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  1. So the walleye bug has gotten so bad that we are heading to port Clinton tomorrow morning. Has anyone ever been over there this time of year? hoping to troll around fort perry.
  2. Anybody ever think about running over to the west end of erie now? thinking about going this weekend weather permitting.
  3. Dang I was really hoping to fish the opener this year there. Last year we started south and ended up fighting to get the boat out at Dorchester...have to look into the north launch.
  4. gert9888

    Whitney point

    Was wondering if anyone open water trolls the reservoir on here? I have always really enjoyed fishing the reservoir, the past few years they have hosted a crew tournament on opening weekend...drives me nuts, anyone know if that will be back this year??
  5. cant wait to get the boat out there!! shame about the fish we are all catch and release was great to get out on the open water tho.
  6. Haven't made a report in awhile going to try to do better this year. Fished the side of Cayuga Lake last weekend did very well on the Browns haven't fished the lake in two years just because we've been able to get on Ontario in February. Every one of the 20 plus Browns that we caught had lampray scars. How bad as the lake got?? Hate to be the bearer of bad news. Sent from my C811 4G using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  7. Need to know if I dig the boat out tonite if I can get it in a t-point? Is the bubbler working???
  8. Going to try and get out this weekend and troll boats been locked up for too long.
  9. anyone been out in front of t-point? Is the launch open
  10. Well we got so caught up duck hunting we never made it up to the river... had to find one at home
  11. thanks sol.and choo. we head up tomorrow, going to fish that way Monday with any luck. report back went we get back to town around the 14th.
  12. thanks raaven, haha I know not even a bump. Down here me get a few short strikes and some how don't hook up. Im certainly hoping we can have something happen this year.
  13. Ever year myself and a group of friends make the trip up to the eastern shore of lake Ontario, for a sort of cast and blast weekend. We are trying to catch ONE larry musky. Last year after a long day, 1st trying to get the boat in the water(there was none) we fished hard around Carleton island. not even a bump. The weeds were terrible just free floating around, it was hard to keep a bait in the water for more than a minute. I was curious if this year is looking the same with the weeds? and if Carleton island is a good place to start again? hows the water levels? Any pointers would be great we will be up oct 5th thru the 12th. Thanks.
  14. there is a company that makes a aftermarket lower for the unit, last time I saw they were around 800 bucks. for the life of me I cant remember the name of the company check out hinkle marine maybe... hope it helps
  15. If I am in town i would like to come down and participate, it would be my 1st musky inc event, just show up by 6 and regsiter? thanks Jeff
  16. want to head up in the morning, does anyone know if the launch is open and if I would be able to get out into the lake? Any help would be great I called warrens but they will not be open til april 2nd.
  17. any one been out of sodus yet this year? thinking about headed up sat. its a two drive just want to make sure that I can get out of the cut. Thanks Jeff.
  18. their primary food down home is walleyes, same up north?
  19. This friday starts our annual trip north, every year we head up to sandy pond for nine days of salmon, perch, walleyes and on and on. This year we would like to do some trolling around the clayton area in search of ONE BIG MUSKIE. Ive got the boat loaded down with big baits and plenty of rods for a large spread. I have zero experience fishing the river and know its a long shot but any advice would be greatly appericated. looking for a good place to start and any tips on gear. Down home our muskie fishing is good but mostly in 10 to 20 fow not sure on the depth of the big girls or if riggers are required, I will have them on the boat. catch.photo.release Again thanks for any tips
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