair distance Further if there is a current. Another Store bought bait is Giant Corn In various flavors You use the giant Corn on your hook link, don't bait with it... unless you're a Power ball winner ,Of course the reason for Giant Corn is that its very visible in your Bait Pile. Boilies I don't use Boilies that much as they tend to get expensive but they do work. you hook them on to your hair rig the same way you would the corn. Then you take a bag of Boilies and using a Sling Shot(the Brits call it a catapult) you fire the boilies out to the area you want to fish, make sure you try to keep the pattern fairly tight, then you cast out your line in the area you just baited,you can also dip the boilies in the booster for the added flavour and sent trail.Baiting boilies come in bags of various sizes and again flavors. Other methods of baiting is the use of PVA Bags, what theses PVA bags are is a Mesh sock that dissolves a few minutes after hitting the water, leaving your bait and hook link in a concentrated pile. the PVA Sock is open at both ends and comes stretched over a plastic tube, you tie off one end. put you Bait in the mouth of the tube,your bait MUST BE DRY... or it will dissolve the PVA mesh Once the bait is at the end and in the mesh you cut it off and tie the other end... so now you have a Mesh sausage Now all you have to do is put the hook into the mesh at the knot and cast it to your desired spot, the mesh will dissolve and again your hook link is right at the bait Pile. I used Sinking Fish pellets, I also throw a few boilies in the blender and chop them up.. this method save you putting a lot of boilies in the water, and it will add color to your bait pile....AGAIN IS IMPORTANT NOT TO GET THE PVA WET, I make up 10 or 12 bags before going fishing and keep them in a water tight container. You can see the PVA melted in the top two bags, I forgot to put the lid back on the container, and the water of the line got on to them when i was casting My Container The PVA tube also comes in a Water tight container Hopefully the above information will lead into catches like this Markus Rob (RJ) My self Drew(Moosebunk) Tim from England 51.4 pounds Ron From England Dave From England Brad RJ again Bill(MT Livewell) Brad Again RJ a few of mine Thanks for looking Phil The PVA Tube also comes in a water tight container
  7. Here is a picture of a hair set up That i use, The hook is a #4 Drennan continental Boilie hook I like to use 3 pieces of Hydrated Field corn, I also add a piece of round Dense foam to keep the corn up of the bottom(Popped Up) going back the hook link I have a lead Carrier,this is made so if the lead gets hung up the lead will come off and you don't break your line. You tie a # 8 swivel to your main line slide on the lead keeper, and the rubber holder to your hook link then tie the hook link to your swivel the swivel will slide into your lead keeper, attach the lead and pull up the rubber stopper as pictured below Once its all pulled together, you add a split shot at the distance you want the hook to be popped up, Short on hard bottom , longer on soft bottom(Green Line represents the river bottom) Close up.... this leaves the hook sitting in better position than laying flat on the bottom When Carp are feeding they will suck up the corn and keep swimming, once they feel the weight they will automatically turn and bolt away, setting the hook in the bottom right or left corner of its mouth. Other baits that can be used is Method feeder,you have the method feeder in place of the lead keeper and still use the corn on a hook link... I take Stale bread put it threw the blender,(not to fine) when i get to the river I put the stale bread crumbs in a container, add some corm Powder molasses. i add just enough water to make the crumbs sticky, them form it around a method feeder, the size of the ball is up to you , I make the ball a little bigger than a tennis Ball and pack it tight. once the ball gets to the water it breaks down leaving bait pile and your hair rig is right in the middle of the bait pile. Method feeder,This one has a fairly heavy weight for long distance casting This one has a smaller weight Remember when casting with a Method ball to be gentle ,as not have the ball break apart, some experimenting mat be required to get the right consistency. This is by far one of the best method for fishing Carp. Once you bring in the line to re bait, try to cast back as close as possible to your original cast, this will keep the bait more concentrated and up your odds of a hook up. If you cant find a method feeder you can try packing the bread crumbs around your weight, If your are going to this i would suggest a Flat type weight. The Weight on the Left I make and is used for deep water with little to light current(2.5 ounces),the one on the right is 3 ounces and is used for heavy current, its hollow in the center so the current drags it along and it digs in the bottom and will hold, the other lead i use is the bullet style, as in picture # 3 this i use for long distance casting with no current. I hope this make sense to you,Please if you have any Questions Please Ask. I'm more than happy to help out Thanks for looking Phil
  8. Hi DF. It happens, we call them pull outs, and there is not much you can do about them. What happens is the fish picks up the bait and just swims away with it with his mouth closed, as soon as there is any pressure he turns and opens his mouth and drops the bait, one day this past summer I was have a full day of this, I must of had 10 pull outs, I tried shorting the Hair rig, used heavy lead, every thing i tried didn't stop it, after the day was over i met up with friends that were down from England,they were fishing a different Part of the river, and they were experiencing the same thing. Are you using a Hair rig for your corn or are you putting the corn on your hook?
