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  1. excuse me.I was referring to trolling the lake where it is near impossible to revive a steelhead.

    Although i dont catch many( probably a handful every year) i have never had

    An issue releasing a steelhead. Is there normally a problem with releasing them? I would say i have the most trouble with bigger kings in warmer surface water.

    I have spent 10 min hanging over the side of the boat until a fish kicks away from me. If it doesnt then its in the cooler. Im not big on eating them so i only keep what wont go back.

    I have heard they all die anyway but i dont believe that for a second, i have seen way to many swim away strong and healthy to believe they all perish

  2. I went out this morning as well but it didnt go too well, went about 6-14 with only one good fish that got off. Couldnt buy a break today... Except when my rigger cable snapped and donated a 10 lb ball to the lake.

    I also had bilge issues and my trailer winch handle started slipping at the launch.

    Tommorow is another day though and ill be back for more.

    Nice fish lol

  3. I roll my flies, meat rigs and leaders around my hand and then i feed one end through a cut peice of straw. It should look like a bow tie when you are done. You can then store them tangle free in a clear box or whatever you like.

  4. Type in lake ontario wave forecast/wind forecast. Use the environment canada site for the best guess. I also live over an hour from launch and hate to waste a trip but... I have gone down when it said half metre waves to find 5-6 footers.i have also gone down when it forecasted unfishable wind and waves and comfortably fished all day. Ihave a 20ft bowrider so i know your pain.

    My advice, unless its a wind or wave warning, drive down and find out.

    Any wind from the south over 10knots is a killer

    Happy fishin

  5. So we headed out of the bluffs as a two man wrecking crew for the first time in years. We were on the water just after 11 and were greeted by small rollers and a bit of chop.

    Water was 56 on top and the screen was blank again. We had two big hit and runs in the first couple hours but no fish in the boat.

    We managed to go 4-6 with the biggest about 18 pounds up to about 5 30 pm when the rain became a little more steady, it was then that the fishing got a bit crazy.

    From than till about 830 when we packed up we couldnt troll for 10 min without getting a fish, the smallest of which being a high teens king. I lost count of how many we got in that span but it was either 8 or 9. The biggest came in at just over 26lbs.

    As we knew we couldnt make the weigh in today we just let it go, it would not last the week anyway.

    It was nice to see some fire drill fishing again and great to see some matures on the deck.

    We ran a 4 rod spread with 3 having bfuller slasher paddles and A-TOM-MIK flies and the last rod having a bfuller custom paddle and anchovie.

    Every rod took hits except the one with the normally stalwart blue pro am fly. The biggest fish came on anchovie.

    All fish were caught on a blank screen between 90 and 180 feet of water and 20-60ft down. Heres to hoping we can slay a monster next weekend!

    Good luck out there.



  6. Its a 20ft chaparral, there is a flap at the back that flips up. There is a small amount of fibreglass back there to drill through. We used some pieces of 2x4 and 2x6 screwed together to create a stable surface to mount the rigger. You can take the riggers off flip the flap and not have to look at the bases if you are not rigging( i dont care myself but thats how my buddy wanted it before i bought the boat)

    We have them mounted on a 45 degree angle because of the 4ft booms on my riggers.

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