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  1. Both launches are open. Markers are in the channel. Watch out for the bouy that marks a pile of concrete as you pass the wall. It's on your port side going out.
  2. You can do that. I ended up using the cigarette lighter type connection. But will probably change that out. Kinda cheesy. I needed to be able to take my riggers off easily for fun in the sun action
  3. If the rigger your having trouble with is the furthest from the batteries, then yes its possible you need to up the wire size. Remove any splices.
  4. Went out of Braddocks for an evening run on Tuesday. It was a little bumpy. marked a ton of fish and bait in 90-110 fow. Set up thinking I'd get the new guys on the boat a laker or two before looking for silvers. Didn't take real long. Had a Laker on. oopps dropped fish. a little while later, fish on. Nice fat laker. A short while after that, another laker. Opps dropped fish. I had enough of that and turned north. That didn't take long. Mikes ugly lure on the 100' Rigger pops. New guy grabs the wrong rod. All the lakers had taken a flasher/fly on the same rod. Apparently they had gotten used to that. The moment that fish realized he was hooked it took a giant run. Lots of smiles as Brad had never had a fish do anything like that before. Sadly it was short lived. I haven't had a break off in a couple years. 30 lb right at the barrel swivel mustve had a nic or the knot was bad. Drag was good...clearly. and I had just re-tied everything the night before. bummer. It was a big fish. Anyway we got set up again and cruised the area some more with nothing doing. Worked into 110' and had a hit on a dipsey. Fish jumped and gone.
  5. The only problem with fishing alone is who is manning the helm when I net my own fish?
  6. Well your day sounds a little like mine. Had a guy come up from Springwater to fish because all indications were that this morning the lake should look like last night, for a few hours anyway. Wrong! went 0 for 0 fished out to 120 and back to 50. marked some bait and a few streakers. No takers. It was a quick trip.
  7. Just West of the bay is where we picked up the fish. My Uncle said that was like shooting an 8-point buck to him. 2 giant runs and fought all the way to the boat, side of the boat, under the boat and into the net.
  8. Landed a real nice 25lb King today mid morning. Really thought we would get into some Browns. Nothing. Fish came on NK5 black/silver. Had just switched to it and moved into close to shore. That was the only fish. Wind really picked up around 1030. My Uncle had enough. Anyone get into fish today?
  9. Wow !! 3.5 to 4 bucks a pound !! That is some serious cash. Would that be for live weight or cleaned ?? We got a couple out of the bunch we caught that would be close to 2lbers, but damn!!
  10. Your not missing anything. Maybe I thought I was being funny. Sorry if it wasnt. Its been my experience that anyone who has figured it out, or the "locals", and many of the discussion boards Ive visited are all pretty tight lipped. I'm unclear why that is exactly. I can tell you this. I launched at Roy japs armed with fat heads and niagra's, and spikes and wax worms. couldnt find any oakleaf's. I had to work real hard to find a school of fish. I worked glass factory bay, then south towards the 2nd point from Roy's before I found fish. If you read my post I said the "spot" was like finding a postage stamp. And I'm not kidding. There isnt a "area" that holds fish.....its literally a postage stamp. And on that stamp....the fish wanted the bait presented right. So if you can find a fish there will be more. Cast past the fish and pull the bait to the school. And since the entire lake is surounded by a step drop off, if your in 20' of water your probably casting into 50'. The fish are going to be inbetween you and your cast. As far as my one post. Your right. After a divorce, a couple of computers and a year or two I couldnt remember my login. Not that I ever posted all that much. Since I'm sorta a thread stalker. But since I did finally unlock this mystery.....that doesnt seem to be a mystery at all, I thought I'd share. I actually hope this helps someone. SInce Ive been banging my head against the side of my boat for several years.
  11. Just letting you guys know that after a few years of trying to unlock the key to Seneca lake Perch.......I did it. With nothing but the skill my old man taught me. A master at catching perch when the 4 other boats next to him couldnt. Believe it, I witnessed it. A perch school in that lake is the size of a postage stamp !
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