  9. It's that time of year where my fishing Partner RJ and I start to hit our Ice Fishing lakes, to do a little Scouting for the up coming hard water season. This trip was for Blue Gills and Crappie. Normally we are on the water at sunrise, but at this time of year there is no need, the we find the fish are lethargic in the morning and don't become active until the water starts to warm up. We were working deep weed lines with ultra light gear. My self I was using my tried and true 1/8 once Jig tipped with a 2 1/4 inch Gulp emerald Shiner,RJ was using a Fin Tech Knuckleball jig with a Berkley finesse Minnow. Again on this trip the Blue were really aggressive they would hit the bait before it got to the bottom where the big ones were sitting. We caught probably 60 to 80 Blue gill ranging in size from 5 inches to 10 inches, most being in the 9 inch category. Every once and awhile we would see a siver green flash, ...Crappie, so we moved to deeper water and casted towards the weed edge and swam the jigs back to the boat, and that was the ticket One of Many Blue Gills(click on pictures to see full size) My self with a slap Crappie RJ with a monster Slab Close up of RJ's Crappie The time was getting short as we had to leave the water by 6"00 pm, which was to bad because the fish Crappie were truning on On the way bact to the launch RJ spotted a small weed patch he slowed down set down the trolling motor and pitch a Wackie riged Senko and after his second cast ....he came up with this 4.8 pound Largie..... a great way to cap off a perfect day on the water All the fish were released to fight another day... and hopfuly get to be a few inches bigger the next time we meet Thanks for looking Phil
  10. Excellent first trip DF ,most people are surprised by the fight,they pull like a frieght train if you bait that spot during the week it will hold the Carp in that area. need any help ...let me know. Phil
  11. big-o


    Yep the guys hit it on the nose... let the fish take the frog, give it a second and give it a good hook set ,it the bass boils on the frog or jumps and misses it, give it a twitch moving it a few inches... then stop for a second or two then twitch it again,if it doesn't it , hit bring it in cast past the spot where the fish hit it and try it again. phil
  12. There is nothing more exciting than taking bass with top waters... OK Muskies also get the heart pounding I love using the old hula Popper just at sunset.. on flat calm water.. a few pops.. and let it sit, when it stops the bass just annihilate it. good luck on the next outing Phil
  13. I fish smaller lakes, so I look for deep drop offs with weeds, humps casting deep diving Cranks to the shore and letting them swim down the drop offs Drop shot is a very effective way of enticing those big Bronze backs to hit, dragging tubs is a favorite method of ours. once you find the Bass it's pretty easy to catch them as they have the feed bag on. We also find that they school up to size... so if you get into a school and plunk out a couple of 2 ponders, they will more than likely be all around the same size... so we move on looking for the big girls... but we way point the spot in case that's all we find. Here are a few from the last couple of seasons My fishing Partner Rob...aka RJ My brother Mike One of the many doubles Posting these pictures ...now, I can't wait for the late fall but for now we will be concentrating on some more Large mouths... Thanks for looking Phil
  14. Carp can be a problem for sure, if you wanted to do something about them I suggest you get hold of the fishery people in your State. I release all my Carp, as they are a great sport to catch, where else can you bring a young lad at any time of the year and catch 30 pound fish, and lots of them. Carp have a bad name and it’s too bad. People from Europe spend thousands of dollars in Canada and the US every year to fish them. I have friends from England that spend 2 weeks here on the Canadian side every year just to fish these great fighting fish. In New York there is a major world tourney bringing in the top carp fishermen from the US Canada, and from around the world to fish, bringing in tens of thousands of dollars in to the local economy, so don't be to hard on these fish.
