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  1. How much are they rigger ones have a pic
  2. How much are you asking or are you looking for any trades of equipment
  3. Iso of Bert's trax downrigger pedestals and other Bert's trax items
  4. Ok cool my number is 3157450557 have him give me a text tomorrow I don't answer phone unless I know number ill meet him at Screwy Louie
  5. I lost your number I was in fairhaven today for weigh ins I can get tommorow if you be around
  6. InAll I need is transducer and power cords if you want rest we can work it out
  7. I told him I wanted it haven't heard back yet
  8. Those are my friends 620 arch's that's what I'm looking to get
  9. Just got during 628 can't seem to get fish marks to be larger barely see them any help would be appreciated I want them to be this size if possibly
  10. yukonstu1

    for sale : usa 25' Baha Hard Top

    Has it even been in water yet quite a jump ha pap
  11. yukonstu1

    for sale : usa 25' Baha Hard Top

    That's the one you have been building what are you looking to get out of it
  12. Where is this located in sodus
  13. yukonstu1

    for sale : usa 25' Baha Hard Top

    So who owns this boat
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