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  1. At the very least you can use a crossbow for 2 weeks of the bow season. It's the last 2 weeks of the season which are usually the best. I love using a crossbow, got 4 deer over the last 3 years with mine. The advantage with a crossbow is that you can be motionless, I don't shoot any farther; all deer were 20 yards or less. Also, you can use a cranking aid to cock the bow. Good luck with your surgery. Sent from my iPad using Lake Ontario United
  2. In response to the reply referencing a broad head that looked like it hit a brick wall, I am in doubt. Possibly this could happen if it hit a shoulder at a distance, however, the broad head should pass through easily if it is fixed as the speed and kinetic energy will be much higher with a crossbow. Please reference the September 2016 issue of Field & Stream magazine, page 18, for more good information. Sent from my iPad using Lake Ontario United
  3. For fixed broad heads such as slick tricks there is no difference. You can use the same fixed on a crossbow or vertical bow. For expandables the speed may play a factor in opening up the blades too soon. I have killed a deer for the past two seasons and speak with some experience and research. You can call David at Wyvern Creations to get good advice as well, since he deals in crossbow by the hundreds. Good luck to you and your dad. Sent from my iPad using Lake Ontario United
  4. USA Braid is good stuff. Order online from Walmart and have it delivered for free to local store. Great price, performance and it is made in the USA
  5. It is absolutely legal to plant food plots and hunt there. People hunt over corn fields, soy bean fields, apple orchards, etc. all the time. In terms of size, these are just giant food plots. Plant a few rows of corn or soy beans and go at it, it's legal.
  6. I hear Ya and totally agree. 40 yards for me is a long shots with a bow of any kind be it vertical or Xbow. I set up my stands so my shots are 30 yards or less. Then again I hunt the deep woods and not the fields. In any event we need to make sure that we take ethical shots whatever we are using.
  7. I too have a crossbow - Excalibur - recurve type. Was lucky enough to get a deer with it this year. Shot was about 20 yards, complete pass through and the deer went about 5 yards after the shot with the arrow burying about 15 inches, almost up to the fletching, in the ground.. I hunt the deep woods, so getting a 100 yard shot is rare. Even so, with a crossbow the effective ethical range for me would be about the same as a vertical compund bow - about 40 yards. 50 would be the max I may consider; but everything would need to be perfect, a solid rest, the wind, the deer being still, etc. Even though someone may be able to hit a target at 100 yards, it doesn't mean it equals a shot that will result in a clean kill. Factor in also the movement of the deer between the time the trigger on an Xbow is pulled and the arrow on its rainbow trajectory gets to the deer. I do love my crossbow and think that for young, old, physically limited or disabled hunters, it is great that NY finally allows them to be used. Best of luck to all.
  8. I use 150 Grain Coreloks in my 270. They are the cheapest ammo that I could buy. Switched to using the Coreloks after seeing the success that my buddies had with these in their 30-06 s. More expensive is not always better. I have shot numerous deer with the coreloks and they work.
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