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  1. You'll need to research this, but i did do some king fishing in NC (close to SC boarder) ... it was incredible man! Hopefully June is a good time for them ... I believe my trip, which was over 20 years ago, was in mid-summer.
  2. Dude ... is there any end to your fishing knowledge? That is incredible.
  3. Yeah, if you want Goliath Grouper, you really need a charter that specializes in them. I wouldn't go to a regular Bob for that.
  4. The Gulf is VERY shallow, which means warmer water. You have to go really offshore to get into some really big game fish. Now, February water will be colder, so I've seen on occasion people catching smaller tuna, or wahoo. I've caught a 15 lb Amberjack ... that was a nice fight, but it was a few days after a huge storm, and that's what brought them in. I'd say you have to be pretty lucky to get one of these types of larger fish. Typically what is caught is red snapper, hog fish, grouper (check whether season is open for grouper) ... smaller fish are what you get ... around the 2 lb to 5 lb mark. It's more volume than fighting. The most fun I've had on the Gulf is booking a charter that took us to a sunken ship, and we fished Goliath Grouper (catch and release). What I've always missed, due to not being there at the right time, is Tarpon fishing. From what I recall, in the Sarasota area ... May is the best month.
  5. The info comes from the Associated Press ... but I can't figure out how to get the link ... it just shows as a summary on my Google Search. This one results ... but I see that the Dems here have 50 votes, but that includes 2 independent parties (which I assume are leaning Democrats). So I think that is where the Associated Press says it's actually 48 for the Dems, 2 Independent, 49 for Republicans and 1 vote for the VP (Dem). See here (to reiterate, look at the notes below the 50 count for the Dems ... it includes 2 independent seats). Senate Midterm Election Results 2022 | CNN Politics So there's only 1 senator seat up for grabs in Georgia?
  6. So, I'm looking at the live results ... Dems have 48, and Republicans have 49 in Senate ... Aren't there 2 senators per State? Is it only 1 up for grabs in Georgia ... or both? Also, it says Dems have 48 seats, not 50 ... ?? Or are they counting the 2 "other" parties as Dems ... why Dems ... are they just left leaning?
  7. Can someone give a current status on the midterms? High level? From what I see ... Republicans need 1 more seat to control the house, and that seems like a 100% certainty, so we can conclude Republicans will control the house? For Senate ... it's tied (Dem has one more if you consider the VP (Dem) vote). Georgia will decide whether the Senate is controlled by Dems or Republicans? Do I have that right?
  8. Perhaps we should change the question a little ... and I don't mean to hijack this thread, it is in an effort to perhaps better answer the OP's question. What is your favorite musky lure, and how many sizeable muskies has it caught you PER YEAR, on average?
  9. So ... basically there's no consistency ... everyone has their own best bait!
  10. When does the fishing season open in Vancouver? It will have just opened in Ontario.
  11. I agree, I think when they stage, they don't really care about temperature, and may sit in warmer water, although I can imagine if it gets too extreme due to wind bringing in warm water, they may move out deeper a bit. They'll then wait for the rains and cooler nights ... I believe the run is triggered by the temperature of the cooler river water when it rains.
  12. I'd call this parenting failure, and to be honest community failure. We get to nicey-nicey with the kids ... don't teach them respect, let them run around like savages ... they don't say please and thank you, hold doors open, greet people properly ... and it just ends up getting worse. That didn't happen 40 years ago ... if you didn't hold a door open for an old lady, you'd have half the neighborhood crapping you out. Anyhow, I'm sorry if I've taken this thread outside it's original scope, but I am a strong believer that all this behavior is a product of the new way to parent kids.
  13. Yeah, if the kings are that deep, I don't think you want to run plugs. Flasher/fly sounds like a better bet. My 35 lb was caught in around 40 to 60 ft of water ... for sure staging close to a mouth river. However, funny thing ... it hit a Gator Spoon ... like this:
  14. I heard cisco is a very good eating fish.
  15. Staging kings strike out of anger, rather than feeding. They aren't feeding. Brite colors, erratic lures (like plugs) are what you want to use to trigger them. My biggest, a 35 lb staging king ... was caught when we snagged the bottom, and I was driving the boat in an inward spiral to try and retrieve as much wire line as possible (salvage the situation) ... we had an angry king hit. It was all accidental actually, but then it got me thinking ... if you see some marks, why not just have 2 or 3 rods out to avoid tangles, and do some tight circles around them??
  16. Not that it's funny, but it's at least strange ... we have this enormous lake (Lake O), and people feel the need to come within 100 ft of another boat ... like WHY?? If you want traffic, get in your friggin car and join the rest of Ontario on the QEW. It's just plain stupidity ... so much water, and they got to get on your butt. Makes no sense at all.
  17. Exactly. We always had short leads on the stacked line ... like 8 ft.
  18. Yeah, I wouldn't do it. You'll fix the cheater with a rubber band ... the idea is the band will snap with a fish bite, and that cheater will slide all the way down to the flasher ... which will roll your line into a tangled mess. Rather used a stacked rod, or stick with cheater line on a clean spoon line.
  19. They tangled during deployment, or after a while of being in the water tangle free? Most of the time, I've seen tangles happen during deployment ... especially when you have the inside diver in the water, and try to deploy the outside diver. As you deploy, there is very little drag on the diver to bite into the water and pull the dipsey up and to the side ... imagine, it just sinks down almost straight in the middle of the boat ... and has a deep dive angle (like throwing a rock out the back of your boat). Then when you stop spooling it out, it bites, and goes up and to the side, and STRAIGHT into the inside diver line. The trick to deploying the outside, is to pull that rod to the side, and let it out REALLY slow, to keep it up and to the side, and away from the inside diver. If that's not the issue, it could have been bad currents, or tight turns ...
  20. BEAST! With my 35 lb'er ... it just sat at the bottom like a log ... it didn't run very much. I honestly thought we were snagged for the first 3 minutes.
  21. Steelhead definitely a more sensitive fish ... but on the other hand, they are often in slightly warmer water ... not sure. 10 floating away is a lot. How hot was the water on top? Maybe just a once off thing?
  22. Yes, that is an option too. To go on the backer. I did both actually. I just liked the to go on a (strong) leader ... it means that most of the time you don't need to take the diver off when reeling in a fish. I wouldn't put it on anything lighter than 20 lb though.
  23. I used the gen 1 on both rigger and diver lines ... I had no issue on the riggers ... divers sometimes got out of range ... not sure if it was just the angle and not seeing the transducer, or electrical interference which degraded the signal. They must have come a long, long way though, several years have passed since gen 1 ... and there's been a lot of use, so I'm assuming they would have made a few upgrades.
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