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  1. Both! We caught all the Kings on either riggers or dispy's. The brown, steelies, and cohos mostly came of long lines with boards.
  2. Great Day fishing out of Olcott! Ran east to troll with the waves abck to Olcott about 8 miles. Caught fish all the way back to Olcott in 30-60 feet of water. Bumped the speed (2.5-2.9) up to try and eliminate some of the Lakers. Ended up with over 2 dozen fish on and landed around 20. 5 King (18lbs. largest), bunch of Lakers (15lb largest), bunch of coho, a few steelhead (small), and one 7.5 lb brown that had more girth than length. Caught fish on everything Spin Doctor/Fly, DW (green, Reef Runner cranks, Challenger cranks. Absolutely awesome day. We also trolled out to about 100 and there are plenty of large marks (Kings I expect) suspended 30-40 feet down over 80-100. Landed 2 Kings out there. I was very surprised at how empty the lot was at Olcott. We got there around 1pm. Fished 2pm-7pm. Fantastic fishing!!! Good luck out there, time to put the boat in Erie.
  3. Does anyone have any info on this ? How much to join structure ect
  4. Do you have any additional info on this ? Also man did it get cold in Dunkirk this weekend. Surface temp was bad....
  5. Fished several days out of Wilson and had some good fishing. Sat 5/2 - Was set up at about 7am and only had 2 rods in the water before we had our first laker. We fished from 90-150ft of water and pretty much anything was working as long as it was GREEN (spin docs and flyies and spoons). Ended up with 30 fish on and landed 5 coho, 5 Kings, and 14 lakers. Biggest King was 16lbs, but what a fight ! Fri 5/8 - Set up around the same time and same general area (90-150ft - west). Was much slower than last weekend. 10 on and landed 2 Kings, 2 Coho, and 3 Lakers. Sat 5/9 - Bite was super slow for us. We only had 2 rods move all day after a late start @ 10am. Only two coho's to show for our efforts, but all in all a great few days fishing Lake O ! On to Erie, may put her in the slip this weekend...
  6. How is the trailer parking at Olcott ? I heard it is quite a mess.
  7. We have been out since 6 pretty slow only one. A little bumpy. We got two weighers other day. Nothing huge but 50 dollar fish.
  8. Sounds good on h the Boston whaler walkaround We will be out wed am
  9. RD9 any updateS ? Do you slip you boat in chadwick
  10. Another slow day. Only 2 around 6lbs. Tons of marking fish just not catching. Anyone down at Barcelona doing better ? Another group came in at Dunkirk and had 5.
  11. Slow for us 2-4 dropped a couple at the back of the boat. Good screen but slow fishing.
  12. Headed out to Dunkirk now. Temps were bad last sat. We will see what it is today. Good luck in the tourney !!!
  13. Great reports guys. I was looking to launch the boat for the year this weekend, but with Memorial Day that's not going to happen. Been doing good in Ontario, but now its time to head out for some eyes and get the boat in the water for the year !! Good Luck out there.
  14. Definately another slow day for us. Fished right outside of Olcott all the way down past the power plant and went 3-5 in the shallower water (20-30ft). Two browns and a steelie. All on spoons (lost 2 small coho at the boat). Super slow bite. Decided to try out deeper and managed to go 2 for 3 on lakers. Good day and fair fishing. Last weekend we had an epic day, but it was a great spring on Lake O. Now there is time for another wash and wax before being dipped into Lake Erie in Dunkirk for the rest of the year. Good Luck for the rest of the year. This site is definiately one of the best. I will post in the warm water section when we get out.
  15. Out again yesterday for a half day in the afternoon. A bit bumpy 2-3 footers... Could not move a single rod. Fished same water as Saturday and even tried west of Olcott... East wind was COOOOOOOLD. Lake temps dramatically different than Sat. In front of Olcott and west we found warmer water surface 41, 10ft @ subtroll 43ish... Down east we found COLD water 38 and 40ish... May try Wilson or the bar on Sat.
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