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  1. great photos,I love the picture of the silver bullit...
  2. This is a great thread.. sorry I got carried away
  3. I use Braid...with a florocarbon leader... with a Legends elite St Croix rod, the rod has a soft tip but great back bone for hook sets.
  4. no it's in Ontario...about an 8 hour drive from Ottawa north on HWY 17.
  5. Thats a good question... My father fished... not much but the odd saturday at the cottage, as kids my brother and i used to fish panfish of the docks. then durning my teens i joined the Canadain Armed forces... while in Germany in 1973,my #1(gun commander) took out a fly fishing rod... we got to talking how much he enjoyed the fight of a fish on the end of the rod.... I never did get the heck of the fly fishing thing...every time i get a fish on.. i think of Master CPL Yano No mater where i fish wether it be on my boat on the great lakes trolling for Salmon or working a weed bed for bass or as late siting back on the bank fishing for carp... I enjoy fishing with my friends, friendly compition that seems to come when two or more us get together or the solitude of siting back on the bank watching the sun come up fishing for Carp... the sound of the drag... that sweet sound that sends chills up my back... thats what keeps me coming back. watching first time Salmon fishermen eyes... when that king make it first run. Seeing my grand kids doing a dance when they hook into a blue gill...seeing 200 pund men giggling like school girls when fighting a good fish... all these things are why i fish
  6. Too bad it didn't take off, they are a lot of fun to catch on light equipment
  7. Welcome Stu... good to see another carp fishermen here... any time you want to come to Canada to fish ..let me know i have about 10 to 12 good swims.. if you don't feel like hauling equipment... I have enough for about 10 anglers(I'm abit of a tackle junkie). that goes if you want to try for Bass, Salmon, Lake trout...etc. Phil
  8. not a lot of intrest in Pinks..
  9. red is a great color for fishing line.. red is the first color in the specturm to disapear under water...good deal, wish Iwas closer
  10. Thanks stusmobile... The Mirror was 25 lbs.. and it was my third Mirror ever... I'll tell you when that hit the unhooking mat... I was one happy camper New York has some great carp tournys every year, some of the top Carp Anglers from around the word attend...
  11. I never used plastic corn.. I have some ...but never used yet, I pick up most of my tackle from the Canadian Carp Club in Long Sault, But Wackers Bait and tackle in the U.S. has some great stuff.. http://www.wackerbaits.com/sf/home.html . Here is a a video on how to tie a simple hair rig http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w0oAwDbf ... re=related
  12. Like most have said I use Corn 3 kernels on a #4 carp hook on a hair rig with a small piece of dense yellow foam(about the same size as the corn ) to pop it off the bottom.. I fish in 30 to 40 feet of water and in current so I have to use a 3 ounce weight and i chum the with hydrated corn( I let field corn soak in a bucket of hot water for least 24 hours) I Bait 10 to 20 cups of corn after every fish or every 1/2 hour. in current that's not much... you need to make a good bait pile in a small area to hold the carp in the strike zone.. accurate casting to your bait pile is a must I said we use 12 foot rods ,and Bait runner reels ,you can use none bait runners by backing the drag off so when the fish picks up your bait you just have to crank the drag down to the proper level... always make sure the drag is back off or you have your bait runner engaged... if not you can kiss your rod and reel goodbye It is to bad that these fish are considered garbage fish... take a close look at these fish the colors are remarkable and the fight.. is fantastic,The tails on Carp are enormous.. I have fought a 33 pound fish for almost 20 minutes on light mono... it was a blast Phil
  13. For the past 3 years I've been off the big lake and doing more bass,pike trout trips, a friend from England talked me into Carp fishing trip with him... well 8 hours on the bank... sold me i bought all the proper equipment and straerted to fish for these gold monsters. I fish mainly on the St. Lawrance River... if you ever get a chance to fish for these guys ...take it, it's like fighting Salmon... but not having the boat to chase,or use to your advantage just you and the drag This next one is a Mirror Carp, very rare here in our neck of the woods to catch My brother battling a Carp.. we use 12 foot rods one of the best things about Carp fishing is that it is a social event ,here i had a number of friends join me on the bank... it was a great time to sit back, relax, catch up on our fishing storys have a BBQ and battle some monster fish I could put up a few hundred pictures... better stop here Any one has any questions about catching these fish... its a great place for the kids also.. ask away. Thanks for looking Phil
  14. these fish... even the small ones put up one heck of a fight,it's the one reson i can't wait till the spring to tarrget themphil
  15. yes... My buddy Caught this 7 pounder and it was tagged, its also bound for the wall,only 2 fish were kept on the trip,all other were released for another fisher men to enjoy Phil
  16. I haven't gone for a couple of years, but I love fishing for these little Scrappers. I hope to get back this year Thanks for looking Phil
  17. Got to go with Brooke trout... Thanks for looking Phil
  18. funny thing was the guy that we were fishing with and had fished the lake the year before wanted me to go for a few Pike... I didn't want to, i was thrilled to be catching trophy size Brook trout, after all ,one of the guys i was fishing with (there were 3 of us) had been fishing brookies all his life, and had never caught a 3 pound brookie. So I knew by his face every time we landed on of these giants that it was something special.Due to wind one day i had to go for pike,or get blowen up on shore.After only a few minutes i was into my first ,and it was almost 41 inches and a PB (still is my Personal best) then in another place i caught my second pike of the trip another 40 incher... after that they had hard time to get me to go for brookies
  19. for the past few years I hit the Bay Of Quinte in the late fall for some pig eyes... here are a few we have managed to land,there is almost no fight when the water is this cold... but they make a great picture Some days the sonar will light up, . this is my PB at 14.5 Lbs... i had this girl mounted Thanks for looking Phil
  20. I have a buddy that is a expert at finding and catching these fish, here are a few pics from the past 2 summers Thanks for looking Phil
  21. I had a fair year in the bass fishing department last year, here are a few that hit the bottom of the boat no monsters in fact i never broke 5 pounds, close but never made it... maybe next year Thanks for looking phil
  22. no secret, i'm old shool, i was useing a little Cleo gold/red ,Geen/Chartrues, Green/ Silver, working 4 to 15 feet trolling and casting . Phil
  23. While on a brookie trip last summer we did manage a few nice pike While fighting this Pike we spotted another one cruising the area this pic was about 6 inches longer than the one i was fighting.. and it turned out to be a shade under 41 I had the above picture cleared up by a friend Drew(bunk) you can see the pike between our shadows My second 40 inch of the day I am thinking of going back this summer... but there could be a fly in with customers from work... i can take holiday for one trip only..monster walleye and trophy Pike... of trophy Brooke trout and monster pike... tough choice Thanks for looking Phil
  24. Got to love seeing these Thanks For looking phil
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