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  1. Listen to Paul or at least post the pics of the mess afterwards for others to see.
  2. I bought MC Rockets for the first time 2 years ago and put one down. Within 10 minutes I had a king but.....that was the last king I caught on one. For several weeks I put down both meat and rockets at the same time and the Rockets never fired again while the meat did. I like that they are very tunable, but they just don't work that well for me.
  3. My buddy decided to get creative and threw a Bay Rat on the rigger. They loved it. Keeping the second treble out of the net was another story.
  4. Those lakers make me believe (for a couple of weeks) that I actually know what I'm doing! Lots of fun to offset the hours between fish that's in store for us. Great pics. Nice job!
  5. Very nice fish. Pulling any from gin clear water is a real challenge.
  6. Depends if it's under warranty or not. If not, about $500. Barter with them and they may charge 1/2 that if you return the old pump to them.
  7. Mine was actually losing fluid from the pump. It's either that or your lines. I replaced the pump and it works fine.
  8. I tend to disagree with the 30%. Based on sonar capturing the lure, I'd say it's at least 50%. When you consider the blowback on the ball and the mainline curvature going to the release, I'd say it often beyond 50% till the slider gets to the belly of the line. My two cents.
  9. I just found out Pat was just a few boats down from me at the marina. I can't say I had ever met him, but if he's the guy I'm thinking about, he was much too young. Goes to show that we need to enjoy our time on the lake because you never know when it will be your last. RIP Pat.
  10. I bought a ton of them in different colors because I got them for $1 each. They work well for lakers and I've done very well on Lake O steelies with them. Of course, the color makes a big difference.
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