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  1. 7 3/4 in high aluminum Bases/Risers. (4) total, $100 each. These bases are way over built and fit Cannon swivel bases perfect. I finally had time to remove them from boat I just bought in late Aug. the owners of the boat were tall and didn't wanna lean over. Lol. Simply put these are the best built bases I've ever seen. Feel free to text me with questions, I'm in Rome, NY Thanks Capt. Dave (3I5) 27I-8773
  2. So you want to make a million Dollars Fishing, Easy, Start with 2 million Dollars…. When I took my Capt course about 10 yrs ago I kept in contact with several of the guys and at this time me and one other guy r still at it. The other guy only does a few trips here n there and has a full time job. I also know a few long time capt that either have almost no trips or have sold their boats and moved on. As far as the drinking on boat goes, No hard liquor is allowed, some beer is fine but I've turned away 120 qt coolers that were chuck full of beer. I'm retired so no big pressure with the money, I started as a part time sideline and it got better, lots of guys doing more trips for sure but keeping the expenses down is huge. building a client list is huge but not all of them will fish every year so new clients will have to keep coming in. Putting clients on the fish is another ball game, it took me 20 years of playing until I felt confident enough to take strangers out. Capt. Dave
  3. J-Plug Luhr Jensen Looking for this Jensen J-Plug in size #4 but will take #3 or #5. It looks like it glows but it doesn't and there are sparkles all over. PM me if you have any ur willing to part with and how much $$$. LOL thanks Dave
  4. asking $40 for this short mast. text my cell if interested 315 271-8773 thanks Capt. Dave
  5. cleaning out garage. text my cell 315 271-8773, I'm in Rome NY Thanks Capt. Dave 1st is a pair of low profile bases, $50 each. (Sold tentatively) also a pair of cannon locks, $15 each (also Sold) a pair of telescopic booms, $60 each
  6. when I run jointed J-13 rapalas I never run the stock hooks, to small, I bump them up to #1, much better landing ratio.
  7. Well, my 2 cents… After finishing the Coast Guard school to pass all the tests for Capt. license. After all the rules of road, all map formulas, Plackerd reading, and all the other stuff they crammed down us. LOL. the one thing they told us after all that was…No matter what, you do what you have to do to avoid an accident. PERIOD…. after 30 years of trolling and avoiding boats, I hardly notice rules of road being followed by most boats while trolling. I just turn this way or that to avoid them and not afraid to use my air horn once in awhile just to get there attention. Thanks Capt. Dave
  8. I have 2" wide bulk tape I bought to replace old faded tape and to doctor up some new color combos.. I'm cutting them about 8" long, the with is perfect for the 8" flashers, just have to trim top n bottom which takes a few seconds. I also still have some ladder backs for 8" flashers in crush pearl Glow.. all are same price $1.00 each I got sick of paying $4.50 for 2 little pieces of replacement tape at tackle store. not the stores fault, just to much... Oh, $1 for shipping for every 10 you buy, ex, you want 20 total would be $22 bulk tape is Flo Green transparent Pro-Am ie.. matador Flo Yellow mountain Dew i.e.. pig pen ladder backs r 7" long Thanks Capt. Dave
  9. Had trouble finding these so I bought a bunch and getting rid of the rest. 7 inch Crush Pearl Glow Ladder backs for 8" flashers. $1.00 each plus $1.00 postage for every 10 bought. Just text me how many you want. I'm not on this site very much.. 315 271-8773 Thanks Capt. Dave
  10. I'm in Rome NY. I might be able to get some Glow if I have enough interest, remember I have to buy them in very large #s
  11. Sold Out… but, if I have enough interest I can order more and thinking about getting some glow ladders and just 2" wide glow tape to replace old beat up glow tape, let me know. I had to buy these in bulk, they won't put them in a 2 pack, so I'm selling the extras. these are 7 inch very bright transparent green,"Pro Am" color these are not hard to find, they are impossible to find…. I'm selling them for $1.00 each. I think I can put 10 in a buss envelope and ship for $1.00, Oh, this is same tape the matador flasher is made with and that's $3.50 for 2 pieces... Thanks Capt. Dave Ok, please just send me a text if you want any. I can answer you much better than here, the PMs are a pain. lol 315 271-8773
  12. Only 3 more months and back at it again. the spring of 2014 was very very good. hope this spring is even better…. These are The Good Ole Days Thanks Capt. Dave
  13. Well, Mexico bay is open and fishing is good, FOR NOW! there is still a huge ice flow around Sandy Pond and north. the whole north east is still locked up in ice. I hope we don't get any hard North winds...
