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  1. Fished for browns this am from 5:30 - 10:00. Went 1/3 with 1 small brown that was released. However I saw 10 - 12 large fish proposing on the surface while in the 80-90 fow range. No clue what they were?? Any ideas? Sent from my LGL86C using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  2. I am looking for a 29-34' camper that is capable of sleeping 6, to set up in camp near Fair Haven, NY. I would prefer non-smoked in and non-pet camper, and also ready to go and not in need of any major repairs. Preferably 2004 and newer, however, older that are in excellent shape would be considered. My price range tops out at 7.5K. Thanks!
  3. Temp was down 150_170 further east! Took one major 33lber down 175 on the rigger!
  4. fishwithmitch

    Mexico Bay

    Very nice fish. Any idea where good temp is out there? I got blanked tonight.... fished mostly in 225-190 fow down90-115.
  5. fishwithmitch

    Rehab for an old SeaNymph

    I decided to totally redo the interior of my 89 Sea Nymph GLS 220. What I thought would be a simple 1-2 week project has now turned into an entire summer project. All carpeting replaced even in cuddy, all seats, storage boxes, and compartments redone, fuel tank checked and cleaned with new clamps, seats and trim reupholstered! 200 rivets 2 gallons of carpet glue, and sore hands and she is almost done. Now the push is on to get her finished so I can actually fish! Can't wait to sling a slimy, bloody 30lber onto the new carpet on my deck floor and dirty it all up! These boats sure require a ton of work, but they are nice when done.
  6. fishwithmitch

    Carpeting aluminum deck

    I am recarpeting my sea nymph gls 22'. Any tips on carpet or carpet glue? I am thinking I will be going with 20 oz. marine carpet with rubber backing. Original carpet came out fairly easy but seemed to be put in with contact cement? Anyone out there ever recarpet over aluminum?
  7. Has anyone else had issues with the electric "weatherproof" connectors on the Mag 5HS or other models? Twice now while disconnecting the riggers I have had the metal nipple from the male lead break and get stuck in the female lead. At $30 a pop to replace this is getting old! Any thoughts? and No I haven't been horsing them or twisting to get apart - just simply pulling them apart.
  8. fishwithmitch

    mercruiser quicksilver control help needed

    Thanks for the info Hank. I managed to find a control arm from a Quicksilver Commander and I'm going to try and swap out the guts (tilt trim switches) from my arm with the new arm, if that doesn't work I will be in touch.
  9. I had a "unique" situation on the water this weekend. While running 3/4 throttle (about 28mph), my throttle lever became stuck and then fell off! Needless to say it was an interesting situation. I removed my I/O engine cover and backed off the throttle manually by pulling on the cable. When I took the control apart, I found that the internal splines on the lever were wore and the set screw was not able to hold the throttle lever on tightly. Does anyone have or know where I can get a replacement throttle lever. The cables and mechanism are fine - I simply need the lever. It is an older Mercruiser Quicksilver Commander dual controller (throttle and shift in one with trim up down and trailer) and it is a panel mount. Any help would be appreciated.
  10. fishwithmitch

    mercruiser quicksilver control help needed

    Hank, Yes, that is exactly the same model.
  11. fishwithmitch

    alpha 1 leaking gear lube?

    My alpha 1 out drive lower unit is leaking a small amount of gear lube out of the water drain hole. It is a tiny hole located on the bullet shaped part of the lower unit in front of the prop. I pulled the lower drain plug to see if any water came out, and there was no water, just blue gear lube (in fact the lube looked like new). Any cause for concern?
  12. fishwithmitch

    Carpeting Aluminum Deck

    I would like to replace the carpet on the deck floor of my Sea Nymph Great Lakes Special. Has anyone ever re-carpeted the aluminum floor? and if so how difficult is it to remove the carpeting / glue? any help or tips would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  13. Got blanked this weekend and decided to pull the boat. I went from boating 19 kings last season to only 5 this year in the same number of trips! Seems like the Brown Trout bite is much more reliable and this salmon season was a huge disapointment! I will say that I marked a large number of fish Sunday AM in front of the plant in 75 - 110 FOW. No takers which made it even more discouraging. Hoping things improve for those of you with boats still in the water. As for me its hunting season!