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  1. Ever consider a handheld VHF (obviously waterproof), with DSC? If the boat goes down ... at least you can maintain comms via the handheld.
  2. Thank you ... what size is that 5 of diamonds? About 3"?
  3. Cool! Would be grateful to see some photos of some of the lures and stick baits you use, to get an ideas of pattern and SIZE,
  4. Dark we almost always focus on the glow ... those normally come in green colors, but honestly I don't think the color matters too much. When the light comes out ... color is dependent on a few things, I'd say the most important are (a) time of the year), and (b) depth you're placing the paddle in. I'll talk briefly about (b) depth. The theory is that fish see only certain colors at depth. Search up fish color spectrum ... and you'll see that certain colors completely disappear at 60' or deeper. Now in terms of (a), I find chartreuse works early in the season, then blues/silvers, then greens, then reds/oranges/purples towards the end of the summer. However, that isn't a steadfast rule ... you would start with those colors, but if you don't get bites, you would normally flip in a couple of different colors to see if something else is working that day. And then there's further complexity ... the color that worked between 7 am and 10 am may not work between 3 pm and 6 pm. So, it's good to still keep some different colors out there, and clue in on what the fish want at that moment in time.
  5. They each have their days and even times. To keep it simple ... UV needs sunlight ... so you probably won't use it much if it's cloudy, dark or you are deep in water. Instead you'll resort to glow. There are a few flashers and flies that are both glow and UV ... so they have both!
  6. We're going to be flying up to a pristine lake in Northern Ontario to target some walleye this year. I've never done walleye fishing ... but I got myself a nice rod and reel based on the advice of a few guys who have been doing this for years. Question is on lures, jig, etc recommendations. What is your go to for this stuff. I'm going to buy what the guys I'm travelling with tell me to buy ... but I thought maybe someone here has a secret weapon that they don't know about! Haha. Thanks for any advice guys!
  7. yeah, we also just put a 12" paddle on the line ... without terminal end tackle ... and let it all out, then wind it back in.
  8. One other thing to check is if the line on the reel is lined up perfectly with the line guide. When wire is tightened up ... say from a fish being on ... lots of tension. If the wire wasn't put on tight, or has a flexible backing (like mono) ... it will get out of sync with the line guide ... and that will cause a lot of friction.
  9. It totally depends on the time of the year. Early, chartreuse works well, and even blues/silvers. Then it goes to greens in mid summer. When they staging .... reds/purples, but greens are still good ... mainly aggressive colors though to get them to bite out of anger. Guys even go to erratic stick baits like Lyman plugs in the late bite ... try and get that angry bite!
  10. I don't like bouncing divers in the mud ... they get gunked up, and you end up with a messy lure. When that happens, we always pull the line and check the lure. Down riggers are different, as you can bounce the ball off the bottom ... but your line will be clipped 10 ft above the ball, so you know the lure is clearing the bottom.
  11. Always the same thing every year ... we get a taste for spring with a few nice days, and then we get dumped on and lose our minds ... winter is losing the battle folks ... we will have good weather soon. 19'C on Sunday!
  12. Inside can be standard or mag diver on 1 setting. Outside is generally a standard diver on 3 setting, gives good vertical and horizontal separation. Remember when you deploy a diver ... there's very little bite in the water ... so it tends to stay to the center of the boat and dives deeper (think if you just dropped a diver into the water without your boat moving .... it would sink straight down. Well, an almost similar thing happens when you deploy from a moving boat .... you are letting out line a little slower than the boat speed ... so it tends to sink almost straight down ... not quite ... just want to give you that right image ... so it's very important if the inside diver is already set in the water, to let that outside diver out VERY slow, so it does bite and pull to the side and away from the inside diver line).
  13. LOL, I was wondering about that subject title ...
  14. These guys have lost it completely. OK to have drug needle tents pop up in parks ... but ice fishing ... are you out of your mind, imagine the prostitution!! LOL.
  15. Early or late .... they like cold water ... and we normally catch them higher up the water column (top 20').
  16. No one likes the gas price ... but if you buy a boat, maintain it, insurance, storage ... and all that cost ... and then worried about $50 of gas a trip ... you shouldn't own a boat.
  17. Most guys put them about midway down the boat on the sides, right next to or just behind the captain's seat. This keeps them well away from the lines. You just want them in a place where you can get them in and out of the water easily, and away from the stern for sure.
  18. There's two camps ... and I'm not sure I ever saw conclusive evidence that one way is better than the other. - the camp that supports bb snap swivels says you need the snap to optimize lure action. - the camp that supports no snap ... they say it's just more hardware the fish can see, and it is a deterrent. Personally, I go on the advice of Captain Dan Keating ... find the smallest ball bearing snap swivel you can get, and use that. For sure, you want stealth, but my opinion is, not at the expense of lure action.
  19. I used a troll plate in the past, you really lose your ability to steer. That's the one big downfall. I would agree with the others, drift bags are your best bet ... provides stability to the boat too ... if you have a bag out on each side.
  20. Not sure about the specifics ... but some of these guys are on auto-pilot, and then don't watch where their boat is going ... pure insanity.
  21. We run two spin doctors per side all the time ... very few tangles if you take care of a few things. Watch the turns, and deployment of the outside rod correctly, often reduces chances of tangles.
  22. I see no issue using a twili tip with mono ... in fact, if I had to guess, I'd say it's probably safer to use that then a typical loop style line guide ... the twili as you know puts a nice soft bend in the mono ... and it's smooth steel, so it should not abrade the mono.
  23. I would say the best setup is a 10ft rod behind (closer to bow) an 8 ft rod (closer to stern) ... but that is not necessary. I wouldn't bother changing your 9 foot rods, but if you can get 10 ft for the back, that would be good. As others say, space them at least 24" apart on the gunwale. You want the dispey off the bow rod (10') to be running higher in the water, and farther from the boat. So typically we go 3 setting on the dipsey, and use a regular ... never a mag on this rod. For the rod closer to the stern, we would set on 1, and use either a regular or a mag diver (bigger disk). The reason you want this is when a dipsey pops with a fish bite, it will always RISE and move to the CENTER of the boat. So the outside line has to be higher, so it goes over the inside line (rod closer to stern), and not tangle up the lines. If you have the choice, deploy the outside lines first (bow rods), then the inside rods (stern rod) ... reason is, as you deploy, you're not allowing the dipsey to bite in the water ... so it has a tendency to dive deeper (think of it like it's sinking in stagnant water), and it doesn't pull to the side as much. Only once you lock the bail, will you get it to bite into the water and start pulling up and to the side. So, if you deploy the outside line (bow rod) say after the inside line ... you could get tangles. Now some of us got real good at this, and have no issues getting an outside line out while the inside line is already deployed. The trick is to let that dipsey out SLOW ... so it does bite a bit into the water and moves to the side (on 3 setting).
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