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  1. get a 50 or 75 lb soft shell on one and its on let em go but fun and cant beet a striper running for safety jugs can get to skipping acrost the water and going deep they never stay down long though have boated as many as 167 cats one day took water over the transom and had to move them around but fun
  2. I would close the streams and since their are no more smelt no one should be in any stream after dark ! no limit for three years ....after all what difrence does it make to ny most that fish now have a lifetime permit and the state has no more revenue coming in anyway...ny state is on its way to broke and has never been to good and managing its game and fish anyway look at the deer up down up down /look at the eals we couldnt aford to treat for a year or two look at the stocking almost dosent exist ...the only thing their are more of in ny is RULES AND REGULATIONS FOR THE SPORTSMAN NO ONE CAN UNDERSTAND !!!!!!ohh yes and if their is any damn doubt left look at the lake levels
  3. Well another person not happy whith what he is allowed to take under the regs ...ranbows in the finger lakes are a mear pitance what they used to be their was a time when they went in the tribs you couls litteraly walk on their backs . instead of raising the limit it should be suspended for a few years to let the stock rebuild ...but then again if something is not done soon all the lakes will hold no more than eals ...THIS IS WHY SPORTSMEN DONT MAKE LIMITS
  4. i am an nra member and this is a state law they will sell to bordering states and no one else most other states will sell long guns to non residents as far as dicks and even wall mart goes we were through with them years ago tired of big chains make their own rules as they go //but when mr bidden is done this time around it all may not matter anyway ny is very good at making its own rules and always will be oh and i lived their 31 years but then again in bama i can crry 30 round clips if i wish not limited by the state until uncle joe is done
  5. or you can go old school and run long leads and it is not as much of a problem everyone want to run short leads now sometimes it is not a good thing also afects stackers if to close to the wire
  6. nick if you ever make it a two day turney we are in get that way to fish browns in lady o before coming home to get work done and returning for the lake trout derby will be on lady o april 8,9,10 , 11 gotta love a fellow travels to cold weather to catch fish last year we were blown off every darn day and never got boat wet did wet our wistle some though lmao have a great christmas and a better coming season
  7. I thought so to boat is in fantastic shape and no sereus offers yet what a shame may have to part it out and the darn thing is fish ready now
  8. Nick no complaints but sure would like a 2 day turnement //spread the eggs for more than a day and a little longer to fish against the seneca regulars ...sorry but not complaining
  9. new price 7800 boat is ready to go in the water and catch fish as soon as weather breaks very stable and very dependible
  10. the last of the big aluminum boats and cant get a bite darn
  11. fish the bottom using stone cats for bait you will catch lakers and whatever else is hungry ,not manny doing it anymore but lern how to use a peice of foail and beer can and you cant miss this time of year
  12. now those are the good old days for those that can rig and run them right ///slow slow slow
  13. come to bama and lets play with a fer 25 and 38 pounders if the day is good 40 or more if not 10 or 12 if we run jugs its always fun chasing them dowm ... AND TO HELL WITH THESE FELLOWS ALWAYS WORRIED ABOUT SPELLING AND PUCKTUATING LMAO HAVE A MERRY CHRISTMAS
  14. their is a fellow on hear sells 14 lb fish weight for a great price look or do a search and good luck fishing
  15. Now wouldnt that be something diffrent the ny state dec messing up once again ...get used to it the are broke taking short cuts and doing whatever it takes ... nothing personel but to be honest they dont have to good of a track record
  16. have a nice islander but may not be big enough for you is an i/o though maybe your looking for a winter boat posted on hear cant seem to move it
  17. they are the black ones and yes a pain to put on not so easy to come off
  18. Why on earth would someone feel the need to pull 300 eet of copper of the river mouths and then complain of they get cut off .. kind of like a guy using 10 lb line and not having a whole lot of control ... got a salmon on and he has 300 feet or more of line already and the boats are stacked like cordwood makes a whole lotta sence
  19. does anyone have a better ideal on something better to use than the beads scotty sells for their auto stop? I use 185 lb cable stainless and cant keep the little buggers on for beans ..must be someone out their that has come up with a better idea that will stay on and dont have to keep replacing .....Any help sure would be appreciated and thanks happy hunting and great fishing to all
  20. ahhhhh the days of the seflong wish they were back grew fast faught hard and ate and craped like a king to bad theirs no bait left for beans
  21. glad to see your still on the fish guess you didnt like my pm on the woppin sticks although they sent me 2 new ones
  22. if the eals are this thick and i believe they are after fishing the salvation army derby ... and they are attacking cold downrigger weights how long will it be before they figure out what swimmers are ???i remember the days of leaches and having a smoker around when you went awimming ///just a thought but to be honest they seem to attach everything nowadays
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