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  1. hi dave, well i was after rainbows yesterday so i sure wish i found a school of 50 rainbows! i was trolling and made two passes through that area where that screen image came from and hooked smallmouth on each pass. so that was a good indicator that they were suspended smallmouth. ive been catching deep suspended smallmouth(deepest was 68') for a few weeks now too and not just on cayuga so i think that helps put two and two together after looking at the screen alot. that image was just a glimpse of what i marked yesterday. best, mark
  2. launched at deans cove with the intention of finding some browns or rainbows on bait. found lots of bait but didnt find any "other" trout. hooked 5 lakers and 2 nice smallmouth. most of the action was in the 70-80' range, didnt mark much out deep. found one of the biggest schools of suspended smallmouth ive ever seen. ill post a screen image of that. best, mark
  3. rob, had a great time. thanks for having me... best, mark
  4. rob, had a great time. looking forward to the next! what an evening bite! best, mark
  5. well, i purchased the premium chip but cannot get it to work in my unit. i downloaded the latest software update from lowrance and it still wont work. frustrating to have a $150 chip just sitting there doing nothing. mark
  6. duane, how did you make out? i wish i had info for you. i know the surface temps were hovering around 68-70 last week when i was out there. hope you got into some fish. best, mark
  7. hey guys, i have a lowrance HDS with lake insight. im pretty sure the mapping is navionics. it has some nice fishing information built in but the depth and contours seem to be off in most areas. do you think the navionics premium will be an upgrade to that or is it the same mapping? thanks, mark
  8. thanks guys, im gonna take a look at the fish n chip and compare it to the premium navionics.... best, mark
  9. had a great day on the lake today. first off i didnt see a single boat on the lake besides mine! man im glad summer is over. went 5 for 8 today landing 5 lake trout. all fish were released. 1 fish was around 20" and the other 4 were nice mid 20" fish and fat. lost a nice brown at the back of the boat and had two other smashing hits on the same rig 45' down, definitely were not lake trout. lake trout were all on a magnum dipsy, 1 setting, 160-200' out, md spin doctor and green e chip hammer fly. i had been losing some lake trout on flies recently and decided to replace the stock hooks that come with the fly with owner stinger trebles so it did seem to make a difference. changed out some spoon hooks with the owners too... the brown hit an echip flasher and michigan stinger blue/green/silver spoon about 45' down. i spent most of the day in 165' of water and marked a ton of bait and fish. in the afternoon, the wind picked up a little more and the bait and fish seemed to dissapear. ran most of the lines up high in hopes of a rainbow to no avail but i think im getting closer, learned a bunch today. best, mark
  10. hey guys, im considering getting the navionics premium map chip for my lowrance HDS. anybody here have any experience with it? if so, how do you like it? the platinum seems a little overkill thats why im leaning towards the premium. i dont have any need for harbor photo overlays and 3D stuff in my small boat.... id appreciate any comments. mark
  11. thanks guys. i appreciate the reply. im doing my homework and may try it on thursday. looking forward to it. best, mark
  12. hey guys, id like to check out canandaigua for the first time this coming week. im gonna get a map and study it but im wondering if you could offer any advice on areas to concentrate on or info on the layout of the lake related to fishing. im coming from the northeast side of cayuga. im thinking about launching at woodville and fish the south end. is that launch straightforward or is there any quirks i need to know about it? id appreciate any help you might offer. best, mark ps. id be happy to offer any current info i have on owasco and cayuga. ive been fishing alot lately.
  13. nice report. i saw you out there. you passed me going south up on the north end. i then passed you going south. managed to get 3 lakers. one nice one and a couple of smaller fish. marked tons of bait and fish. would you mind giving me a couple tips on the rainbows? id really like to hook one. are they fairly deep? up top? ive been running a board with 2oz snap weight and dreamweaver super slim with hopes of hooking a rainbow. id appreciate any info. best, mark
  14. hi bluewater, i mean the release on the dipsey. i think it was a combination of letting out too fast and excessive leader length. ive got a better handle on it now. best, mark
  15. thanks alot guys. i managed to hook 3 fish the last 2 days and landed a 41"x26" king yesterday. not bad fishing by myself with only two rods out and in a small boat surrounded by big charters! did break a fish off today at the fly leader. billy, i know first hand your point now about mono. had a tough time tripping the release which made for some work. best, mark
  16. hey guys, id like to try dipseys for salmon this year. mainly to relatively shallow fish(up to 150'). i plan on running 3 dipseys and maybe one line on a board with a dive bomb for a chance fish. what do you recommend for a spread like this as far as lures and rigging? ex. flies and dodgers, spoons... can i run j-plugs and kwikfish on dipseys? what colors are a must? how about leader? i have 20# mono on my reels and was thinking about running 15# flouro or maybe something just shy of 20. id appreciate any suggestions you might have. best, mark
  17. hey guys, ive recently been getting into fishing dipseys. finally been having some good success on my home waters for lakers, browns and giant smallmouth. i have two 9'/ line counter combos and one spinning rod setup with a clamp on counter. i have them rigged with 20# mono. one problem ive had is the line twisting around the release with the setup that doesnt have a flasher. shortening the leader seemed to help some. is there something else that could be wrong, causing twist? also, can i run a spoon behind a flasher? ive only used flies behind the flasher thus far. what other types of rigging/lures can i use with a dipsey? id appreciate any thoughts you have on this. best, mark
  18. thanks guys, its been a good lesson....
  19. thanks for the replies guys...
  20. guys, thanks for the replies. im getting more and more interested in flies! something i need to try. BW, i sent you a PM! best, mark
  21. hey guys, what should i look for in a thumper rod? will a typical dipsey rod work or do i need something heavier? thanks alot, mark
  22. hi guys, i have no experience with trolling flies and id like to learn more about them. they are obviously very popular and so they must be effective too. what makes them effective and so popular? looking at them, im not too impressed. being a long time fly tyer im always striving for realism, especially with a baitfish pattern. but trolling flies do not seem ultra realistic. no eyes, mainly all flash material. is it the combination of dodger and fly that does it? id appreciate your comments on this. thanks alot, mark
  23. andy, saw lots of mooneyes real shallow near long point last week. best, mark
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