  15. It's good to get back to what most of us started at... Bass fishing is a blast ,there is nothing better than setting a hook when fishing top water, or setting the hook when punching mats flipping or pitching.. I have taken the past few years off from the big water to concentrate on multi species fishing... but bass always is the best. Nice fish, that Smallie will be a few pounds heavier in a few months; the fall is the best time for Small mouths, when they put the feed bag on and are aggressive as hell. Thanks for sharing Phil
  16. My Brother Mike and I have this small lake that sees very little fishing pressure, and it's chalked full of Blue gills and Pumpkin seeds, ...kinda like a diamond in the rough,The way it's going to stay We hit this Lake a couple times a year normally we keep about 15 to 20 fish each for a snack. The lake also hold Perch very small Large mouth and Small mouth Bass and of course Pike Here's My Brother Mike with a typical largie It has some great looking water for bass, and there are hundreds of them ....but all small These are what we get... a fish just about every cast Mike with a line cutter and of course our reward, a plate of yum Mike was using 1/16 once jig head with a 3" Gulp Alive Minnow and i was using a 1/16 once Pink Jig head with the same 3" Gulp alive minnow. Thanks for looking Phil
  17. I haven't got out this summer as much as I would have like to ,but I have managed a few trips, here a so of the better Bass That I have managed to land 4.6 pounds 3.2 pounds 4.3 Pounds... never seen a Large mouth so Black My best this summer coming in at 5.8 pounds Same fish The release In this shot you can see how black the fish is All of these fish were taken on a Wackey rigged Senko(black with blue Sparkles and white with Silver Sparkles) I was fishing deep drop offs 12 to 18 feet deep and just dead sticking the Senko, I let it lay an the bottom with out moving it for about 20 to 30 seconds ,then I would give it a little shake, 99% of the time the bass would inhale it when it was just sitting not moving.Soon it will be time for Fall Smallies, easily my favorite time of the year.I have a fewe more photos that I'll add later...I have them stored on my work PC
  18. Last weekend My buddy Brad and i decided that we would have one more shot at Carp before the opening of Bass season, So a plan was hatched to meet at the bridge swim for 4:45 AM, I left home around 2:30 am, I had no corn at home so a quick phone call to Jeff at the Canadian Carp Club for 20 liters of Corn and a new bite alarm ,he had the corn and alarm put off to the side for me, i slipped into the parking lot picked up the Corn and alarm and headed off to set up. I just baited the area and set out the rod when Brad showed up... 4:45 am on the dot. I snapped this picture as Brad was driving up we set up the second rod, and fifteen minutes Later Brad was into the first fish of the day We had to re bait so i had a third rod ready to go, so we gently set it out onto the baited area just along side the current brake. we were going to be taking turns at the rods, so the next fish was mine, turns out to be a small male Brad made a short cast into the middle of the current this time and catapulted (sling shot)some fresh field corn out. A short time later the alarm started to beep, it was a slow beep like if there was a weed on the line, but the tip was starting to bounce, Brad picked up the rod and felt weight, after a short battle Brad turned the fish into the net Again the bait was stripped,Brad had brought alone a 9 foot Shimano TDR down rigging rod, he wanted to see how a short pole would react to big fish... well we didn't have to long to find out With sun still coming up I was on the little rod,Some how it didn't feel right, but I'll tell you it was fun, the fish got into the current, so from there on in it was a battle of wills, i came out on top.. well i thought it was a good size fish, turns out to be tied with the smallest fish of the day, 10 pounds,I'm not to sure I could have landed any thing bigger, i had no control of the fish whats do ever, but it was all fun As all you know, sunrises are when on the bank are spectacular, and today's was no different The fish were on the feed, Brad had just switch on the bait runner when this fish took the bait i like the Scale pattern on th is little guy, and this fish had been caught before, In 4 years of fishing i had never caught a fish that had been hooked before... here is the first At this time we decided to retire the TDR So i rigged up a another Grays and had it standing by. This little fella fell to our offerings, There was a short pause in the