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  1. first we have tried snubbers and we dont like them. However we only target kings and we dont use copper or wire so that stretch isnt necessary. We do love meat rigs and we always seem to run them behind a big flasher and always is the deepest rigger down. I believe the most important factor is leader length from flasher to meat. I have gone anywhere from two to six feet and have personally found that 3-4 ft is what seems to work for us. I will change to shorter or longer DAILY if its not taking fish. This is all from trial and error and is not set in stone, but its one opinion from a north shore king addict. Good luck hope it helps

  2. I havent been out this year yet and im on the canadian side so i dont know if this will help much but some of our best fish last year came around 230 300 pm in the hot sun when many boats went in. We would start around 10 and fish till dark but that 1 hr around three always seemed to cough up some nice kings. This did seem more prevelant the closer we were to a full moon for reasons i can not explain. Good luck hope this helps

  3. I wont leave the house without meat. I cant get rd anymore so i use erie derie. I have also experimented with mackaral and whole herring. As long as you have some form of meat your in good shape, i believe the smell of one or two meat rigs may bring fish to your other rigs as well, maybe not. but last year we caught a LOT of fish and i wont change a thing

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