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  1. 30-120 east and west of plant 0-0 no marks. 50 fow straight out of the launch flatlining waiting on the downrigger takes a cookie cutter brown on the top strange.
  2. I'm going to drag the boat up tomorrow planning on running out of Mexico heading to the plant, anyone want to work together not sure what channel everyone is on or happy to trade cell phones, willing to run anywhere from 10-600
  3. Very cold, ramps are open take out is open and I believe hotels by memorial day. The tip of the south jetty is usually on fire by now, not the year. I blackfished Friday, no love only had an HR or so. Saturday night hit the jetty and the 50 until 11pm nothing but shad. Sunday black Sea bass was the plan at the marine electric 40 miles SE. Break the inlet to solid 4s building to 5/6 run ten caught a few and had enough. Mounted the new electric riggers on mine last night and time for a Mexico trip should be fishing Saturday planning on 80 to 100fow by the plant not sure if that area is productive or not more of a shake down anyways
  4. Just got back from Ocmd, very few bass mostly shad, waiting on a big push off blues to start sharking
  5. I'll take them I'm in Vestal. Let me know when, and where you want to meet. I'll pm my number
  6. Has any one ever tried to troll rigged Ballyhoo? Pin rigged or monel?
  7. saw craigslist add,still available? called and texted thanks
  8. we went out saturday night/sunday morning in front of the pond and south to the river, ended up with 6, 15 plus knockdowns just couldnt get them to stay tight. spoons, black, black silver the morning and towards 1030am meat. fishing 80 to 95fow bites 60 to 80 down couple big fish around 20lbs
  9. Looking to head up Friday night, and need a hotel to stay 1st overnight trip any recommendations? Thanks
  10. Bump for price drop 4900 make and offer
  11. Boat is located in Binghamton NY 607 three four one-2218 call or text for immediate response thanks Jeff
  12. 2001 smokercraft perfect little spring browns boat, on board charger bow mount Minn Kota don't remember what thrust 40hp Merc oil tank removed so must mix oil carbs just rebuild three brand new Cabela's seats, a few recessed rod holders, livewell. Looking to get 5200 or best offer trailer is in great shape brand new spare brand new coupler, led lights, with three in the yard wife would like me to get rid of one.
  13. Fished out in front of the pond, Saturday just was not doable for us, Sunday we were met with terrible conditions again but went for it at 1st light, 90fow meat put one 15lb king in the box as the day went on the l lake laid down and we finished in 120/130 with 9 more bites all on meat putting 3 more in the box biggest 22lb crew was a little green (sick) so that's what I'm blaming the terrible ratio on
  14. Long story short I moved the boat from the lake to ocmd, anyone pull the 16s with some speed? 5-7 knots? Looking to add one to the spread. Not sure if everything with hold up installed backing plates on the mounts but worried about the boom one the uni troll 10. Any insight?
  15. I'm in Binghamton. Down in both Pa a lot from North Jersey to ocean city Maryland. So really could and would prefer to meet somewhere and pick up. Thanks.
  16. Any interest in selling just the reels? Sent from my C811 4G using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  17. Are you ever down near Binghamton? Sent from my C811 4G using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  18. I have always wanted to find out about the seneca perch, very tight lipped group. How ever after the previous post about lurkers i am definitely guilty. How ever it is probably mostly because i have almost given up all freshwater fishing. So anyone around that would be willing to point me in the right direction for seneca i would be willing to trade a 99% guaranteed musky trip here on my local river and or a trip down south to offshore fish tuna marlin and mahi Sent from my C811 4G using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  19. Great fish! Any tuna around? Sent from my C811 4G using Lake Ontario United mobile app
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