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  1. Great day today on Kings, Coho and Steelhead. Fished in 325-350 FOW. Riggers fired at 70 and 80 feet deep pulling NK mags, green with silver. 300 coppers also caught some fish. 4 Kings were around 14-18 lbs.; also caught many small kings. We had multiple doubles which adds allot of fun.
  2. Today's NOAA marine forecast of 3-5 foot waves was not accurate. , 1-2 was it.
  3. Fished today in 345 FOW and had a decent day. It was a spoon bite on the Riggers today. The morning produced many small kings, but the afternoon was much better. We boated a few majors with a mix of steelhead. 71 feet down with mag NK green / black with silver back, cannot remember the lure name.
  4. We fish today without success. Managed one small king and one steelhead. Had two other fish on; lost them after a few minutes. This weather sucks!
  5. Fished from 6 a.m. To 10:30 this morning, lost one King at the boat. Had two other fish on but lost them. Rough out there today.
  6. We went somewhat east out of Wilson around 14 miles off shore.
  7. Went out for a few hours today and managed one King major at 25lbs, one teen and a steelhead. 300 copper with gold hammered stinger took the major.
  8. I have used the VK flasher for years and caught many kings
  9. Found a couple of teenage kings this morning and one steelhead in the afternoon. Overall 4 for 8 today, dropped two screamers on the copper. Went out to 485, lots of bait but no fish. Spoon bite today, black ice and gold hammered stinger. Most of our fish action was in 330 FOW.
  10. It was a beautiful day for sure. We fished out of Wilson, same results.....slow, but managed 1 King and coho, small around 8 lbs each
  11. Slow day today, 2 for 4. One king and coho, small around 8 lbs. Magnum black ice moonshine spoon caught both fish.
  12. Spoons. Black with silver, magnum. Moonshine black ice also took fish
  13. Fished in 400 FOW, went 2 for 3. 1 small King and one nice Steelhead. Spoon bite for us today. Did not mark many fish.
  14. Went 10 for 12 this morning. Kings in the teens, two at 18 lbs., two lakers around 15 lbs. Fished deeper today 290-425 FOW.
  15. Wilson. Did well today, 10 for 12 today with two lakers. Kings to 18 lbs. 290-325 FOW.
  16. Fished west of Wilson in 230 FOW. Went 2 for 3 on Kings, 1 teen and 1 juvenile.
  17. For Sale: 2002 Trophy 2352 Hard Top with 5.7L I/O Alpha 1 Gen 2 outdrive. Very good condition. Includes: Load Rite Roller Trailer with spare tire, electric winch and Kodiak stainless steel disc brakes.......GPS, Fish Finder, Radar, Dock Fenders, New Enclosure, Stainless Steel Propeller with Aluminum Spare, Anchor & Line, Dock Lines...... Very well maintained boat and engine. Many new engine accessories, water pump, hoses, spark plugs, cap & rotor, starter, power steering heat exchanger, power steering unit, alternator, serpentine belt and more. I have invested approx. 15K in the past two years; all components are new mercruiser parts and have receipts. Asking $18,000 Contact Dave 860-384-8431
  18. I have a 2002 Trophy model 2352 hard top, pro package , 5.7 L I/O, fish finder, gps, radar, plus new enclosure. Load rite roller trailer, spare, Kodak disc brakes, elec winch. Very good condition. 860-384-8431
  19. Nice fish, congrats. The offshore bite is on for sure. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
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