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    for sale: can Boat 4sale

    Beautiful boat Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G890A using Lake Ontario United mobile app

    for sale: can Boat 4sale

    Do you have a trailer for it by chance Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G890A using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  3. We have hooked a walleye with 2 crawler harnesses and once got a walleye on 2 jigs opposite side of the boat both times on two separate rods. Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G890A using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  4. Found it Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G890A using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  5. How much Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G890A using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  6. I have never ran them but would like to so I was looking for both flasher color, size and also what color twinkies do you perfer . And what do you perfer herring strips or something else. where do you get them around oloccot/wilson. Or do you get them on the internet and what site. Wow that's a lot of info I was looking for lol. Thank you in advance 1 more thing when do you start using them
  7. I have hundreds of stingers and every year I have to replace dozens do to poor paint but only on certain colors some times the paint wears off before I even catch a fish. It must be water soluable paint just like the paint my kids use to paint by numbers lol. Up for a good fix
  8. Yes he is right I forgot to mention that I have the 3 way toggle and it gets bumped often put in a switch somthing I did not do YET. [ Post made via Android ]
  9. Also most riggers run at 30amps in order to fuse corectly . I also ran a fuse block and 6ga power supply to help suport any future additions [ Post made via Android ]
  10. Many thoughts and prayers to the familys and friends of thoes fallen and injuried in this attack ,and also to our brothers in the fire departments involved and in the areas near,our prayers are with you as well. Keep your heads up and your fallen brothers in your harts. : BURNIN DAYLIGHT [ Post made via Android ]
  11. If by chance they don't sell I will take the cannon bases [ Post made via Android ]
  12. I would buy another one probley the hds 8 or 10 next I have the structure scan that is compatible w/the 8or 10 as well the structure scan you won't use to much unless you fish inland lakes or perch fish erie [ Post made via Android ]
  13. Check your drag probably a little tight I check mine every time that I let out my line [ Post made via Android ]
  14. They have a setting for drifting, slow trolling ,fast trolling,or whenyou are crusing mine reads to 28mph ,o andthey have difrent depth settings as well I do enjoy it [ Post made via Android ]
  15. I am looking to buy 6" high swivle bases in need of 2 posibly 3 let me know if you have a few laying around I would like to buy them 2- 6" & 1 low pro or if you have one let me know via pm. Thank you for looking [ Post made via Android ]
  16. The kidneys are over rated just get a heater for the winter and you could get rid of the gf too. And think of all the money you can save for more tackle lol [ Post made via Android ]
  17. I have handles for the unitroll riggers if you still need them let me know [ Post made via Android ]
  18. Hey bud did you check your conections to make suree they are tight. you can always take your bat out and have it checked if they are tight my boat did that a couple times but it fixed its self so I can't give you a better idea [ Post made via Android ]
  19. Hey bud I would like to see some pics if you got them I am interested but I never buy sight unseen thx [ Post made via Android ]
  20. Yes they are for sale. I have lots of them too! They all must go, to make way for the new models! reg 4.50 rigged, $4 un-rigged, mag 6.50 rigged, 5.75 unrigged. Paint will withstand, a beating. I've beat my prototype spoons with hammers, ran them over with lawnmowers, layed them on train tracks. Paint will never come off... . First off great job on the spoons. Hows about telling stinnger where you got your paint some of well most of there paint washes off with only water then throw a fish in there holy crap the paint is gone. Lol I only wannted to say they look great good job.[ Post made via Android ]
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