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  1. 7s apple tree spar Caught these two 8s sparring several times last week. Must be "apple" muscles!
  2. Hit silos early Monday morning with shallow program. 2 color lead and stick bait did best but good action including double with two hefty lakers. Never thought it would still be mixed bag in shallow still!
  3. Had battery issues with resulted in late start Sat. Fished North end west side from 80 to 40 FOW. Had good laker on cow bells to start things off. Then those little LL's would bite anything. Some were barely legal. As we approached the end of the deep water, cleaning up with the cowbells only left out we took a nice laker. 30 inch solid 10lb. Nice to see that quality of a fish as last few yrs were tougher. Best part was landing without a net..we were lucky for sure and won't do that again.
  4. A new fishing friend of mine left his fish finder in boat storage this winter and the display isn't working. Hoping it's still in warrenty but wondered if others have seen this issue. It seems to still pick up fish just can't get the screen to work, it's all fuzzy and flashes.
  5. This buck is in Broome county near the PA border.
  6. This last week produced some good pics, our Big guy from last year is still alive and well. Looks like our apples are also favored by another big target. Today was very active. Ground scrapes starting and almost got ran over by feisty 6 chasing a doe late morning.
  7. See where western Lake Erie is having large algae bloom. Looks similar and labeled as potentially toxic.😟 fueled by phosphorus
  8. Had fleas yesterday as we picked a few lakers yesterday on the north end. Not real bad but amazed at how much of an increase from last week. For folks downrigging in Red Cross derby suggest you bring some big mono or flea flicker. Good luck!
  9. Steady action in 65 to 110 FOW. Lots of small lakers with a brown n salmon mixed in. Surprise of the day was a bullhead. Hit the 8 color core on an evil eye. Everything took fish except F/F
  10. Up North no derby fish but awarded enough for the smoker. All healthy and only a few old lamprey scars, one was an emancipated guy that had a very glossy yellow filets? Sat 15 for 17, about every 3rd fish went to the cooler. Started using cow bells parked on the bottom in 60ft near the silos and it was a fish every 5 minutes. Sunday was ugly out there and only a few guys ventured out (except for the bass boats, think it was a completion to see who could get the most air off the waves!) Went 6 for 8 using spoons and most came from the silo area again hugging the bottom. Ton's of bait around.
  11. Finally shook the skunk off this weekend with some laker action. One decent one pushed close to 8 lbs and yes the bigger ones all had lampreys on them. Seems the lake is several weeks behind for the traditional hot spots to fish. Assume the colder water temps contribute to some of that.
  12. MyKey

    3rd Rut?

    My brother was driving thru warren center pa yesterday eve and witnessed a rut like scene. A large group of deer (doe?) ran across the road and charging behind them was a 4 pt and an 8 pt. the 4pt provided more entertainment as he snagged the barb wire fence and trashed some wire and himself. I guess they could be freaks with horns and maybe Bigfoot was chasing all of them?
  13. I use an older dehydrator and it takes a long time for thicker pieces, 8- 12 hrs. Prefer the dry mix seasoning as sit dries faster but really want to upgrade to a new dehydrator. When you use ground venison that's assume that's not deer burger meat as made by a butcher? Tried that in oven with jerky gun and it was a greasy process. Figure it had too much "fat" they used for binder. Can you use 100% ground venison for the jerky gun?m [ Post made via iPhone ]
  14. whoops...meant to post this pic
  15. My brother really needs a brown target..nothing is safe anymore. Did see a Good Buck beded down with a big doe but not much chasing observed last few days.
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