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  1. Jerry, it is funny that you were kidding about us coming because next year it is very likely we will be there. As long as it is not the weekend of sodus. The LSR tournament payout is a joke, and would rather head to sandy next year.
  2. Come on now Rod, I was the king of 1st or 2nd one week and out of it after day one the neek week. This year good game plans, putting fish on in the boat, and as always working hard for those last bites when your tired and time is running out, made the difference.
  3. That's what cannonball and vision quest did, for my head to head with hook n up.
  4. Its not about taking easy money, anyone that knows me will confirm that. Im the only am that fishes all the tournaments. Not many pros fish all of them. When I can fish no observer, $250 entry fee, have to find fewer teammates, and have good am team competition, that for me.
  5. I agree with you Rod, fishing against the great teams is what makes us better. I fished as hard as ever and was tested both days by the am teams in sodus. I was worried each day coming to the scale.
  6. I don't want the entries to go down. I want to see as many teams as possible. On years I do not do well, the money involved is crazy. Getting teammates to fish is tough. In the am I only need 1 more to make 3, and the cost for the person is much less. This year for oswego and sodus l struggled to put a team together.
  7. Greg, don't you fish the am. You have as much experience as I do. You won the am cup before I even started fishing the lake. Tom also fishes with you and I beleive he has kicked my but a few times.
  8. Rod, you may be more of a die hard than me. I am so worn out after practice and the tournament , I would not be fishing on monday.
  9. Rod, great job on the 2nd place finish. Doing it short handed on day 1, so you could not upgrade fish. Nick keep at it, eliminate mistakes, and you will be in the money.
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