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  1. As many of you know I have moved to Florida and in need of some help with choosing a transducer. The boat is a 22ft SeaFox viper and I will be fishing inshore and off shore. On Garmins site my choices are Airmar P66, Airmar TM260, All in one HD-ID and Down Vu (Chirp ?) Chepo Plastic mount Transducer, Airmar TM150M. Is there a Garmin or Airmar Rep in the group ? I need to decide this by the end of Sunday so I can let the marina know. Thanks guys and gals you never let me down. Dave 716-864-3674
  2. Try this place http://lakeviewmotelandcottage.com/ never heard any complaints but probable full.
  3. John I had the same problem as you. I called him because I couldn't find it. He told me the store was on the road going to the pier. If I find it tomorrow I will let you know. Dave
  4. Also make sure you have a valid credit card. This is the only form of payment for the minimum fine per violation of 1,000 dollars. Not sure if that is American or Canadian.
  5. Ray maybe we can meet up down there. Been real busy with getting the house ready to sell. I will be in North Port. Any one looking for a lake house near Wilson give a yell. Dave 716-864-3674
  6. Thanks Mark! I didn't think the rubber band idea would work but had to ask. I think I will just change one of the 300 to a 200 and work it that way. Picked up the boat yesterday and getting ready for my last fling on the lake in the spring derbys coming up. Moving to Florida so it might be awhile before I get back up to fish with you guys. Thanks again Dave
  7. pjumper you have a PM. Thanks Dave
  8. Thanks tmdroc I have heard pros and cons about the party boats. Guess you get what you pay for like any other place. I will ck out Captain Joe miller when I get down there. Dave
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