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  1. liked this sooooooooooo much better when a observer was keeping it honest ,,, a flag take it down go get your fish put it back up seems peaple have problems with derbys that keep them all in honest /// cry babies
  2. thank you for the reply it seems the rest of them have lock jaw hell didnt want to know alot thanks again
  3. hey all will be at lake o on april 22/23/24/and 25 hoping the weather is good what is my best bet trolling boards ??? I have fished sodas point but never fished out of fairhaven ..any help would be appreciated as i am in the blind have a great season and thank you all and what is the best way to head out of the park and any huge bolders i need to watch out for
  4. if you will put a search in for shark floats you can get them in 3 by 6 rigged with a snap or not these work great for this application and hold up forever with a little care you should be able to find them for under 5 bucks and as always good fishing this year
  5. do you think they make a diffrence on number of fish that bite or follow
  6. does anyone have any experience with the ridgeback downrigger weights ,are they any better than any other weight or just good old marketing hype to sell them please help and thank you
  7. Has anyone used the luhr jenson 6 pack schoolie attrtactors on lake o or the finger lakes . If so how did they work out for you and do they realy make a diffrence in the number of fish caught .What was you favorite spoon behing them and do they work for browns .. Thank you and have a great season fishing !!!! COME ON NOW SOMEONE MUST HAVE USED THESE ITS NOT A TOP SECRET
  8. normaly this rig is run with the center bait having a longer leader and having the hook the others are attractors simulating a bait school NORMALY .. chris alabama
  9. Once again the dec of new york has drained the lakes so they are unusable to those that pay their fees the sportsmen ..They control the lakes like they do their deer herd up and down ..after the flood last year all should know it was going to be a dry year for the lake ..after all the money crowd is taking most of the shoreline over not the older lake peaple that understood and loved lake life ,,,and for those that look and see im from alabama i still have family up their and fish them more than the so called fishermen only my licence cost considerable more .. good fishing and keep your line tight .
  10. Dont mind the entry fee OR the drive for me ,dont even mind an observer .. But dang in july fishing the heaviest part of flee season please change the month please
  11. LAKEBOUND will be staying at my motherinlaws just outside of lodi but will have to trailer the boat and launch at lodi every day what a pain in the butt .. but fishing is never easy for sure ... just worried about the fleas as we have had problems witht hem the first of july to .. why do you ask and good luck with the derby
  12. well with the derby approching fast ,my partner and i have desided to enter and see how well or poor we can do .. I will be traveling from alabama and havent fished the lake much except a few times on vacation ,didnt have fleas so bad when we used to fish the derby ... My question is will we still be able to run 12 and 15 lb line or will we have to run heavier line in may I know in july the fleas are already a pain and to be honest fishing with 30 and 40 lb line isint a whole lot of fun any help would be appreciated and thanks all ..good luck in the derby and the upcoming season NATIONAL LAKE TROUT DERBY ON SENECA SORRY
  13. Yes I know they were abused badly ,hell my uncle used to get them by the 55 gal barrel full so he could smoke them and give them away to customers at his barber shop . I also know that until the lamprey program they were still plentifull and you could walk on them in the creeks !!! viable fish ,how many millons were spent in NY on lanters ,boots and nets ,gas for the lanterns and cars ... Face it ny has a joke of a dec program they never get it right either over manage or undermanage but never right ... dont believe it look at how many deer a farmer or vinyard owner can kill for the hell of it and its all legal ..those that dont wish to smelt should stay home and drop the i dont do neither should you even if its legal dont do it .. hell stop running your boat on the lake and polluting it then fish from shore .. just a thought good day all ..
  14. I see were some wish to leave the smelt alone ! Am I wrong or is their still not a smelting season open on the lakes . If you go by that theory maybe we sould never fish during the spawning season at all ....Or maybe we should have the dec cancel their lamprey program and let the smelt recover ,after all arent they consuderig raising the trout limit on lakers to thin them out on cayuga ..Or better yet lets use hooks so big we cant hook peanuts and let them grow.. thanks and good luck fishing .....
  15. Hi all its getting that time of year again , wondering if their are enough smelt left in Seneca or Cayuga to get some for bait ? Havent been that way in several years and when i moved it was alfull couldnt find any . doing some fishing back home this year and love them as bait , Any help would be appreciated for sure .thanks all and hope you all have a great season !!!
  16. how about a 19 islander can it get under the bridge by any chance or to tight hate to have a windoless upper half
  17. is this motor still avalible and if so is it a long shaft
  18. is this motor still and how does it run were are you located
  19. any luck yet with selling this fine boat , and can you tell me how much room is their to move around in the rear with the seats down looks like it is a little crowded. thank you have a great day
  20. would love to know the condition of the bottom , transom and stringers cosidering thr age .. have to travel a considerable disstance to look at this boat
  21. sure would like to see some pics of the inside and deck of this boat
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