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  1. HI, Does anyone know what is going on with the Port Darlington Marina. I heard that it is closed and the motel was destroyd and only the restaurant Bobby C's is to be renovated. Any update on this issue ? Thank you.
  2. How about this one listed on LOU. $$PRICE DROP$$ good through Aug - $19,900 - 1998 Bayliner 2859 Ciera Express Hardtop Special Edition By jacobj12k, August 13 in Classifieds - Buy, Sell, Trade or Rent
  3. Hi, I had this type of problem once on the 4.3 of my Princecraft Corsica. I just bought the boat and took it to a marine dealer for a full check up and tune up. I took the boat to the lake for my first run... It ran fine on idle but when i gave it some throtle it wouldn't take the gas. I tried different things with no success. I finally got back slowly to the marina launch and told the marina owner my problem and i decided to leave it for their mechanics to look at it. They called me back a few days after and told me that one of the ignition wires was on the wrong cylinder so they reviewed the correct sequences and timing. After that it ran great. I hope this can help. Robert
  4. Hi, I had a similar problem. Found out after checking everything that the mechanic had put the new spark plug wires in the wrong firing order ???? It ran fine idle but....!!! Robert
  5. Hi, I had a similar problem with mine (9.9 Yamaha). I had the motor for a couple of years when this started and i found that the problem was the fuel connector (the one that you pinch the lever to hook up to the engine). After a few years of turning right and left (mine was attached to the outdrive of my I/O) the tube that goes in the fuel line (attached with a collar) was starting to weaken and was cracked just enough to suck up some air. I replaced the fitting and problem solved. Hope this helps. Robert
  6. Hi ! I had a similar problem with my kicker last month and by chance i found the problem quickly. It was my fuel connector (the part that clips on to the engine with 2 prongs). The stem that the fuel line is attached to started to kink when i turned the motor and it stopped the gas from going thru. I replaced it and gave it a bit longer fuel line and it's been running great since. Good luck, hope you find the problem. Robert
  7. Hi, Sorry for not giving a price on the post. I don't want to start going back and forth with prices. Don't get me wrong i understand it's ok for people to ask but i would rather deal with a PM for those interested. This way we could even get on the phone and talk about the boat and the equipment and i am sure we can come up with a price that is satisfactory for both of us. Like i said, i would rather keep it but i made a choice and i want to sell it so i am not looking to make money just want a fair price.
  8. Still for sale...new price $17,000 This boat has to be seen, in great shape, like new. Hi ! I have my 1992 Penn Yan 245 Contender for sale. I have been fishing for many years and the lady and i have decided that the time has come to doing something else. This boat is in great shape and got alot of TLC. I am selling it fully loaded from the trailer to the cooler. It has always been maintained by a professional and stored in a heated warehouse in winter. It has over $10,000 in equipment alone (too long to write down). Asking price is very resonable. I would like serious people interested and i am willing to negociate. I know this boat will make someone very happy. Hate to see it go like i said i put alot of TLC in it. If someone is interested, send me PM and i will be happy to answer any questions. Boat is currently docked in Port D'Arlington. Thank you for looking. Robert
  9. Hi, I have my 1992 Penn Yan 245 Contender for sale. Very clean and in great shape. I have been fishing for many years and the lady and i decided it was time to move to doing something else in the summer. I am selling it fully equipt. Just send me a PM if you are interested. Here are a few pictures. Regards, Robert
  10. Hi ! I just installed rope LED lights on my boat (each side under gunnel) got them on ebay cost around $15.00 for a 15 ft roll delivered to my home. Looks great and gives out great lighting.
  11. I saw the Bubba blade on TV and decided to try one. Great knife, works like a charm on those big Chinooks, goes thru the bones and skin like butter. Easy to sharpen, a few strolls on the steel sharpener and keep on going. I don't regret getting it. Miko
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