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  1. dave524

    propane outboard

    Don't think a 9.9 kicker mounted on a transom bracket and the tank on a swim platform would be a recipe for an explosion. I'm paying $8.95 for a 20 pounder at Costco here in Ontario, l can't remember it being that cheap in at least ten plus years.
  2. dave524

    No reverse?

    Not the fluid but when the water pump was serviced did the connector for the steering linkage that you undo under the cowl get tightened all the way??? it is usually a pia to get at .
  3. dave524

    Finding the Thermocline

    Buddy had one of those 30 some years ago, was a pain to operate. I had a Fish Hawk 520, you should look for one of those. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Fish-Hawk-520-Temperature-Probe-with-Digital-Counter-/161083299841
  4. dave524

    Decking Replacement - Boat Rebuild

    [quote="carpedium When you had NGK's did you experience a similar issue? I've had the rig 30 years, so its been over 20 since it's seen ngk , but I made a mental note to never try them again.
  5. dave524

    Decking Replacement - Boat Rebuild

    Try running Champion QL77JC4's in it, looks like an early 80's vintage Johnson like mine, mine don't like the NGK plugs.
  6. dave524

    Decking Replacement - Boat Rebuild

    Sounds like some one visits the Starcraft Forum on Iboats, lots of good reading there for anyone rebuilding/restoring an aluminum boat, spend some time going through the threads there.
  7. dave524

    downrigger rods/reels/line

    Ambassadeur 6500 filled with 17 lb. XT Trilene on a 9 foot Fenwick twist Riggerstik.
  8. dave524

    2 50lb scales

    That first round brass scale looks virtually identical to a 50 lb Chatillon that has lived on my boat for over 20 years, still can call a fish to within a couple of ounces, if it is anywhere near as good it is a steal.
  9. dave524

    Aluminum Boats

    I would be happy with one of these Smokercrafts in 20 feet http://www.americananglerboats.com/boat ... 62-182-202
  10. Your fishfinder doesn't show you the depth your ball is tracking at either only the distance from the transducer that 80 foot on the fishfinder ball may with blowback be only at 70, maybe a little more, even though it marks at 80 on the graph. Truth is if you see fish scattered between 80 and 100 feet on the graph they may actually all be closer to 80 feet, just that the ones near the edge of the cone of your transducer mark deeper than they actually are
  11. Saw this posted elsewhere, looks like good news http://www.wwnytv.com/news/local/Breaki ... 17289.html
  12. dave524

    Something Fishy ?

    I'll take a Coho over a King any day for the table. On trout, stay away from Lakers and take Bows over Browns.