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  1. For river fish? Are you familiar with the St Lawrence?
  2. Seen a lot on opening weekend but it seems as they disappeared now. With this change in weather they should be back. I work in st law county and it is thin up there as we'll.
  3. Anytime you want. Give a call 315-322-2436 rob
  4. Do you have any pics on the inside of the boat?
  5. I will PM you pics by Saturday. They have removable cushions that I never put in. They are like new. Opens the boat up
  6. This is only ones I have left. Tell me what you want to see and I will send it. The boat is in Clayton ny.
  7. 1996 trophy 1802 wa- solid boat very clean a lot of extras. 90 hp force by mercury, compression is 120 on all 3 cyl. Service is always done. Planer mast and boards, manual downriggers, marine radio all safety gear, lowrance HDS-5. Trailer is in great shape as well. $7000. Rob 315-322-2436
  8. Looking for a Fish Hawk or similar to buy.
  9. Where is there a canadian season open in march?
  10. 18 ft. It is in Clayton,ny. If you want you can PM me and I will give you my number.
  11. 96 trophy- clean boat with 96 force made by mercury. Manual riggers planer mast. Marine radio, lowrance hds5. It's ready to fish. $7000
  12. No way near 160. Takes a hell of a deer to hit that. That one is lacking spread, brow tines, and tine length. He is still a nice deer
  13. 1 to 2 were more like 3 to 5! We started at 150 fow and it was still 70. Moved out o 250-300 found temp down 160 fow. Started to pick up fish all on riggers on that went 34 pounds. Rough day over all!
  14. I am going tomorrow, I would bet shoals off the channel in the 20-30 fow.
  15. Got out early. Had my boys with me they still can't steer a straight line so setting gear is always a challenge. We went 1 for 2. The brown we caught was 14.5 pounds reel nice fish. Caught it in 90 fow down 55. Stinger in blue dolphin circus freak. Forgot the cooler in the truck so we went in because they were starving. Now my 6 year old has bragging rights, Great!
  16. I am heading towards Stoney with my boys. We will be in a trophy 1802
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