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  1. 20 hours ago, sherman brown said:

    I always mount mine where I will get the least turbulence from things sticking down from the bottom. then I mount mine with about 1/4" of the bottom of the transducer sticking down below the bottom of the boat. I also like to tilt the front up slightly to have a smoother water flow over it.

    Agreed, that is going to be right in the wake of the ponton tube .... it will create a lot of turbulence in that area.

  2. Well, my story is a bit different to yours ... it started with a boat floating without power ... and 3 ladies in bathing suits ... just kidding.


    But for real, we were out fishing and then I see this floating object ... so we navigate to it ... it's  suitcase and it has floating balloons tied to it.

    I'm like, is this thing full of drugs or cash or something ... we were all confused .... and even worried to a degree.  Then we saw the search and

    rescue air craft above us ... and figured it was a mock mission, and that was what they were looking for.  So we moved on our marry way ... 


    it might have been a suitcase full a drugs and cash ... not sure. LOL.

  3. The reality is that this action impacts the Indian's community as much as it impacts you.

    It is a dis-honor to his fellow community members, who will also suffer from a lack of fish in 3 years from now.

    What right does he have to do this to his own community members?


    This is something that should be taken up with the local Indian leaders ... this isn't about (just) us ... and the impact on us,

    but the impact on everyone, it's nature ... and what right does anyone have to abuse it ... and spoil it for everyone else?

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  4. 19 hours ago, spoonfed-1 said:

    65 lb braid backer to copper, 25 ft leader of fluorocarbon from copper to lure. 20 lb for spoons or plugs 30 to 40 lb leader for flasher flys.

    Winner, winner, chicken dinner! THIS, although I'd say 30 lb for flasher ... 40 lb gets thick, and hard to tie a good knot.

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  5. I put it into a ziplock (unfrozen) at least 24h before I want to cook, and add chopped garlic, chopped onion, parsley, olive oil (couple of teaspoons), fish seasoning (of you're liking ... or you can just use salt, black pepper, dill, oregano), squeeze of lemon, a squirt of balsamic vinegar ... and then top it up so the fish is fully submerged with a good white wine (pinot grigio is good).  Shake it up to mix the contents and let that baby soak for 24h.


    I then transfer the fish onto a cedar plank to cook ... and I keep basting with that "broth in the bag" every say 10 min ... especially closer to the end.  Once finished, add a few thin slices of butter to melt over the fish and enjoy.

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  6. 21 hours ago, Frogger said:

    There’s been past posts on this topic, I too have unhooked them and have gotten them in the water only to see them belly up.  Since doing the bogo grip on a rope trick I haven’t looked back.  If you haven’t tried it, do the fish a favor and give it a try. 

    Agreed. Bogo grip on a rope, as quickly as possible (keep photo time to a minimum  ... 1 to 2 shots at most), troll with them hanging off the back. Go back to your normal fishing stuff. Once you see them shaking their heads, release boco grip, and most of the time, if their gills haven't been damaged ... they are good to go.

  7. Braided wire is the way to go ... 30lb, 7 strand is good enough. It cuts through the fleas.

    You can take your chances with 30lb braid, but there will come a time where it will become unusable due to fleas.

    Never use mono ... you won't be able to put enough line on the reel (you want minimum 700 ft, preferably 1000 ft).

    Some days you need to set them deep and you'll have 300 ft out just trolling ... and then a salmon hits and takes another 300 ft.

    Mono stretches WAY too much, and you won't be able to pop the dipsey if you need to retrieve the line.

  8. NOTHING.  


    I used to add drop weights onto my mono line to get some depth for trolling shallow in early season ... 1 oz, 2 oz, 3 oz does nothing to counter the drag ... you need much heavier to do anything ... then it becomes akward trying to hang all that weight on the line ... so the solution is TORPEDO DIVERS.


    Torpedo Diver – Angling Sports


    Cuda is 12 oz ... and the profile reducing the drag.  You can attach using an OR16 clip (not on the copper ... you'll need to put it on the leader, or on a braid section).


    If you don't have downspeed and depth (Fishhawk) ... then just attach it all together with tackle but without the hook ... and go out and see where it bottoms out at 2 mph.  Start with adding the cuda dive depth to the copper dive depth, and work your way in shallower until you hit bottom.

  9. On 3/19/2023 at 9:30 AM, tyler.woodard04 said:

    Maybe I'm not being clear on what I'm trying to do. 


    With my small boat I try to break the rods down for transport. With wire we all know kinks are one of the problems. If I add 15' or so of braid to the wire then the dipsy I can break the rods down and not have to worry about kinking or loose wire that want to twist. The braid would go from the wire to the diver. 


    Would a small swivel that can come over the tip roller and though the eyes be best? Is there a braid to wire knot that works well so the swivel won't hang up when reeling in a fish? 


    Braid does attract fleas, at least the 30 lb stuff does ... you won't be happy with that in the middle of summer. I don't have experience on using 65 lb ... I believe I read that if the braid diameter is big enough, it helps with fleas ... just don't recall at what size.


    The other idea is to use 40lb mono ... fleas won't stick. Now, the issue will be line stretch, and elasticity, but perhaps this heavy gauge line and a short length of it to simply get around your storage requirements could be okay. You'll need to test it to see if it works.


    Now the question you ask is about the knot ... for braid you could use an albright knot, for mono I'd think you'd need a barrel swivel ... and then you have to worry about your top line guide ... whether you don't damage it ... twillie tip would help a lot.


    Anyhow, it's a good question ... it's not a simple solution, some trial and error required.

  10. I've tried everything ... when it gets into the "middle" of that eissenglass ... forget it. Plexus will only take care of a tarnished surface ... but if the material is going through the thickness of it, it won't do anything.


    It happens, especially if water sits on it ... and the only thing you can do is replace the eissenglass.

  11. On 2/2/2023 at 10:21 AM, rolmops said:

    I just came back from Costa Rica where I visited my daughter and did some fishing. It was incredible. I went out for 2 deep sea trips and two near shore trips. The catch included rooster fish and mackarel tuna near shore while off shore the first day produced 5 mahi mahi (none less than 20 pounds), 2 sail fish of roughly 200 pounds each and 2 20 pounder tuna. The second off shore trip was plain incredible. I caught about 25 mahi mahi ,again, all very large ones. Every time I brought another one close to the boat, there were a few swimming alongside with their incredible colors clearly showing. The captain said that we averaged one mahi mahi every five minutes. Then we went tuna searching again and we found them alright . They were just in front of a huge school of dolphin. I brought in two. One a 20 pounder,and one a 40 pounder, the third one I fought for 40 minutes and had to hand the rod off to the mate because my arms were just too tired. He brought it in and it topped out at 55 pounds. This was easily my most successful fishing trip ever. Once my son comes over to help me transfer pictures i will post a bunch of them.

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    My dream!

  12. Impossible to say any words that will provide enough support to help you deal with this loss.

    This is very close to the hearts of many people, on and off this forum.  One of my best-friends lost

    his wife to breast cancer (spread to liver) just a few months ago. It hurts.


    I pray for you, that God will provide you with strength during these trying times. 

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