action... well then the Alarm Beeped, the rod tip twitch then stopped, Brad was standing over the rod... nothing, he just sat down when the reel start to scream out line, and the alarm was going crazy, the rod was almost bounced out of the alarm, brad was on it, the fish slowed down once Brad engaged the drag, it was still taking drag, heading straight out and staying deep, all the right indications that this was a better fish, Brad had to adjust the clutch several times before he got the fish turned around, it stripped off about 100 yards of line. Brad had to keep on top of this fish working the rod trying to keep it out of the current slow and steady fight which went on for about 10 minutes until i was able to slide the net under her Brad new PB and the biggest fish he has ever caught 29 pounds even We were still taking about that fish, when the alarm was going again, Wow here it was only 7:30 am and we had banked 8 fish, we knew this was going to be a banner day...... well as it turned out, that would be the last fish until about 1:30 pm when Brad hooked into this one At 2:30 PM we decided to pack it up, there was a major storm front moving in from the west, we could see it was dumping lots of rain, and with the fishing as slow as it was ,, we called it a day. So we had 13 runs ,3 pull outs and nine landed, as slow day but when you get to share a day with a good friend, see the smile on his face when he picked up a new PB... it was all worth it. This was the last day on the Bank for me for a while, Bass Season is opening the 26th of June and I'm in a tournament, i hope to have time to snap a few photos during the course of the day and will but up a report in the Predator section until then tight lines Thanks for Looking Cheers Phil
  19. We were using 1 once Snakies Not to sure what the last one is, My brother had about four of them, they turned out to be the hot bait on opening day, but over all the Snakies are our go to bait. If you try it out let us know how you do,remember try to keep your line a vertical as possible an keep in contact with the bottom, jigging it up about a foot or so.
  20. How the hell are you my old friend??? Just to let you know your still a member on RB(I've paid for the past 2 years for ya ) Lets see some of those Stripers. I'm still fishing Carp, I posted the reports here on the Panfish category.Bass open next weekend I'm in a tourney,I had to buy new Equipment(I think About about 7 new rods and reels, I have enough rubber to re float the Titanic, New fish finders I'll s I need now is to get on the podium to help pay for all this stuff When you get a chance pop over to RB and send me a PM, or send one from here...
  21. Thanks Guys, I'm heading to do one more day on the bank for Carp, then Bass opener, I'm fishing a Bass tourney next week, I hope To take pictures of the whole process and hopefully my partner and my self holding holding a cheque
  22. I bought a couple pairs of Solar Bats this year, these are one of the best pair of sunglasses i have ever owned, I highly recomend them http://solarbatshades.com/
  23. Not a pike report, not a trolling report.. but a jigging report , i wasn't sure where else to put this report It was opening day on our inland waters for lake trout a few weeks back, Joining me this opening day was a good friend Len and my brother Mike, Len has been jigging lakers for a few years, this was my second year and it would be my brothers first time. Getting the boat ready to launch We found the spot we wanted, water from 135 feet to 60 feet, we started to jig 1 once ice fishing jigs, making sure they were stirring up the bottom, i was the first to hook into one, only a small one but fighting these fish from 130 feet on med light tackle is a blast My first I hooked into another small one and released it (forgot to take a picture) My brother was not to sure what he was looking for in the way of hits... I seen him lift his rod, and i sen the tip dive ,but he missed the hook set... a few seconds later the fish came back and just smashed the jig... he didn't miss the hook set this time Mike with his first Laker jigging We each caught a few small ones ,they were released right away back to the depths, no pictures taken I hooked into a better fish, No mistaking those large head shakes Not being out done Mike hooked into a good one a few minutes later Len in the mean time was having a hard time making the fish stick,loosing a few on the way up, Setting the hook with 8 to 10 pound test mono at 130 feet isn't as easy as it sounds but perseverance paid off and Len landed this one beauty We kept 2 each(that is the limit) we were looking for our 6th fish