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  1. 1625Classic


    I'm pretty sure that using any part of a gamefish as bait in NYS is a no-no. Check the regs.
  2. I once had a pike attack attack my Yellow Bird
  3. Backtrolling allows for speed control (slow), precision and a more vertical presentation. It works well under tougher conditions using smaller baits when fish are less active and when they are located tightly on structures. It has its place in the arsenal but is not your basic, everyday technique. Splashguards are a must.
  4. Today is Friday, Aug. 13 and we have been fishing the St. Lawrence since Sat. The drop shot with 3" Gulp minnows has been deadly all week. Once I finally settled on 1.5 oz. weight to efficiently deliver the presentation to the 60'-40' depths, the drop shot technique has outperformed live bait approx. 10:1. Lots of bigger 3-5 lb. fish, too. And since this presentation keeps your bait off the bottom, the gobie catch is minimal. I like to set up about 18"-24" off the bottom using 8 lb. flouro connected with a barrel swivel to 12 lb. braid on a stiff jigging spin outfit.. One more day of fun!
  5. Is there any news on smallmouth fishing in Lake Ontario, particularly off Sodus?
  6. Just got back from a week of fishing smallies on the river. The smallmouth were on the feed. Numbers were excellent but it was the average size that impressed. In our group of eight, six claimed to have caught their biggest bass ever. Fishing current seemed to be the key. Depth from 50' to 30' produced the best although one morning near A Bay we found a shoal (approx. 20') that produced a half dozen 4-5lb beauties. Worms on a floating jig was the bait of choice. I even caught two walleyes. We've fished the St. Lawrence for almost 30 years and this was, by far, the most productive week ever. Can't wait to get back (in October). It seemed as though everyone we spoke with told the same story.
  7. It sounds to me like fixing the line tight might be my best option to start. Thanks for the advice.
  8. What's the best way to attach a small Yellow Bird Side Planer? The instructions suggest using a release on the front and letting the line slide through a snap on the back end. I am nt sure that I'd want the planer sliding all the way back to the lure/fish. Another suggestion is to run two releases, front and back. I plan on using the planer on a trip way up north. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.
  9. Are the docks in at either of the Oak Orchard launches?
  10. Just as a Driver's license for an automobile doesn't create smart drivers, a license for operating a boat will not create a culture of courteous and safe boaters. Once again, Albany is looking around to find sources for their excessive spending. If the money was guaranteed to go directly into improving launch sites and/or increasing patrols on all lakes to enforce the laws already on the books I might not be so cynical. I am over sixty and have always practiced safe boating without incident. The rules of the water are available for all to read and all boaters have to do is apply them. It does not take a genius. If these rules that the government imposes on us would also require common sense I'd be all for them. Otherwise...money grab. If history is any indication, then this is just the beginning. Next will be mandatory insurance and we'll soon be required to buy a card in order to obtain a fishing license (same as Ontario) and on and on...it never ends. We won't win but we should oppose these laws just as a matter of principle and to let Albany know that at least we're paying attention. Oh....and don't neglect to vote!
  11. Great video. So where in proximity to Western/Central New York might there be a reasonable population of available whitefish?
  12. Saturday, Sept. 24 was outstanding for the perch bite. 5 hours...approx. 60 fish. Brought two dozen home. All on minnows. Used a crappie rig and when things slowed, the small jig on the bottom worked. Fished 10'-14'. Schools were moving around at the top of the dropoff. Marks would appear then disappear then appear again. Earlier seemed better but fish bit all morning. BTW...has anyone been picking up pike on I Bay? Or walleye?
  13. Thanks. I am looking forward to giving it a serious try.
  14. I happened to catch a TV show recently whereby the host and guest were nailing lakers on Lake Michigan in early spring using jigs. They offered some good tips and this sounds like an interesting approach. Has anyone out there tried this? Where? Another show featured the anglers casting sticks for trout and salmon (and catching them, of course). The notion of having the rod in one's hands when the fish strike sounds very appealing. Does anyone out there employ this tactic?
  15. Have they removed the floating docks yet?
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