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  1. whos going out 1st this year?? I chomping at the bit. heading to cayuga saturday the big lakes a little to far for me this early unless someone comes back with pictures
  2. would it work to put 600' of copper on and use that for the full spectrum from 300 to 600 or should they be seperate rods?
  3. thanks guys, man there is a lot to learn buy and try ive been reading the posts on this site nightly trying to firgure out what I need to change for the up coming season. Being my secound season I hope to produce a lot more kings and you guys are a great source of knowledge. I think i will go with the A-TOM-MIK, any suggestions for a rod and reel combo that wont break the bank. Thanks again
  4. looking to try copper for the 1st time is the Opti-Tackle copper good?
  5. great video where can I get that music????
  6. look at shimano trevala rods or their tescata they are designed for jigging offshore with butterfly jigs
  7. there is a video of a guy on youtube, using a butterfly jig and jigging for them no success in the video with the salmon but he does get a nice brown. gotta have a hell of a fishfinder.
  8. thanks for the info guys. I have a really good gps on the boat a HDS 7 but ive got to be in the boat to use it I used to have a navionics mapping program for the computer until the last virsus and I had to get it wiped clean. I really want to try to run copper this year, so I guess the next question is where is the best place to find a roller rod and what kind of action would you reccomend I have to calcutta 700s that I will spool with copper and Im hoping 300 braid backing will be enough. Do you run a dipsey on the copper as well and what depths do you try to acheive with the wire?? mainly a spoon or flasher fly at the end? again I really appreicate any elp and advice in walking me thru my 1st year on the big lake tight lines Gert
  9. last yr was my 1st year fishing lake ontario and really my 1st year owning a boat that I can. I'm 23 years old and tring to work my way into figuring this lake out. Last year I primarly fished out of sandy pond because of a buddy of mines camp. spring browns where great! biggest for the season was 12.2 and we got bumped out of the LOC. As for the kings ha i couldnt buy a bite most days and believe me we tried. what I have read on LOU has helped a lot in adapting my tackle box, but if still tring to pick up some of the techniques, cheaters, wire, dipsey theres a lot to take in! anyway this year we are going to make plans to fish the Niagara bar in the spring. My 1st concern is the weather with my 16ft crestliner because I have no idea how far the drop is offshore or how far the depths of 200-500 are out? Fishing sandy pond it was a six mile run to the southwest to find 120-160fow. any help with tackle and technique would be great, if I start now maybe by may Ill have an idea with what I should be doing out there thanks again Jeff "Gert"
  10. thanks snagger I would really like to be able to get one legal eye thru the ice this year. down here we have the whitney point res. I fish it all the time but a lot of 6-9inch walleye but thats it i got one last year that was 17 so only an inch shy. maybe the little pond up where u are will produce this weekend thanks again
  11. would any of you guys be willing to fill me in on a depth or an area of that lake I dont need to know really anything else except the bare minimum I live in binghamton and have never fished oneida. wouldnt have the slightest idea on where to go just a very broad area would be great. I know what it takes to find fish on the ice... a lot of drilling and running any info would be great thanks
  12. made it out this am fished around t-point nothing on the surface or down to 40ft. headed down to the far south end and manage 3 lakers nothing huge one mybe 6lbs and a very small lls
  13. well here she is boys the last muskie for my this year after the cold front it was a tricky bite with very few follows and only one other strike right at the boat
  14. hey great fish! after my 1st 2 a couple weeks ago I keep coming back here to get the report and I keep hearing about these lunge lumber lures. I gotta know how i get my hands a one thanks Jeff
  15. hey guys this being the nite before the Muskie seasons ends im thinking about using a sick day tomarrow and playing a little hookie. do you think after all this rain that tomarrow would be productive? same place i caught that last one.
  16. today i went out with a friend of mine and caught my 1st musky and a toad any one have any idea on length?? this was the 1st landed fish out the day this was the secound and what a way to end the day....both fish where released alive and well. this is my 1st time fishing for these amazing fish and its sure to become another addiction of mine and i have to say that I got spoiled today.
  17. well im glad im not the only one with a countdown going...i guess ill have to go for a ride to the west and start knocking thanks Gert
  18. I am 22yrs old and i have now been duck hunting for 2 seasons with my 2yr old yellow lab, Clyde, I am looking for a small pond or swamp or really just anywhere that the ducks wanna be. I am not made of money but could spend a fair amount on a lease. I also have access to firewood that I would be willing to swap for rights or really anything that you may want done. I was most interested in a place north of the salmon river but have since decided that anywhere somewhat close to binghamton ie within 2 hrs would work fine i have a place to stay at a camp on sandy pond so close to there would be the best. I am not looking to hunt deer turkeys just ducks, and maybe geese but i dont really have any goose decoys or equipment. In the past on land that I deer hunt I have almost always worked for the right, Theres not to much in life or free so I am willing to work for the rights. any help of any kind would be greatly apppreicated.
  19. Fishing Report Your Name / Boat Name: ============== TRIP OVERVIEW ============== Date(s): Time on Water: Weather/Temp: Wind Speed/Direction: Waves: Surface Temp: Location: LAT/LONG (GPS Cords): =============== FISHING RESULTS =============== Total Hits: Total Boated: Species Breakdown: Hot Lure: Trolling Speed: Down Speed: Boat Depth: Lure Depth: ==================== SUMMARY & FURTHER DETAILS Well here is my 1st post. got these two up by the pond both came off the boards. this is my 1st yr fishing the big lake I have been fishing the finger lakes and sandy pond, but the big lake blows the finger lake atlantics out of the water! have been fishing since march and got a little of everything from the browns to lakers and one king two weeks ago hopefully my reports will get better with time. ====================
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