for the box, when the boys in blue came along to make sure we had a operators card and the proper equipment,life jacket.... etc. We caught our 6th and we packed it up and headed back to the launch, A good morning ,it was about 11:00 am,we ended up with 13 fish in all, home early means a few more brownie points The next weekend my Fishing Partner RJ and I headed out again, this was a much different day, we were marking tons of fish... but they were all tight lipped, here is what we were looking at all day on the sonar We did manage a few small ones, which kept the skunk off We had a noon time limit,RJ had a honey to do list that needed to be done... and the way the fish were hitting it wasn't going to hurt my feelings leaving early.We had a bout fifteen minutes to go when my rod doubled over, i thought i hooked bottom... but then the drag started to sing...Now I'm using a 8 foot medium light St. Croix legend tournament rod with a Shimano CI4 Stradic rel both new, the reels drag is one of the best i have ever had, super smooth, and this fish was giving the drag a real work out, after a few minutes ,we started to see the bubble coming up as the fish was blowing it's bladder, we knew the fish would be in site shortly, we spotted a flash of the fish and i guess he got a flash of us...... and wanting nothing to do with us ..he took off straight back to the bottom so the fight was into round 2... from 135 feet of water, this time he gave up and RJ slid the net under this gorgeous Laker this picture was taken with out the flash,I Love the dark markings on these inland lakers, and that the marking go right around the belly (Click on pictures to see it full size) This one was taken with the flash. This was a natural fish, so with a quick couple of pictures, she was released back to the Depths of the Rideau water ways. I won't soon forget the fight this bad old girl put up, this fish made my day... OK week, maybe my year guys if you ever get the chance to try jigging for Lakers ..do it, Lakers have a bad wrap of not fighting, well try it from a non moving boat... i think you will be pleasantly surprised Thanks for looking Phil
  24. Thanks Chad Andy First of all do you see any Carp in the area you want to fish,are they jumping??? if they are, get some corn and throw it out in the area you want to fish, a day or two before you fish if possible, this will attract feeding Carp.The corn i use is just feed corn, I buy it for about 12.00 for 50 pounds, I fill a 5 gallon pail about 3/4 the way up with the corn then pour boiling water over it till the water is up to the top of the pail,cover with a lid. the corn will soak up all the water,check the corn if all the water is soaked up top it up again, You can add drink crystals sugar, molasses or nothing . when you are pre baiting make sure you spread the corn out liberly in the area you want to fish. The best way to attach your corn to a hook is with a hair rig check the link out on how to tie one http://www.carpkrazy.com/carp-rigs.html They are using a boilee, I use field corn, I put 3 kernels of corn on the hair, a piece of tooth pick slid threw the loop at the end of the hair,pust the corn up tight against the tooth pick ,cut the tooth pick ends off so the tooth pick is about 1/2 the size of the kernel. tie the hook link to a three way swivel, the other end to your main line and with the remaining eye on the three way ,a 1 to 2 once weight(lighter if you are fishing water with no current) . Once this is done cast the rig out to your bait pile if you are sing a bait runner reel set the bait runner to free spool, if you don't have a bait runner back of the drag.. I mean back it off,if you don't you can kiss your rod and reel good by throw more corn out ,I bait every 1/2 hour and after ever fish caught, since you wont have bite alarm use a long"Y" shape stick about 24 inches long will do, push the end of the stick deep into the ground, now you have a place to rest the rod, grab a chair sit back and relax... but never go to far away from your rod, a big fish will spool your reel in a flash. once you See the rod tip starting to bounce and the reel starts to free spool, pick up the rod and slowly tighten up the drag.. not to tight or it will snap your line, then you fight it, and believe me even small fish battle you hard, Smaller fish always seem to head to shore or weeds, giving short burst of drag screaming runs,big fish normally stay out and have a slower steady pull... up till they see you.. and they will be gone, you don't normally have to set the hook, the way the hair rig is designed is that once the fish picks up your bait, it will start to swim away with it,but when they feel the weight they turn and bolt away, and that will set the hook in the corner of their mouths or in the bottom of the lip. almost for got, use the best hook and the sharpest hook you can buy... I use a # 4 boilee hook, the hooks don't have to be big. this is a very basic set up that will work, check out Carp Anglers Group Web site for more info . http://www.carpanglersgroup.com/forum/i ... 86&act=idx Hope this Helps Phil
