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  1. Have not been out in awhile. Where is a good depth to start and what depth is temp down?
  2. Clean jets in the carbs if you are choking motor to run.
  3. Need to at the very least inspect spark plugs if you dont change. As well as your fluids.
  4. Its not watercraft clinic anymore but same guy. Never heard of anything bad and we all know we hear bad before good.
  5. Should be fine if you use a flush mount ac plug holder with a weather cap.
  6. If using sonar only no need for the additional wires. They are for add ons but some ff's use the same harness but do not have the same capabilities.
  7. Sounds like fuel pump bad. Lift pump maybe it what it sounds like.
  8. Does it start? Usually not much resistance on those bulbs on motor.
  9. Power pros at bass pro! And they do the work while you are shopping!
  10. Just wondering if anyone knows how the fishing is in lake o? Where should i start as far as depth?
  11. The only thing we reel in is what we run down the pipe. Let everything fish takes too much time to put everything back down and good chance you may miss a lot of fish. Not to mention hands are full when or if a rod fires!
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