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  1. After losing a probe and ball last fall I immediately added these to my riggers and haven't had a problem since, knock on wood. The problem is, once you lose a probe you'll always be gun shy.
  2. I tried power pro 200 # on my older Cannons years ago. I didn't have any problems with it. They were " vewy vewy quiet."
  3. They think just an old guy going slow. Thats funny!
  4. I lost a 16 lb ball and probe last fall. First time out with new Cannon riggers. The cable skipped and jumped the spool on the way down and locked up, that was the end of that. I just stood there with my mouth open in disbelief. I was not amused, to say the least.
  5. That looks very tasty, I have to give that a try. I've done something similar with king salmon filets but not with browns. Thanks for posting this.
  6. Very nice work ! And very reasonable .
  7. I'm sorry I can't ship these but I am willing to haul them up to the Pulaski area when we fish there later this month. Or if by any chance you are near Stowe Vermont. Thank you tom
  8. I have four used cannon Mag 10 downriggers for sale. They come with five foot telescopic booms, low profile swivel bases, duel mounted rod holders, and vinyl covers. I will be in the Pulaski / Oswego area for a fishing trip on Aug 23 for a week. I would like $190. each. Could possibly give a discount if you buy all four. You can call me at 802 888 7566 Thanks Tom
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