  25. I had a couple of friends down from England Tim and Ron, they were here for 2 weeks looking to bag another 50 pound Carp(Tim has a 51.41 pound Carp)I only managed to fish with them one day... as our paths never seem to cross, So here are a few pictures form 5 days of carp fishing... The first day i was solo... it was cold, raining and the wind was brutal,I got my Camera wet, so i only got a few shots that morning, I took the camera and put in my trucks dash and left the truck running with the heat on and on defrost... it seem to work later that day i was to get some pictures of the guys, after it stopped raining Met the boys with a freshly dried out Camera, the guys were in to some good fish Tim on the Rod soon after i arrived This year joining Tim and Ron was Dave,here's Dave on the rod Ron got into the action A few more pictures of the boys at work Time was running short so i had to leave, and when i left the boys were still landing Fish. Wednesday i did a Solo fish,the big fish were no where to found this day Thursday I met with the guys from England, we tried a deep water Spot, it may have been the wrong decision, as we only landed a few fish, i had a bad day, i landed only one small fish all day, but the guys did get a few in the upper 20's Carping is like down rigging.... you got to pay attention the the slightest rod tip movement... here is Ron watching those tips and it paid off had a few of these boys pass us during the day This is my set up ,on the Canadian side we are only allowed one rod per angler... on the U.S. side you are allowed 2 rods, so in this picture i have my rod and Dave's Dave finally got in to the action with this monster A few random shots we packed it up early, as the guys had to replenish their beer supply and had to get the beer store before it closed Friday i elected to fish solo again, i wanted to bring my Pup, she has never seen a lake or a river before, and i wasn't sure what to expect... turns out She loves the water... well up to her belly any way My set up for the day fishing was slow, but i did manage to catch up on my sleep waiting for the Bite alarms to go off,and i managed a few fish,again all small Males. Saturday I had 4 friends Join me, my normal fishing Partner RJ,RJ's co worker Mack , Bill and Brad, Brad had fished carp once and landed 2 fish, his biggest being about nineteen pounds,Bill scoffed at us shore trash and had never caught a carp before.Mack has been fishing carp for one year Because it was a Saturday, the good spots for Carp fishing go fast, So I arrived at the Swim around 3:00 am,to make sure we had a spot that could accommodate 5 anglers.It was to dark to set up when i arrived ,so i got all the equipment unpacked and ready, as the light was just starting to get better i fired out my bait, about 5:00 AM my bite alarm went crazy, this fish hit my bait and took off like a freight train... and me with no net During the fight the guys started to arrive and came to my rescue with a net It didn't take long before the boys were on to them, because we were separated I only got a few pictures of the fish that were landed ,here they are in no particular order Bill on the rod His new PB We drew a audience, here RJ is trying to hook into a fish so this young lad could fight one While he was waiting we hooked into 2 fish but both came un pinned and the ladd never got to fight one... hopfuly next time we also had a vist from a Conservation Officer, Gary Rupert, he was looking for a couple of guys, wandering around with a stringer of out of season Bass I hope he caught them My Buddy RJ has a knack for catching big fish, and he didn't disappoint me on this day landing the three big fish of the day The day ended for me, i was beat, four straight days of being on the road at 4:00AM and earlier had taken their toll on me i left around 5:00pm, when i left Mack and RJ were the only 2 left... and they were still getting fish...I know i have said this before, but I'll say it again, if you have never tried to fish carp... you should, it's a great social Sport, the fish put up a unbelievable fight, the social aspect is second to none. Thanks for looking Phil
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