  14. Well, I made another trip to mexico bay. Little salmon, mexico launch and mikes marina are wide open but the lake did not look good. I stopped at selkirk park and looked at lake. lots of thick shore ice and a huge ice flow was out 1/4 mile or so with lots of iceburgs in between. I talked to a guy that was parked there and he said the day before it was solid ice as far as he could see. the SE wind must have moved the big flow. Also he saw a boat out trolling and dodging the iceburgs. I also heard the water temp was 34 degrees in the bay...I'm waiting another week.
  15. well, not as bad as I thought it would be... Mexico launch is locked with ice but it looks ready to break. Mexico bay had some shore ice then at least a few hundred yards of open water from ninemile all the way up north as far as I could see. Then a huge ice flow past the open water as far as I could see. a NW wind will prolly push it back and clog up the bay...Mikes Marina is still froze up. I talked to Beth and docks go in as soon as ice goes.. Thanks Capt. Dave
  16. I'm headed up there tomorrow to pick up my riggers at woody's tackle Plan to check out the port, mexico bay and Mikes Marina. I'll post tomorrow
  17. this is a great site, shows how the ice moves with the wind and cold... check it out http://www.glerl.noaa.gov/res/glcfs/anim.php?lake=o&param=icecon&type=n Thanks Capt Dave www.ReelSilverCharters.com
  18. Hi Highnoon12, this is Capt. Dave, ReelSilver Charters. I think your boat was only a few boats down from mine. I talked to Don the owner of the marina right around the time your rod holder was missing. When he told me about ur rod holder I kinda shrugged my sholders and pointed to my boat. I had 10 rods sticking up for everyone to see all night long for over a month. I was doing doubles every day it wasn't blowing. I have never had as much as a splitring missing at Clarks.. I'm thinking they must have really wanted just that rod holder. Is there anyway it fell off? I've had big Jon holders fall off couple times, my fault, they were little loose... Thanks Capt. Dave
  19. Thanks guys, colors and lures was simple, a mix of plain black/blue n silver and also some fire tiger and orange belly. The water color changed so much and often it was easier to keep a variety out and sooner or later it would take a fish. thanks Capt. Dave
  20. Fished Monday late morning, started setting rods at 10:00 just south of selkirk. just got the last rod set and 1st fish on, 8 lb brown. trolled past Catfish with just a slow pic but most fish were very good size. Water color changed every 5-20 minutes, clear, green, milky brown, and we caught fish in all of it. The really good looking green water was the slowest, clear stained and brown was best. When all said and done, 2 lakers, one going 15 lbs, 2 coho 4 an 5 lbs released over our limit, and prolly 14-16 brown trout, the 2 big ones 12 lbs plus, couple 10 lbs and we had to toss back a fat 8 lber. Best part was no fish lost, every release we had, we landed, that's rare.... Thanks Capt. Dave These truly are "The Good Ole Days"
  21. nice fish, love to see chrome kings in a river Capt. Dave
  22. the problem with mono is it really expands and contracts with hot and cold. the garage will only compound this, when you take a couple hundred feet off you will see the line might look all bunchey or clumpy from the expanding, it won't look smooth any more. I tryed to run heavy mono on planner boards and the mono destroyed my planner reels, think about it, spring time at 1:00 pm you wind the planner in and it 70 degrees and at night it might get down below freezing and crunch, shrinks and crushes the spool. Off subject little, same affect, it will shrink into itself. I don't replace my line until is gets low, might be 2-4 years but I take care of it... anyway, lol replace it... Thanks Capt. Dave
  23. Was at Wallymart today and was looking at the new Trileen XT filler packs. Wow, spools are smaller and you get less line for your money.. No more 330 yards of 10-17 lbs, they nocked um down to 300 yards. the 20 lb used to be 330 and now there's only 270 yards. I have an old spool of 30 lb Xt in the garage and that has 330 yards marked on it. it must be old cause last time I bought that size it was about 250 yards...I know many of us spool um at the sport shop but I like to have couple spools on board "just in case".. sign of the times I guess Thanks Capt. Dave these still are "The Good Ole Days" www.ReelSilverCharters.com
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