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  1. Did you guys launch at Emerson Park? Hows the launch? Enough water to launch a 21 footer? Thanks,
  2. Hope this is helpful. Notice to Mariners Chart 14786 Cayuga Lake June 27, 2012 Mariners are advised that green buoy 51A is approximately 2.5 miles off station, to the south. The buoy will be reset as soon as weather conditions permit. Please use caution when approaching this area as shallow areas exist toward the eastern shore. For updates and information, please call 1-800-4CANAL4 or visit www.canals.ny.gov Copied from NY Canal website
  3. I have used flea flicker in 20 and 30 they both work well. Some time ago someone on this site suggested 30 pound berkley big game works just as well. They were right, I have been using big game since. The big game is cheaper and works just fine.
  4. WOW! Many of the Pros consistently post reports with quality information, that has helped me and many on this board.
  5. Left Long Point around 7:00 am. Later than I hoped. Myself my 5 year old son, my 10 year old and my 77 year old Dad. We headed North, found 120 FOW and headed toward the silos. We marked a-lot of bait and fish from 70' to the bottom. We ended up 10 for 13 all Lakers, Grandpa was quick enough to bring in 2 and my boys split the rest a couple doubles,No Big boys. The largest fish was around 7lb the rest were 4-6lbers . We ran two riggers at 80 and 90. 2 Dipsy mags, one flasher fly out 280'and one with a spoon out 220' All the fish hit on the riggers on silver smelt stinger ad DW SS green alewife except 2 the hit the dipsy with the NK Blue Silver Chartruse. Packed it in around 11:00 am. A couple years ago my 10 year old got hooked for life. Today my 5 year old finally got hooked, he has been fishing for with us for years but really got into it today. Man Kids make life a lot of fun. Any way great day on Cayuga. Good Luck in the Derby Guys!
  6. Thanks for the report. We will be heading out in the morning from long point. Probably stay up north most of the day since you mentioned all the debris and slower fishing. Will report in tomorrow on our findings. Thanks for the reminder about remembering what the weekend is really about.
  7. Thanks for the report. We will be heading out in the morning from long point. Probably stay up north most of the day since you mentioned all the debris and slower fishing. Will report in tomorrow on our findings.
  8. Report this post Sorry bout the sloppy copy here. This was from a previous post. Looks like its not happening this year
  9. Thanks Lakebound, I agree. I fish Cayuga most of the time,so the canal has never really been an issue for me but by memorial day they will be flying into the marina's and launches. It needs to be pointed out, and what better time than early in the season. Stay safe.
  10. I second what Stoutner said about the North end. I almost always fish up north. I have slept on my boat at Frontenac, very comfortable with good facilities. It is also protected from the waves very well. That being said I opted to trailer my boat this year.
  11. North end call Frontenac Harbor Marina 315-889-5532. I had a slip there last year it cost me around $900 for my 22'. It is a nice place, you have about a 5-10 min cruise to deeper water . Not sure about the south end. Maybe someone else will chime in about the South end.
  12. I fished the north end on Saturday. Early am the fish were stacked in 50-70 FOW from the surface to the bottom. As the sun crept out they moved to 70 to 100. The graph was loaded. We boated 6 lakers and lost one. We went straight out of the channel and headed south til we hit 50 FOW and there they were. Good Luck!
  13. Shakedown trip today. Launched at Sampson at 7:30 and headed Southwest toward Dresden. Set up just Northeast of the point, Picked up a nice brown on a walleye rapala trolls to 15' on a flat line right out of the gate. Marked alot of fish off the point. No takers. Headed North toward the Plant over 100 FOW set DRs at 65' and 50' Dipsy out 180' picked up 1 nice laker on the dipsy and one on the DR at 65'. Slowed up again. Trolled back toward Sampson only marked 5 fish all on the bottom. Set up with flatlines in 20 FOW in front of the wall no takers packed it in at 1:30. All the gear worked well and a few fish. Not much action, but the worst day fishing is better than the best day at work. Looking forward to getting Cayuga. I spend most of my time over there. Hopefully we get some more water in there soon.
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